The Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper: No Holds Barred Quality

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The Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper is quite possibly the best hand mixer on the market today. Breville has a reputation for well-designed, high quality, and good-looking appliances, and the Handy Mix Scraper might be our favorite to date.

The Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer Review on a maple butcher block table with a blue painted wooden wall behind it.

The Breville is one of the most popular hand mixers on the market today.

Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer via Amazon

Available via Amazon and Sur La Table, there are plenty of reasons why this 9-speed hand mixer is everyone’s favorite, but let’s take a quick bird’s eye view of the most prominent reasons:

At a Glance:


  • Soft Scraper Beaters
  • Quiet!
  • Ingredient Light
  • Count-up Timer
  • Digital Speed Screen
  • Two Balloon Whisks

And Minuses:

  • The silicone tends to peel off after extended hard use

In addition to these highlights, the Breville BHM800SIL includes the features expected from most modern hand mixers: easy eject function for the beaters, a comfortable handle, a swivel cord for left or right handed use, and the ability to balance on the counter between uses.

Now that we’ve had an overview of the good and bad, let’s dig into the details of each.


Soft Scraper Beaters

The inlcuded silicone-coated metal alloy wire beaters are soft on mixing bowls whether they’re metal, plastic, glass, or ceramic. They minimize clanking sounds in the kitchen, which is particularly nice for busy households.

BHM800SIL Hand Mixer Silicone Coated Metal Alloy Wire Beaters on a white, isolated background.

The BHM800SIL also has Beater IQ Technology™ for automatic recalibration, so the mixer won’t get bogged down in thick dough. The Handy Mix Scraper can detect the density of the dough so the 240-watt motor delivers speed 6 power when the job needs speed 6 power.

All Around Quiet

The silicone-coated beaters lend a ton of help to reduce mixer noise, but even the motor base runs quiet. Even though this motor is nearly 100 watts more than the comparable KitchenAid hand mixer, users rave about how quiet this is. If the roar of kitchen appliances gets on your nerves, the Breville should certainly be at the top of your list.

The Accessories You Want

The BHM800SIL Hand Mixer Set with the soft beaters, dough hooks, and wire whisks and clear cover sitting on a maple butcher block table.

In addition to the silicone-coated wire beaters, the kit includes dough hooks and two balloon (chef’s) whisks.

While a few other hand mixers include dough hooks, no other brand includes two chef’s whisks! These are fantastic for whipping up cream, frosting, and egg whites in half the time it generally takes other hand mixers.

Hand mixer wire whisks on a white, isolated background.

The accompanying dough hooks have an advantage over other hand mixers: the Beater IQ™ detects when the dough hooks are inserted and adjusts the torque of the motor to handle thick dough. No more bogged down motors or under-powered performance — it’s actually possible to mix bread dough with this thing!

Dough hooks for the Breville Hand Mixer on a white, isolated background.

A high-quality clear clip-on storage case keeps the beaters, whisks, dough hooks, and power cord together under the motor base when the mixer is not in use.

Mixing Light

This is one of those things that makes you wonder how you got by without it before. When working under cabinets, the lighting can be restricted. This entirely fixes that.

The mixing light shines directly into the mixing bowl so the batter is clearly visible. No more moving the bowl around the kitchen to check for clumps or making certain the mix is homogeneous. Everything is illuminated and in clear view, thanks to this nifty little addition.

Count-Up Timer

The count-up timer displays precisely how long the mixer has been running. This is ideal as some pastry recipes are very precise about how long something needs to be mixed. Over mixing can ruin a recipe, and make a nice fluffy biscuit mixture turn tough and chewy.

Digital Speed Screen

In the same place as the count-up timer, you’ll see the speed display. The speed will flash while in use, and the count-up timer will tick steadily upwards. When you need to pause, the speed pauses with the push of a button.

Close up of the digital screen with count up timer.

The screen will also indicate when the dough hooks are inserted, so you know the lower torque is kicking in to handle those kneading and mixing needs.

Too Good to Last

Some users have experienced that with extended use, the silicone coating on the wire beaters peels off. For some people this happens in a few months, for others it happens in a few years, but most never experience it.

If this does happen, it’s worth checking the limited warranty. If this happens outside the warranty, Breville has replacement beaters available through their website for separate purchase. While it’s annoying to replace beaters, most consider the replacement cost worth it in the rare occasion it happens.

For this reason, we recommend hand washing the beaters.

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

While this hand mixer doesn’t have a slow start function like most other hand mixers, you won’t really miss it. Simply insert the beaters or whisks fully into whatever mixture you intend to blend, and then start at the first speed.

The Breville Hand Mixer with all attachments and the body inserted into its plastic case.

The speed increases with a scroll wheel. To increase the speed, roll the scroll away from yourself and to decrease, roll it towards yourself.

Naturally, give the first setting a reasonable amount of time to gently mix all the ingredients, and then increase from there. Quick increases in speed may cause flour bombs or splatter.

While the 9 different speeds and Beater IQ™ Technology provide excellent mixing results, if you do find yourself needing an additional boost of power, simply push the scroll wheel. This will run the beaters at maximum speed.

I certainly recommend scrolling all the way to 9 before trying this. Even during the early stages of whipping, cream is going to cause some splatter, so ease into the higher speeds gradually before engaging the Turbo Boost.

Cleaning and Care

To clean, unplug the motor base and wipe it down with a damp cloth if needed. For the accessories, they’re all dishwasher safe! Easy-peasy cleanup! There are few crevices or cracks for frosting or batter to get stuck in, so cleanup is a breeze.

Just keep in mind that due to reports of peeling on the silicone-coated beaters, we recommend careful care via hand washing to improve their longevity.

Dimensions and Specs

The Breville BHM800SIL is 7.5 x 3.5 x 6.3 inches and weighs about 4 pounds. That might sound heavy, but it’s easy to use, even with poor arm strength, and the vibrations are low.

The motor base housing unit is made of plastic with a chrome finish, and the accessories are comprised of a metal alloy. The hand mixer’s voltage is 110-120.

Included in the Box

  • Motor Base and Power Cord
  • Quiet Scraper Beaters
  • Dough Hooks
  • Chef’s Whisks
  • Clip-In Storage Box
  • User Manual

The user guide is available in both English and French. Several recipes are included in both languages and feature variations on traditional recipes like frosting, butter cake, and cheesecake.

Warranty Information

Breville offers a limited one-year warranty on their small appliances.

The warranty process can initiated if necessary through Breville’s Warranty Support page. The complaints on this product are so few that chances are, if you’re unhappy with the performance, it might be a lemon and worth replacing immediately.

The Next Best Thing

This model from Breville is without a doubt the best of the best. If you’re interested in comparison shopping, I recommend checking out a close competitor, the Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus. It also has 9 speeds, includes dough hooks and a storage case, has a feedback sensor, and is powered by a 220-watt motor.

Foodal’s Rating

  • Power
  • Performance
  • Included Accessories
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Value


The Breville has more than enough power, it has the right features and attachments, and it goes above and beyond with useful additions like a mixing light. Build quality is excellent. Even though it's one of the most expensive hand mixers on the market, it's worth every penny.



Before You Go…

If you’re looking for a long lasting, good looking, and exceptional hand mixer, consider your hunt to be over!

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon or through Sur La Table.

Have questions about this Breville Hand Mixer? Ask in the comments below!

If you’re still shopping and looking for other hand mixers to compare, head over to the Foodal Hand Mixer Buyer’s Guide to read about other top-pick models.

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19 thoughts on “The Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper: No Holds Barred Quality”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the review. Do you know if the gears are steel or plastic? I’m looking for a steel-geared hand mixer, if such a thing exists. Thanks!

    • I want to find one with metal gears too! Might hv to go to the thrift store for an oldie, but goodie. Make stuff so cheap now.

  2. Stay away from this piece of crap! Bought it a few years ago and used it 20 times. It began to stutter and go into high speed on its own and make messes. Tonight it worked for 3 seconds and stopped. The display said HOT! I unplugged it and plugged it in again with not luck. It was smashed into hundreds of pieces! Do not buy, it will work fine for a little while. The price should be more like $19.99, not $129.99, STAY AWAY!!!!!

  3. I bought this over a year ago and loved it….until 10 months ago a spoon got caught in the quiet mixer beaters and bent one them. At first I thought, “no big deal, I’ll just order a new pair of beaters from Breville to replace those”. And when I saw they were so inexpensive on the site, I was excited until I saw they were sold out. Well flash forward now, Breville’s site has said ‘sold out’ since then and the people at Breville won’t help because I’m out of the warranty. The product is great, but I need help. Is there one place on this planet that sells these quiet replacement beaters?? Please, please help me!

    • Did you get your beaters?

      Breville Canada allows you to order the beaters. Breville in other countries must have them too.

  4. So, what is the answer on whether this has metal gears and beater retention? I’m tired of top name brand mixers dropping the beaters and rendering the entire expensive unit useless.

  5. ME TOO! Where is a mixer with METAL gears? Fed up with nylon gears and replacing mixers every single year, or even every few months. My last one only made it 3 weeks!

  6. My KA hand mixer (120V, 7 speed, is going strong after at least 23 years! I’m considering upgrading solely for more power. Reading these reviews make me wonder if that’s nuts. Any thoughts?

    • If you upgrade to something new with more power it will have plastic/nylon gears inside and more power will just destroy the gears in no time at all so by all means save your old beauty because you’ll be needing it within a year or two. A new one might last 23 years if you keep it sealed in the box and never use it. Then again it might not last that long even in the box never opened. And that’s even buying one of the $100 models.

  7. I love the mixer but the beaters are terrible! I reported to Breville and they sent me new ones! The problem is they are exactly like the ones that came with it! Same problem happened within a couple months! The rubber on the beaters flakes off into the batter or just tears away from the metal! I currently have a big flap of rubber hanging from it now! Very disappointed in these beaters! They need to be ALL metal, no rubber on them! It doesn’t adhere to the metal! Please redesign and send me a pair!!!

  8. Have the Breville hand mixer and can not get one of the mixer beaters to lock in place. It keeps falling out I tried using the other beaters in the set and none of them will stay in that one slot.

    • While the balloon whisks are interchangeable, the scraper beaters and dough hooks are not- have you tried switching them, to see if they stay in that way? According to the instruction manual, the attachment with a collar should be inserted in the right-hand side. If this doesn’t solve the problem, and the trigger loop that ejects the beaters isn’t stuck in the eject position, we suggest contacting Breville customer service directly. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi. I have a Breville hand mixer Model BHM800 SILUSAC which I absolutely love. Today one of the chef’s whisks fell apart and I would really like to get a replacement set. I can’t find anything on-line and I’m hoping you will be able to help me. Could you please let me know if they are available and if they can be shipped to me?
    Thank you.

  10. I bought a BHM800 Breville hand mixer about 5 years ago for the cottage. It is easy to hold, powerful and quiet motor that handles heavy stuff like kneading dough. I love it BUT the “scraper beaters” have little fins on them and they have worn off and were tearing off. They aren’t big but I would be mortified if a guest found bit of silicone in their food – and I wouldn’t be happy to be consuming it either. The scraper fins are flexible, and I didn’t press down onto the bottom of the bowl. The wear is caused by the beaters whizzing around. My mixer is used part time as we don’t live at the cottage so it really doesn’t get a whole lot of use and these so called scrapers (but these are the weak point in all of this, otherwise well designed package) don’t really scrape the bowl – they are useless other than being quieter than metal on the bowls. Whenever I pulled the mixer out I would think that I needed to let Breville know of this, if they aren’t already aware, but I would be in rush, needed to get the job done, would be tired after clean up and I didn’t follow through until recently. Because my unit is out of warranty, I am told I can buy new beaters but unless the design has improved, why should I bother? I took a pair of sharp scissors and removed the rest of the scraper fins and they are just great. Now I don’t have to worry about where the missing pieces of silicone ended up! Breville should be more concerned about this issue. I can afford a new set of beaters but……. Otherwise it is an awesome kitchen tool but if you own one or plan to buy one, cut the scraper fins off – they don’t do anything useful and it will save you ingesting silicone bits.


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