The Yonanas Fruit Soft-Serve Maker Fulfills Your Sweetest Dreams!

When I was growing up, my mother was concerned with natural eating far before it was cool. We began each morning with a large glass of freshly made carrot juice, we mixed our own almond milk before it was ever sold by the carton, and we never ever kept sugar in the house.

We've reviewed the Yonanas fruit soft-serve maker and other similar products. Read about our top pick now on Foodal:

On hot Texas summer days, when in need of something cool and sweet, we would pull out our large 25-pound juicer and snap in the special attachment that could homogenize frozen fruit.

We’d help mom feed through frozen bananas and strawberries, and we would feast on the closest alternative to ice cream we were allowed. On special occasions, we sometimes even got to eat “fruit cream” for breakfast.

Twenty years later, homogenized fruit has turned mainstream. The Yonanas Fruit Soft-Serve machine makes it easy to transform any frozen fruit into a healthy, creamy treat – no hefty juicing machine needed.

Just feed your frozen fruit of choice through the chute and you’ll have a bowl of soft-serve style “ice cream” or sugar-free “sorbet” ready to eat in minutes. While the name might fool you, this machine works with far more than just bananas – from berries to pineapple, peaches, and more. The options are limitless.

The Yonanas soft-serve maker is the best way to make a treat that is totally dairy, added sugar, and allergen-free! Read more about our top pick for healthy, homemade soft-serve now on Foodal:

Without the need for any added sugar or cream, Yonanas is the ideal treat maker for anyone with allergies, or anyone looking to watch what they eat.

If your in the mood for a more traditional homemade sorbet, check out my post on the science involved in making it.

Yonanas Banana Soft Serve Machine |
Just a few pieces are required, and they’re easy to clean.

The Yonanas website offers dozens of ideas for fun combinations and non-fruit mix-ins. Here are a few of our own suggestions:

  • Banana, pineapple, and coconut milk ice cubes. Fold in a splash of rum for some pina colada fun!
  • Chocolate chips and banana
  • Strawberry and kiwi
  • Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe


Yonanas is unbelievably simple to use. It comes with the base, chute, plunger, and blade kit. Except for the base, all of the parts are all dishwasher safe. And should they break or wear out, Yonanas provides replacement parts.

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All set up to make your tasty frozen treats- all you need is frozen bananas, your Yonanas maker, and a dessert dish to catch that frozen goodness.

Simply snap the blade and chute into place, push frozen fruit through with the plunger, and you’ve got a bowl of frozen dessert cream that’s ready to eat, instantly.

Eat immediately for an ice cream-like experience, or explore the included recipe book for additional ways to use your frozen puree.


Yonanas offers two versions: the Classic and the Elite. The concept remains the same – the primary difference here is the quality of the machine.

Priced affordably, the Classic works well for those that want a small machine for occasional use. It is 8x6x14,” weighs only 1.5 pounds, and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The Classic is made of sturdy plastic with a metal blade, and is available in ten vibrant colors.

Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker available on Amazon

The Elite is slightly larger, at 10x6x15”. The primary difference is the sturdier motor, which brings the Elite up to 7 pounds in weight, and the three-year manufacturer warranty.

Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker in black

The stronger motor allows the Elite to power through fruit more quickly and quietly than the Classic. With a sleek chrome finish, the Elite is available in black and red.

Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker in Red

Both machines come with a recipe book to spark inspiration. Replacement parts are available to purchase directly through the Yonanas Company, and they are free within the warranty period. Shipping is always free, and if you are unhappy with your machine, they offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Yonanas’ thousands of customer reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive. Of the few who disliked the machine, the most common complaint was that fruit simply does not taste the same as ice cream.

Turn any frozen fruit into a summer dessert dream. Read our review of Yonanas and other similar products now, on Foodal:
Place frozen bananas in the chute- it’s as simple as that!

While the soft serve texture can serve as a healthy way to satisfy your need for sweet, don’t expect bananas to magically taste of rich cream, vanilla, and sugar. But they do make a satisfying frozen dessert nonetheless, particularly for those who cannot eat dairy or added sugar.


  • Yonanas makes it quick and easy to create a nutritious dessert out of simple, guilt-free ingredients.
  • The machine is simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean. The sturdy plastic pieces are dishwasher safe. And if they break, wear out, or get lost, Yonanas customer service is efficient in providing replacements.
The Yonanas frozen fruit soft serve maker is easy to use to make delicious frozen treats. Read our review of this and other similar products now on Foodal:
Use the handy plastic tamper to push your frozen bananas through the chute.


  • The Classic version can be quite loud. If fruit is not slightly defrosted before using, the motor sounds strained. These issues are resolved with the sturdier motor of the Elite.
  • Some reviewers report that the included directions and recipes contain a few typos, and are a bit unclear. However, the machine is simple to use, and online tutorials are available to resolve any questions that might arise.
  • A decent amount of the final product remains in the chute. Make sure to disassemble and scrape this down with a rubber spatula before it melts, so as not to lose any of your delicious snack!


While there are several similar products on the market, none have as vast or enthusiastic a following as Yonanas.

The closest alternative is the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet.

The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender available on Amazon

At 8 x 10 x 14” and 5.3 pounds, the Dessert Bullet is slightly larger than Yonanas, and right in the same price range. It also comes with a recipe book, offering a range of dessert options.

While the machines are almost identical in size and technique, Amazon customers who have used both machines report a smoother texture from the Yonanas.

Big Boss Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

The Big Boss Swirlio and VonShef options, like the Dessert Bullet, are of similar design and price. The Big Boss is available in a variety of colors, while VonShef comes only in red.

VonShef Frozen Yogurt Fruit Ice Cream Smoothie Dessert Maker Blender Machine

Unlike the Yonanas and Dessert Bullet, the Big Boss model does not come equipped with a manufacturer’s warranty. VonShef offers a one year warranty, though you must make sure to register your machine online!


  • Use ripe fruits for ultimate sweetness. Spotted bananas make the tastiest creamy treat.
  • Let your fruit thaw outside the freezer for about 10 minutes before processing, so as not to strain the motor.
All you need is bananas to make your own frozen desserts at home. Check out our review of this product and more on Foodal:
The finished product- makes tasty dairy-free, added-sugar-free frozen banana treats in minutes.
  • For a non-dairy-free version, freeze yogurt, cream, or your favorite kind of milk in ice trays to add a creamy component to your dessert. After pressing your fruit and frozen dairy through the chute, mix everything together in the bowl to blend the flavors well.
  • Be sure to disassemble and scrape out the machine with a rubber spatula so you don’t lose any of your precious fruit cream!

Because of its faithful following, responsive customer service, complementary warranty, and low price point, we recommend the Yonanas machine above all of the available alternatives.

As for which model to choose, it depends on how often you plan to use it. If you expect to make dessert every day, the Elite model is worth the extra expense. But if you are only looking for the occasional sweet treat, the Classic will do the trick.

Need more frozen treat resources? Read Foodal’s Complete Guide to Ice Cream Machines or check out all of our reviews and guides.

Have you used one of these machines? What are your favorite fruit combinations? What other fun ingredients have you used? Let us know in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “The Yonanas Fruit Soft-Serve Maker Fulfills Your Sweetest Dreams!”

  1. This post comes at the right time! My mother in law has recently bought the classic version, and I’ve had the occasion to taste the frozen fruit cream it produces. I was positively surprised, it’s very refreshing and flavorful.
    Obviously it’s not the same as ice cream, but it can be a valid alternative, especially if you are trying to limit your sugar intake.
    I was thinking about getting one for myself. I had no idea it came in different versions, but I’m happy about it because my mother in law’s appliance is very loud, and I’m glad to hear that I can get the quieter elite version with a better engine. The red one would fit nicely in my kitchen. Thank you!

  2. This sounds great, but I’m wondering just how healthy frozen fruits really are. Doesn’t the act of freezing them in the first place change their molecular structure somewhat? I love the idea however, of making natural and healthy ice cream replacements, so this is perfect for me to try out. I am also wondering if this device can be used to mash up un-frozen fruits as well, or would it jam up the device? I’d love the chance to try one of these machines, but up until this moment, I’d never even heard of them. Interesting. As they always say, “I learn something new every day”.

  3. I’m really impressed at how affordable many of these appliances are. Of course, I’ll have to go back and read more reviews, but I could see myself purchasing one of these makers. I already have some dessert ideas, I’m ready to try.

  4. Those fruit ice creams looks delicious, near to my school there’s a place where they sell a similar dessert to this one, but they add frozen yogurt and all the fruit that you want! I wonder if it tastes the same.
    I think that it’s actually a great (and in my opinion) affordable idea to make dessert time a little bit more healthy, and what’s more refreshing and pleasant than natural fruit ice cream? 🙂

  5. Too bad I don’t think Romania has this device for sale, I would’ve loved to have one in my kitchen. I love ice cream but what’s sold on the market is unhealthy, I’d love to make myself some organic ice cream with fresh fruit from my garden. One day…

  6. I’ve never heard of this technique – or the associated machines – for making desserts. You’ve covered a lot of information here on the variety of machines and their different qualities which is very useful. This is definitely a machine I am going to consider buying.

  7. Wow, I totally forgot that I actually own this product until I saw this article. I bought it a little over a year ago in Bed Bath Beyond. It was on clearance because the box was damaged. I was extremely excited to get it, so cheap, but only ended up using it once. As you mentioned, the classic model is extremely loud and I found it a struggle to use. It is possible that I needed to allow my bananas to thaw a bit before shoving them in there. Now that summer is coming around, I will give it a go again!

  8. Wow, before reading this post, I had no idea that such a machine even existed! I have a ridiculous sweet tooth which I usually satisfy with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Ben and Jerry’s is my weakness. I love smoothies, though, too, so I feel like this machine really could be the best of both worlds! After all, eating ice cream every time I have a sugar craving isn’t going to keep me skinny for long. This is even a reasonable price, too. I’m impressed! Perhaps I’ll add one to my wedding registry!


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