The Bamix Gastro Pro-2 G200 Professional Series Wand Mixer: Superior Results for the Home or Commercial Kitchen

Are you looking for a wand mixer that’s a step above the norm?

One that delivers simple operation and professional results – and can be relied on for years to come?

Then you should check out the Bamix Gastro Pro-2.

Bamix was the first company to manufacture and sell stick blenders (back in the 1950s), and today it remains their specialty, the only line of appliances they produce.

The Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series Immersion Hand Blender on a maple butcher block table with a kitchen towel.

Designed and handcrafted in Switzerland, the name Bamix is derived from a combination of the French words “battre et mixer,” or “beating and mixing” – which the Gastro Pro-2 does with superb efficiency.

With a simple, streamlined design, it uses just two speeds and three blades to produce advanced results.

Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series Immersion Hand Blender via Amazon

And to ensure the highest level of performance, each unit goes through strenuous testing before it can leave the plant.

Sound like an appliance for your kitchen? Let’s check out the details!

At A Glance


  • Three interchangeable blades are used to blend, mince, or whisk for professional results.
  • A 200-watt motor gives consistent speed, even with heavy workloads.
  • The chrome-plated brass wand is incredibly sturdy.
  • Comes with an included wall bracket for convenient storage.
  • NSF Rated and made for restaurant kitchens.

… and Minuses

  • It sits at the top end of the price range.


Robust Construction and Reliable Performance

The Gastro Pro-2 is hand-built in Switzerland and includes three stainless steel blades to aerate, blend, and chop. And the open head design is ideal to create a powerful vortex that pulls food into the blades for fast, efficient mixing.

Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series Immersion Hand Blender on a maple wooden butcher block surface and blue painted wall background.

The mincer blade has three angled flanges that chop, mince, and puree baby foods, berries, fruits, meat, and frozen or raw vegetables.

The beater blade, in the shape of a flat disk, is used to aerate, beat, and blend. Use the beater disk to blend egg whites, cream, mayonnaise, or to whip sauces, shakes, smoothies, and soups.

The whisk disk has six hooded perforations and is used to emulsify, mix, or stir and is best used for beverages, mayonnaise, or salad dressings.

Blades are simple to change by aligning and pushing the drive pin on the stub to fit the small recess in the attachment socket.

A powerful 200-watt motor keeps consistent, precise speeds even when processing heavy loads. Energy efficient and balanced, it supplies maximum torque with less watts for fast and efficient processing, and also reduces vibration to ensure smooth, quite operation.

The soft-grip switches are located on the front of the handle. The top button is the safety switch and needs to be depressed before using.

A close up of the grip of Bamix Pro-2 G200 Immersion Blender showing the start and speed buttons.

The power button has two settings to process a variety of ingredients and can be use for continuous or pulse action.

Position 1 is used for any light, airy dish or small quantities of ingredients. Position 2 will process all thick, dense foods or large amounts.

The easy-grip handle is tapered for ergonomic comfort and easy control, and cleanly transitions to the nylon motor-housing.

Mounting Bracket

The included nylon mounting bracket comes with drywall anchors and screws, and complete installation instructions can be found in the User Manual.

Optional Accessories

A mini-food processor is available that can quickly mince hard cheese, chocolate, herbs, nuts or veggies.

Bamix BP Processsor Attachment via Amazon

And a power disk processor (fits inside of the food processor attachment) is available for grinding spices to a fine powder – ideal for the freshest available flavors, or to create your own spice blends.

Bamix Powder Disc Processor Attachment via Amazon

A variety of beakers are also available. The 1-liter size (just over a quart) has a handle and pouring spout.

Bamix 1L Immersion Blender Beaker via Amazon

The two-piece set consists of two beakers with lids in 400 and 600-millimeter sizes (1.7 cups and 2.5 cups).

Bamix Immersion 400 ml and 600 ml Blender Beaker Set (with lids) via Amazon

Care and Cleaning

The Pro-2 is easy to clean by rinsing under running water and hand washing the blades, drive shaft, and any attachments.

Or, put a few drops of dish soap in a container of warm water and run the blades for 30 seconds.

The handle and motor housing can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and should not be immersed in water.

Bamix recommends occasionally putting a few drops of vegetable oil onto the base of the drive shaft to keep it lubricated – rinse after with hot water to remove any excess oil.

Dimensions and Specs

The shaft is constructed of chrome-coated brass for durable longevity, and the body is constructed of PA6 food-safe (BPA and PTFE-free) nylon – which safely seals the motor from exposure to moisture.

Both materials are highly heat resistant and safe to use in boiling liquids or hot food. Plus, the Pro-2 is NSF and CE certified for commercial use. (CE is European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.)

The Gastro Pro-2 measures 15.5 inches in length, has a 2.5-inch diameter, and weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces.

The spiral cord is a very generous 8.25 feet in length and has a polarized plug for safety.

Warranty Info

Made in Switzerland, it comes with a 2-year parts/3 year motor warranty to be free of defects in manufacturing materials and workmanship.

Compare and Contrast: Bamix Gastro Pro-2 vs All Others

The Bamix line is considered elite, with 60+ years of experience behind their wand mixers, and the Gastro Pro-2 is one of their top-end models – is there another of equal status to compare it to?

No, not really. Although this is rated at “only” 200 watts, wattage doesn’t equal power. It measure the amount of energy consumed and is not a measure of motor power or efficiency. It’s a useful metric only when comparing models within one brand.

The 200 watts in this machine is packs more power than other brands with 300 watts and is even comparable to the All-Clad KZ750D rated at 600 watts.

And the Bamix Pro-2 is made of superior materials and attention to detail by a company that ONLY makes immersion blenders in a country (Switzerland) that prides itself on workmanship, product quality, and attention to detail.

This machine is designed to be operated (and take a beating) in professional kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and resorts. It will last for decades in a home kitchen environment.

Sure it may only have two speeds, but it will likely be functioning after you’ve gone through three, four, or five models with fancy doodads and gizmos from competing brands.

Foodal’s Rating

  • Power
  • Performance
  • Settings
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Included or Optional Accessories
  • Value


If you're in the market for the best quality and longest lasting immersion blender in the market, don't look any further than the Bamix Gastro Pro-2 G200. You get a product designed for the rigors of a commercial kitchen with Swiss engineering and Swiss construction from a company who invented and perfected these handy little appliances. It's a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. Life is too short for cheap tools.



A History of Excellence

With the Bamix history of excellence, the Gastro Pro-2 was designed for the home market – but with the demanding standards a professional chef expects.

Sleek and comfortable, it uses the advanced system of stylized blades to deliver reliable performance and outstanding versatility. And it gives ample power to handle even thick or dense foods.

A high-quality immersion blender that showcases the best of European manufacturing.

Check prices and more reviews on Amazon now!

Any thoughts or questions about the Gastro Pro-2? Drop us a line in the comments below. And for other reliable options, be sure to check our complete guide to immersion blenders right here

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