The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine: A Do-Everything Gadget

If you are a serious baker and looking for a mixer that’s up to the challenge, you’ll want to do your research before making the big purchase.

Not all mixers are created equal, and you’re likely looking for something that can handle tougher jobs, and that will last through the years.

Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine |

The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine available on Amazon

Bosch is a brand that’s well loved by serious home cooks for its durable, dependable appliances. Their products are some of the most popular around, and for good reason.

Not only are they tough machines, Bosch offers a comprehensive line of attachments to extend the usability of your machine.

The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine in particular can handle up to nine pounds of dough with the 6.5-quart bowl.

The 800-watt motor is far more powerful than your average stand mixer – as you may recall from Foodal’s 2014 Best Stand Mixers Guide, watts aren’t a very accurate measurement of power and are often “gamed” by various manufacturers.

However, in the case of the Bosch, this high power rating IS indicative of a large and powerful motor. With a large amount of torque available at the mixer head, you can be sure that it won’t give out halfway through mixing a large batch.

For these reasons, you should really consider this mixer when making your decision, after reading all of our various stand mixer reviews.

Powerful Motor

The most popular stand mixer on Amazon is the KitchenAid Artisan, and this makes a lot of sense: it comes from a reputable company, you can get it in any color under the sun, and it’s very multipurpose.

However, it only has a 325-watt motor, which will do the job for the average home cook, but not for someone who uses their mixer for difficult jobs multiple times a week.

The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine has an 800-watt motor, making it one of the most powerful options available outside of a commercial kitchen.

Making dough with the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine |
Making lots of bread dough in one go? The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine may be what you need.

With a motor like this, there’s no need to worry about making whole wheat bread dough or multiple large batches of dough in a week. This mixer is built for these types of challenges.

Reviewers talk of making six batches of bread dough at once with no problems at all.

Although older reviews (of the non “plus” model) will mention that it “walks” on the counter when mixing bigger loads, Bosch has added suction cup feet that keep it in place.

The Bosch features four speeds, and although this seems low in comparison to other stand mixers, you should understand that the Bosch uses two attachment points with different gear ratios.

The lower drive where the mixing bowl sits is geared for a lower speed, high torque output whereas the upper drive (the thing that looks like a tower hooked to the side) uses a faster speed ratio for turning smaller attachments at high RPMs.

This effectively gives the mixer eight speeds. Users report that they can slowly knead pizza dough or whip egg whites and everything in between without issue. It also has a pulse function for your more sensitive mixing jobs.


People shopping for small appliances tend to veer away from plastic options because they have less favorable reputations. Plastic can crack, but materials like stainless steel are much tougher.

However, Bosch uses an incredibly durable plastic that should last you for years and years to come. A little-known fact is that plastic is actually more desirable than a metal bowl for bread bakers, as metal tends to be colder, and the temperature can interfere with the yeast when making dough.

Bosch MUZ6ER2 Stainless Steel Bowl for Universal Plus |

Bosch MUZ6ER2 Stainless Steel Bowl for the Universal Plus available on Amazon

If you think you’d prefer a bowl with metal construction, Bosch does offer an accessory 6.5-quart stainless steel bowl, sold separately.  This bowl is much easier to clean than the stock plastic container – especially when you’re making sticky bread dough.

I personally think this extra bit of kit is a must buy, as having two bowls (the stainless plus the stock plastic) allows you to work with one set of ingredients while mixing another set.

For easy storage, Bosch includes built-in cord storage behind the power unit. I love this feature because I’ve had to pack my cupboards in tightly to accommodate all of my small appliances – the fewer loose cords, the better!


With a 6.5-quart bowl, the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine offers one of the biggest bowls available to home cooks. It can handle up to 14 pounds of dough without issue!

This means several batches of bread, cookies, or cakes. You could even use it to make a huge batch of mashed potatoes when you are feeding lots of hungry mouths.

There’s varying consensus as to whether or not this mixer is good for a wide range of batch sizes. Some users report that you should be able to whip two egg whites with no problem, and that they use their Bosch for everything that needs mixing in their kitchen.

Other users say this machine is best just for mixing big batches of dough, and to stick with something like the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer for small to mid-range batches.

This divergence in user reviews can be attributed to operator experience – these European-designed machines operate quite a bit differently than the standard gear-driven “up and over” designed stand mixers. Users report similar experiences with the similarly designed but even more heavy duty (and pricier) Ankarsrum Original/Electrolux Assistant.

Both machines have a learning curve – especially for folks who have experience with a more traditional design.

Also, the Bosch does not ship with all of the tools that a traditional stand mixer would come equipped with, as it is designed as more of a power source to drive a variety of different attachments. 


In addition to the bowl, lid, and machine, Bosch includes three attachments with purchase: a splash ring, wire whips, and a dough hook.

The splash ring is great insurance for keeping your kitchen a little cleaner, especially if you’re a messy baker like me!

The dough hook is incredibly powerful, and you’ll find not only that you’re hands are relieved from the difficult work of kneading dough yourself, but that the consistency of your dough will improve.

The wire whips are perfect for whipping everything from cream to egg whites for a meringue until nice and fluffy.

Like many other stand mixers, there are also several other accessory attachments, including a bowl scraper, blender, and food processor.

With this wide range, this small appliance can become a mixing, chopping, and grinding hub in your kitchen!

It is important to note that attachments that fit the old Bosch machines are incompatible with this newer line – always look for model numbers that start with “MUZ6” or “MUZ7.”

Although the KitchenAid line and other manufacturers have similar sets of optional tools that you can purchase, these are really just attachments that hook onto a mixer.

In other words, they are more like afterthoughts of, “Hey, this mixer could also grind meat if we made a grinder to plug into it.”

Large Slicer Shredder Attachment for Bosch Universal Mixers |

Attachments such as the Large Slicer Shredder Attachment blend seamlessly onto the base of the Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

However, the Bosch was designed purposely to integrate its optional tools onto its motorized base. It was purposely engineered to be multifunctional in smaller European kitchens, where counter and storage spaces are often limited. This also applies very much to Asia, where these devices are big sellers.

Therefore, when you have a food processor on the Bosch, it looks and operates like a food processor – as opposed to a food processor attachment perched precariously atop a KitchenAid, which looks about as out of place as a politician in a confessional.

The only downside is that a few of the attachments have to be used while the machine is laid on its side. This is mostly the case with those attachments that would be used sparingly, such as the sausage stuffer.

Most Useful Gadgets

One of the most common questions asked by folks who are purchasing a new model is, “What are the most useful attachments for the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer?”

Although the answer to this of course can vary depending on your cooking habits, I’ll give several recommendations for you to explore (and one to avoid).

1. Cookie Paddles

Many will be disappointed to see that cookie paddles aren’t included, but you can purchase this attachment separately – and these are really a must buy for this device, to get the most of its mixing capabilities (and really should come stock with the unit, IMHO).

Bosch Cookie Paddles with Metal Whip Driver |

Bosch Cookie Paddles w/ Metal Whip Driver

There are a few negative reviews of these paddles on Amazon, due to breakage. The cookie paddles are sold by themselves (as replacement pieces) OR with a metal whip driver, which is required to keep them from self destructing.

With the stainless steel holder they are tough as nails, but with the stock plastic driver their life expectancy is very short. And this has lead to some unpleasant customer experiences. Just get the paddles with the metal whip driver and you’ll be fine.

They make short work of cookie dough (or “biscuits,” for those of you on the other side of the pond) and can save you hours if you have a house full of cookie-oholics.

2. Food Processor

In my mind, the Bosch Universal Food Processor has got to be one of the most useful attachments that you could purchase for your machine if you are looking to save counter space, and it’s cheaper than buying a comparably powered separate appliance.

It attaches in the same mounting mechanism as the mixing bowl.

Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor Attachment for Universal Plus Mixer |

Bosch Universal Plus Food Processor Attachment

This device can function as both a slicing and grating unit, as well as in the more traditional food processor role.

For the slicing and grating operation, three disks – including one for slicing, one for shredding and grating, and one for potato grating (fine) – are supplied for use at the top of the container.

The slicing disk is reversible for thick and thin cuts, while the grating disk is reversible for fine and coarse shredding.

To use as a food processor, merely remove the top disks and the supplied bottom blade will chop or puree your food based on how long the machine is turned on.

You can make baby food or nut butters with ease. Its only limitation is its 5-cup size. Check out what others think of the food processor attachment on Amazon.

3. Universal Slicing/Shredder

If you don’t need the food processor function and want more options for slicing and shredding with a lot more capacity, Bosch also makes a well-regarded universal slicer/shredder attachment that includes three disks. The slicing and shredding/grating disks are similar to those that come with the food processor, and are also reversible for fine or coarse cuts.

However, in this case, the fine potato disk has been replaced with a french fry disk.

Bosch Universal Slicer/Shredder with Three Discs |

Universal Slicer/Shredder with Three Discs

Unlike the food processor, there are no bottom blades. So you cannot puree foods, but instead this produces uniform chunks or slices.

Additionally, its larger 12-cup size and additional disk options may make this a more viable option for you, if it fits your lifestyle and dietary habits better.

Julienne Disk for Bosch Universal Slicer Shredder

Speaking of disk options, what’s available?

Bosch produces (as separate purchases) a julienne disk, a a fine grater disk for awesome “stuck together” hash browns and grating nuts, and a coarse rasping disk for ice shaving and hard cheeses such as parmesan.

One of the greatest things about this gadget is that there are a few additional accessories available for it (yes I know – an attachment for an attachment) that make this device one of the best and most versatile attachments available for the Bosch Universal Stand Mixers.

The best of these is a Mini Dough Hook that fits inside of the container and allows you to knead dough for one loaf of bread – something that the primary bowl does not necessarily work well for (while it excels at mixing larger batches).

See what others think of the Universal Slicer/Shredder and read actual customer reviews now!

4. Large Slicer/Shredder Attachment

Need more capacity than the 12-cup volume of the Universal Slicer/Shredder? Then try this new, largeer shredder attachment made for the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine by L’Chef (a high quality manufacturer). It fits over the existing large bowl, giving you 16 cups of volume to fill in one go.

 La'Chef Large Slicer Shredder Attachment for Bosch Universal Mixers |

L’Chef’s Large Slicer Shredder Attachment available on Amazon

It come with the same blades as the 12-cup Universal model, but it isn’t without its drawbacks (though none are deal breakers). The lid is sometimes difficult to attach, and it tends to shred to one side of the bowl, sometimes requiring a jiggle or two to even out the contents in the container to allow you to continue shredding.

Also, it ties up your main bowl (unless you’ve bought the optional stainless version) that you may want to use to prep other ingredients. Read more about the Large Slicer Shredder now.

Food Processor, Universal Slicer/Shredder, and Large Slicer Shredder: A Comparison

Are you confused as to which of these three attachments are best? We’ve included a handy reference chart to assist you with your decision.

Universal Plus Food ProcessorUniversal Slicer/ShredderLarge Slicer Shredder Attachment
Capacity8 Cups12 Cups16 Cups
Included Disks3 - slicing (reversible) - shredding and grating (reversible) - fine potato grating 3 - slicing (reversible) - shredding and grating (reversible) - French fries 3 - slicing (reversible) - shredding and grating (reversible) - French fries
Optional Disks Available?Check Marked YesCheck Marked Yes
Able to Produce French Fries?Check Marked YesCheck Marked Yes
Mash and Puree?Check Marked Yes
Number of Separate Pieces to Clean?455
Drive and Cam MaterialNylonMetalPlastic
Where does it fit?Upper drive for faster speedsLower drive for more torque - replaces mixing bowlOn top of the mixing bowl

MX3 Blender – A Warning

Although one of the most popular and potentially one of the most useful gadgets for the Bosch Universal Plus, I cannot recommend it the MX3 Blender.I’d love to tell you about all the extra countertop real estate that you could save (and perhaps some cash) by using this blender attachment, but I cannot endorse it.

Blender for Universal Plus

Although the Kitchen Machine has the power to spin the blades right up there with the best of the premium blenders, such as the Blendtec and Vitamix,  numerous user reviews on Amazon report that the base has a tendency to unscrew itself or become unseated, resulting in liquid discharging from the container and running down into the motor.

Oftentimes the motor is fried as a result, and customers reported various outcomes (some good, some bad) in getting their machines fixed under warranty.

Folks, I’d love to be able to recommend this attachment – it boasts BPA-free Tritan co-polyester as well as an improved feed hole and funnel, an all-metal drive that can crush ice with ease, as well as the ability to handle boiling hot liquids.

However, there are far too many reports of the leakage issue occurring, and I cannot discount this. Come on, Bosch! If little companies such as Vitamix (THE best kitchen appliance I’ve ever owned) with comparably miniscule R&D budgets can figure out a good container design, you’d think a giant German conglomerate could get this correctly engineered!

Skip it and buy a Vitamix or a Blendtec for your blending needs, and use the Bosch Universal Plus for everything else.[/color-box ]


Although some reviewers complain that the Bosch is difficult to clean after use, you’ll be happy to learn that all of the parts, including the bowl, are dishwasher safe except for the dough hook!

To clean the actual machine, just wipe it down with warm, soapy water and dry it after. The base of the machine should never be submerged in water.

The reason some find it difficult to clean is that food can get stuck in areas that hold the attachments, and other nooks and crannies of the machine.

Be sure to give the whole thing a once over before storing, to make sure food isn’t lodged in any hard to reach areas.

  • Power
  • Performance
  • Available Accessories
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Value


Power - Now we are talking! The power in this machine is more than adequate for poundage of bread dough Mover over, the transmission is built to handle it.

Performance - we found the performance to be well above average with other mixers in this price rance; we deducted a point for dough sticking in the plastic bowl (unless there is plenty of oil in the recipe) which is not an issue with stainless varieties. Also, this machine has something of learning curve. We feel that any negative reviews you may read have more to do with the operator's experience level with this particular bit of kit.

Available Accessories - The Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine has comparable accessories that are available for the KitchenAid. We deducted one points for making the consumer buy the stainless bowl as well as the cookie paddles separately (it should ship stock with both) and for some of the accessories being a little too plasticky. Also, the whole blender issue could have easily been avoided by the manufacturer (that being said - most stand mixer manufacturers don't even make a blender). Also, to use one or two of the attachments, you have to lay the mixer on its side which makes things a little awkward.

Build Quality - Although most of the Bosch is composed of plastic and we normally loath this material, this machine is made of good quality plastic. No issues with the quality or the life expectancy of this material.

Warranty - At a full three years parts and labor warranty, the Universal Kitchen Plus mixer is two years longer than most of the competition.

Value - If you need to make bread and pizza dough on regular basis then there is no better machine at this price point. The next step up for a home stand mixer would be a Electrolux Assistent / Ankarsrum Original at twice the price (but all metal and more power).



The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is a powerful option when it comes to stand mixers. Between the 800-watt motor and the capacity of the 6.5-quart bowl, this mixer will be able to handle the toughest of jobs without issue.

If you’re a home cook who bakes several loaves of bread each week, this is an excellent choice. Bosch is known for producing durable small appliances, and users note that they are a reliable company to work with.

If you’re looking for a workhorse to add to your kitchen, this stand mixer will be a great addition! It’s hard to find in stores but it is available on Amazon now!

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  1. The accessories for this is what makes this machine great. I would get one of these if my kitchen is very small and can’t fit a blender, food processor, and mixer all on the counter, and you can definitely grind meat with the food processor attachment.

  2. I’m not quite familiar with Bosch, but it does sound like they put out some quality products from what I can see here. I just have to wonder why plastic is so loathed as a material in creating products in general and not just kitchen appliances. I hear people grump about the same thing pertaining to other products. There is a such thing as solid, effective plastic and it looks like this item has it.

  3. Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention but I have never seen an appliance that does everything that this does. The allure of an all in one is very temping. It would take up so much less counter space.

  4. I love the look of this, and it certainly seems up to most any mixing task. I do think some of the attachments should be included with the unit. I would have to buy the 2nd bowl, and will never understand why any mixer doesn’t come with 2, because we all know it’s rare to only be mixing up one batch or item during one cooking session. It looks to be a powerhouse, and the food processor options sounds useful, as well.

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