The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer: A Multi-Functional Machine with a Unique Design

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Are you a serious baker and cook looking for a heavy-duty mixer that’s up to the challenge? What appliance will be able to keep up with your large-scale, constant culinary exploits?

A metal beater mixes a thick, pale yellow dough in a white mixer bowl, with orange and white text.

You’ll want to do your research before making the big purchase!

Not all mixers are created equal, and you’re likely looking for something that can handle tougher jobs, that is multi-functional, and that will last throughout years of use.

Bosch is a brand that is ideal for serious home cooks, because of its durable, dependable appliances.

Vertical image of bread rolls with a kitchen machine in the background.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer in particular can handle up to fourteen pounds of dough with a HUGE 6.5-quart bowl.

The 800-watt motor is far more powerful than your average stand mixer – as you may recall from Foodal’s Best Stand Mixers Guide, watts aren’t a very accurate measurement of power and are often “gamed” by various manufacturers.

However, in the case of this appliance, the high power rating IS indicative of a powerful motor. With a large amount of torque available at the mixer head, you can be sure that it won’t give out halfway through mixing a large batch.

Not only is it a tough machine, it also offers a comprehensive package of accessories and attachments to extend the usability of your mixer, without needing to buy separate machine bases.

Vertical image of a wire whip on a white towel with cupcakes on a wooden surface.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

Want to learn more? Continue reading below for our review of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, plus the basic package accessories that are included with your purchase.

We provide a more comprehensive explanation of the other (many) accessories and packages that can be purchased for the Universal Plus!

Using the recipes provided by Bosch via their website, I’ve personally tested the motor and the included accessories to get the most well-rounded experience with the products.

Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

So, with a belly full of red velvet cupcakes and fluffy dinner rolls, I offer you my thorough analysis of this impressively multi-functional machine!

What You’re Purchasing

When you purchase a Bosch Universal Plus with the basic package accessories, here’s exactly what comes included:

  • Universal Plus motor base
  • 6.5-quart plastic bowl
  • 2-piece splash ring and bowl cover
  • Basic package accessories:
    • Plastic whip drive
    • Dual wire whips
    • Dough hook
    • Dough hook extender
    • Owner’s manual

This is the most basic option to purchase. Bosch provides numerous Universal Plus packages, each featuring the mixer with a different set of accessories.

Image of the Bosch Universal Plus mixer and attachments.

Universal Plus Mixer with Basic Package Accessories, available from Bosch

The owner’s manual will be your go-to source for everything you need to know about each piece of equipment, from cleaning to properly assembling. It also includes some recipes for you to use. All of this information is also offered online on the Bosch website.

As a very convenient option, you can also easily purchase any of these accessories and other attachments separately by buying directly on Bosch’s company website.

I will provide more information on each specific attachment in one of the following sections, after a brief overview of the company and history of the mixer.

For more information on customer reviews of these products, you can also read customer reviews and price details on

A Little History

The Bosch line of mixers is just a small contribution to their entire catalog of offerings. Bosch is a multi-national business with a German engineering foundation, creating and manufacturing a wide expanse of kitchen and home appliances, as well as other electronics.

Bosch developed its first kitchen mixer back in 1952, quickly becoming the standard as one of the top bread makers for the home with worldwide renown. First advertised as the “countrywoman’s helper,” it’s popularity spanned the United States and traveled across the world to help simplify domestic chores for busy families in many households.

Since then, the company has continued to improve and re-develop this kitchen mixer for the modern home kitchen, leading up to the most recent design of what we know today as the Bosch Universal Plus!

Continue reading to learn more about this powerful mixer. Our review of the mighty motor base technology is first up.

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A (Very) Powerful Motor

The One-of-a-Kind Motor Base

This mixer offers a unique design feature when compared to other stand mixers on the market today.

Horizontal image of a motor base on a wooden surface.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

It actually had me scratching my head in dumbfounded awe when I was unpacking this for the first time!

As someone who is so used to working with overhead stand mixers like the KitchenAid, Bosch was a little… well, different.

Unlike that of the KitchenAid models, the Bosch motor is not designed as an overhead piece. Rather, it is designed as a flat white base, with dimensions of 11 x 12 x 15 inches, and a weight of about 12 pounds.

Since the mixing bowl attaches directly on top of the motor base, the top of the bowl is totally open and unobstructed. With this open-faced bowl design, you can easily and quickly add ingredients to the bowl without having to turn off your mixer and adjust or lift the mixing head.

Powerful 800-Watt Strength

One of the most popular stand mixers we have reviewed on Foodal is the KitchenAid Artisan, and this makes a lot of sense: it comes from a reputable company, is available in a wide range of colors, and it’s very multi-purpose.


It only has a 325-watt motor, which will do the job for the average home cook, but not for someone who uses their mixer for difficult jobs multiple times a week.

The Bosch Universal Plus has an 800-watt motor, making it one of the most powerful options available outside of a commercial kitchen.

With a strong motor like this, there’s no need to worry about making multiple big batches of dough each week.

This mixer is built for these types of large-scale challenges. Reviewers talk of making six batches of bread dough at once with no problems at all.

Rotary Switch and Speeds

The Bosch Universal features a rotary switch in front of the power unit base that has four speed options, a momentary pulse function, and a complete stop position.

Horizontal image of the switch on a kitchen machine.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

But don’t let the lack of 10+ incremental speed options dissuade you.

Although this seems low in comparison to other stand mixers (my KitchenAid has ten speeds), you should understand that Bosch’s engineering is intentionally simplified, and very effective.

The pulse option is a helpful addition, and the four speeds provided are, quite honestly, all that you need to mix a range of doughs and batters.

The motor also features dual drives – two attachment points used for different purposes.

The lower drive, which the main mixing bowl attaches to, is a high-torque drive used for twisting the whisk, paddle, and dough hook attachments. It is super effective for mixing thick doughs and batters.

Horizontal image of a blender motor and attachment base.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

The other drive, the attachment on the side of the base that looks like a cylindrical tower, uses a high-speed drive that is directly coupled to the motor. This is used to power the separate blender attachment, which is available as an add-on purchase.

In all, the dual drive system essentially gives the mixer eight speeds.

Suction Cups

With four powerful suction cup feet on the bottom of the motor base, there’s no need to steady your mixer in place when it’s in use, as I’ve had to do with my KichenAid when working with heavier doughs, so it doesn’t fall off the counter!

After you evenly press down on each suction cup, the base is completely secure on the work surface.

And I can definitely attest to that.

I mixed a heavy batch of bread dough, using the recipe for Basic White Bread Dough from Bosch’s website (delicious, by the way!). The base of the machine stayed secure on the workspace as it was mixing.

Built-In Cord Storage

To keep your countertop or cabinet tidy, Bosch includes built-in cord storage behind the power unit.

I love this feature because I’ve had to pack my cupboards tightly to accommodate all of my small appliances – the fewer loose cords, the better!

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A Big Bowl for Big Batches, and Everything in Between

One Size Mixes All

As one of the biggest bowls available to home cooks, the 6.5-quart mixing bowl can fit a lot of food. A lot.

It can handle up to fourteen pounds of dough!

This means several batches of bread, cookies, or cakes. You could even use it to make a huge batch of mashed potatoes for a big family dinner when you have many hungry mouths to feed.

Though this equipment is perfect for large-scale home kitchen production, Bosch intended the design of its mixer for a wide range of batch sizes.

There is a varying consensus by reviewers as to whether or not this mixer is as successful with smaller yields.

Image of a plastic bowl with a lid.

6.5 quart plastic bowl, available from Bosch

Some users report that you should be able to whip two egg whites with no problem, and that they use their Bosch for everything that needs mixing in their kitchen.

Other users say this machine is best just for mixing big batches of dough, and to stick with hand mixers or other smaller stand mixers for small to mid-range batches.

Given my own personal experience with this mixer, I have personally tested both large and small yields for recipes, with varying results.

Though I can write with confidence that the Bosch mixer can actually whip a single egg white, I did have some minor issues with typical, small batches of batters and doughs. At times, they do not get thoroughly mixed, even with the scraper attachment. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the pan.

Another critique with the design of the bowl: there’s no handle!

Without a handle, it will be difficult to grasp the bowl as you’re pouring out batter. Big bowl, tiny hands, awkward grasp around the messy rim of a big bowl.

The Bowl Material

You might be wondering: What type of material is used to ensure that the mixing bowl and attachments can handle all of these ingredients?

Many people shopping for appliances (including myself, admittedly) tend to veer away from plastic options, because they have less favorable reputations. Plastic can crack, but materials like stainless steel are much tougher.

However, Bosch uses an incredibly durable plastic that should last for years and years to come.

A little-known fact is that plastic is actually more desirable than a metal bowl for bread bakers, as metal tends to be colder, and the temperature can interfere with the action of the yeast when making dough.

Bosch Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, available on

If you think you’d prefer a bowl with metal construction, Bosch does offer an accessory 6.5-quart stainless steel bowl.

This bowl is much easier to clean than the stock plastic container – especially when you’re making sticky bread dough.

I personally think this extra bit of kit is a must buy, as having two bowls (the stainless plus the stock plastic) allows you to work with one set of ingredients while mixing another set at the same time, with no need to wash up in between.

Yay, more toys!

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Accessories – The Basic Package

At first, I was skeptical – and a little overwhelmed – by the crazy amount of accessories. Whisks, paddles, extensions, plastic drives…

What was I supposed to do with them all?

Vertical image of dual whisks next to a sheet pan with cupcakes.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

After getting over the initial shock, I found there was no need to fear! All of the attachments include simple instructions on how to use them.

And they are ALL easy to use.

My main advice is to review the information in the manual, as well as the small information guides provided with each attachment in their separate boxes, before using any of the equipment.

I would also recommend getting a container to store all of the attachments, in order to keep everything together in one confined area. Don’t risk losing these precious items!

But if you do…

You can go directly on the Bosch company website, where you have the option of buying each accessory separately. I’ll provide you with many of the links for each item throughout this review.

Horizontal image of a dough hook in a plastic bowl next to baked bread rolls.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

First, let’s go over all of the attachments included in the basic package. Then I’ll tell you about some of the other unique attachments designed for specific kitchen prep tasks that are available.

In addition to the bowl, lid, and machine, Bosch includes other attachments with your purchase: a splash ring and cover, dual wire whips, a dough hook, and a dough hook extender.

All of the plastic material used is FDA compliant, and BPA free.

Two-Piece Splash Ring and Bowl Cover

This lid, my beloved lid. I adore it.

Vertical image of a double plastic lid and a whisk.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

The two-piece lid, made up of a splash ring and bowl cover that fit over the mixing bowl, is the BEST insurance for keeping your workspace extra clean.

Especially if you’re a messy baker like me.

Oh, the war stories I could tell you about dusty explosions of flour or powdered sugar when I would carelessly mix ingredients together…

When I’m using other stand or handheld mixers, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll make a mess with my dry ingredients.

Image of a plastic splash ring.

Splash Ring, available from Bosch

While splash rings are available to buy separately for the KitchenAid mixers, Bosch already includes its two-piece creation with the mixer.

All I have to say is this: Thank you. So much.

The splash ring and cover prevent the evil escape of dust from dry ingredients and splashes from liquid ingredients at the beginning of the stirring process. I’ve made buttercreams and bread dough in this mixer with zero mess from the ingredients dribbling (or exploding, in puff of powder) onto my countertops.

Image of a plastic bowl cover attachment.

Bowl Cover, available from Bosch

The splash ring fits around the edge of the bowl. The bowl cover attaches on top of the ring to provide a completely enclosed protective barrier.

The motor will still run even when the cover is off, so you can continue to add other ingredients into the bowl while you’re still mixing.

Please note that if you need to buy this item as a replacement part, the splash ring and bowl cover are sold separately. They cannot be purchased together as a combo package at this time. But, this is also convenient if you ever need to replace just one of these pieces.

Plastic Whip Drive

The plastic whip drive is designed specifically as the attachment base for only the dual wire whisks (also referred to as whips).

Horizontal image of wire whips attached to a plastic drive, with red cupcakes.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

It weighs about 3 ounces, and should be used for preparing lighter food products.

The whisks firmly attach to two metal prods that protrude in opposite angled directions from the base of the plastic drive, which allows the whisks to spin independently from one another.

Image of a plastic drive for connecting whisks.

Plastic Drive, available from Bosch

Once the mixing bowl is set in place on the motor base, the plastic drive then connects to the top of the driveshaft of the motor, directly in the center of the bowl.

Speaking of those wire whips…

Dual Wire Whips

The two lightweight wire whips are perfect for whipping everything from fluffy heavy cream to cloud-like egg whites. They can also be used for preparing other lighter foods, like mashing soft, cooked potatoes and even shredding cooked chicken breast.

The powerful whipping action from the stainless steel dual design is even effective enough for whisking just one single, solitary egg white.

It only took about a minute to whisk the egg white from a single large egg until it was perfectly whipped, despite the size of the big bowl.

Image of two metal whisks.

Dual Wire Whips, available from Bosch

Using the wire whips, I was able to quickly and easily mix together cake batter (using Bosch’s recipe for the most moist and tender red velvet cupcakes!) and frosting. However, like you’ll find with any mixer, you will need to occasionally scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl to make sure the batter is mixing evenly.

Dough Hook

The metal dough hook is incredibly powerful, and perfect for mixing bread doughs and other types of heavy doughs, as well as more dense cookie batters and candies.

You’ll find not only that your hands are relieved from the difficult work of kneading dough yourself, but also that the consistency of your dough will improve immensely.

Image of a metal dough hook.

Metal Dough Hook, available from Bosch

The heavy-duty, stainless steel dough hook is designed to mimic the motions of hand kneading to stretch, tuck, and fold the dough for maximum gluten development.

Unlike the wire whips or other paddles, the dough hook attaches directly onto the center driveshaft inside the bowl, without needing a plastic or metal drive connector.

Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

You can knead up to fourteen pounds of dough at a time, but it can also mix together dough for just a loaf or two of bread with ease, and you’ll be happy with the excellent results that this hook provides.

Dough Hook Extender

In addition to the dough hook, you also have the convenient option to utilize this little fella, the dough hook extender.

Image of a gray plastic dough hook extender.

Dough Hook Extender, available from Bosch

If you are making a smaller batch of dough, Bosch recommends using the extender to reach and efficiently mix smaller quantities of ingredients. They’ve thought of everything!

The gray plastic extender fits below the metal hook, and snaps securely over the metal blade.

Horizontal image of a dough hook and extender in a white plastic bowl.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

Align the extender underneath the dough hook before attaching it to the center driveshaft. Once it is in place, the extended wing on the accessory helps to reach deeper into the bowl to effectively process smaller quantities of ingredients.

In my experience, while it will scrape up most of the ingredients, it won’t get everything. I still had a film of unmixed ingredients at times that I had to scrape with a spatula.

But it was most defintely better using this accessory, than not!

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What Else You Can Buy – Attachments Galore

In addition to this basic package featuring amazing accessories for all your fundamental baking needs, Bosch offers so many other attachments for the Universal Plus machine on their website, so you can use to get the most versatility from your equipment.

With a wide range of options, this appliance can graduate from simply a baking prep tool to a mixing, chopping, and grinding hub in your kitchen!

Some of the attachments that you can buy include:

  • Blender
  • Food processor
  • Cookie paddles
  • Bowl scraper
  • Grater
  • Slicer and shredder
  • Meat grinder
  • Noodle and pasta extruder
  • Citrus juicer
  • Ice cream maker
  • Flour sifter
  • Berry press

Be sure to take a look on their online website to get a more thorough look at all of these attachments – you can customize exactly what you want to better suit your own culinary needs.

Care and Keeping

Although some reviewers complain that the Bosch is difficult to clean after use, you’ll be happy to learn that most of the parts, including the bowl once the middle driveshaft is removed, are dishwasher safe.

The reason some find it difficult to clean is that food can get stuck in areas that hold the attachments, and other nooks and crannies of the machine.

And there’s a lot of random places where ingredients can hide. Which is particularly annoying for anyone who doesn’t have a dishwasher.

Bosch recommends using a cotton swab or the corner of a washcloth to remove excess moisture or small food particles from these more troublesome areas.

Please note that the following attachments that are hand wash ONLY:

  • dough hook
  • drive shaft

While the dough hook tines are stainless steel, the center section that connects to the drive shaft is made of aluminum alloy. The metal drive shaft itself is also made of aluminum alloy. Bosch warns that some detergents and/or the high temperature of dishwashing machines may cause corrosion and discoloration to this material.

To clean the actual machine, just wipe it down with warm, soapy water and dry it afterwards with a clean cloth. The base of the machine should never be submerged in water.

Be sure to give the whole thing a once-over before storing, to make sure food isn’t lodged in any hard to reach areas.

And remember to thoroughly dry every attachment after washing it, before storing or using again.

The Warranty

Bosch offers a 3-year warranty for both the motor base and transmission. All other attachments and accessories come with a 1-year warranty. If you have any issues, or need to make return, be sure to have a copy of your receipt for proof of purchase.

If you have more specific questions regarding the warranty, return, and replacement policies, you can contact their customer service center. I was able to get in contact with a live representative immediately, without being put on hold.

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Better with Bosch

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is a powerful option when it comes to stand mixers.

Horizontal image of the Universal Plus machine, with decorated and undecorated red cupcakes.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

Between the 800-watt motor and the capacity of the 6.5-quart bowl, this mixer will be able to handle the toughest of jobs without issue, and it also tackles smaller jobs with ease.

If you’re looking for a workhorse to add to your kitchen, to make beautiful baskets full of bread and dozens of delectable cupcakes, this stand mixer is an excellent choice. Bosch is known for producing durable appliances, and with my own product testing, I can definitely recommend this mixer as a reliable piece of equipment for the home kitchen.

Horizontal image of a pile of bread rolls in front of kitchen equipment.
Photo Credit: Nikki Cervone

Buy a Bosch, and be just as impressed as I am with the durability of the machine for your next large batch of baked goodies!

And there are so many more attachments available for this mixer that you should consider purchasing as well. These options make this motor an all-in-one companion for your kitchen, without the need to purchase separate machines to do each job.

Foodal’s Rating

  • Power
  • Performance
  • Available Accessories
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Value


The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is a heavy duty machine with German engineering designed for limitless possibilities in the home kitchen. From kneading up to fourteen pounds of bread dough at a time to gently mixing cake batter, this Swiss army knife of kitchen gadgetry can replace many of your other appliances. Superior construction and a leading 3-year warranty make this a great buy.

Where to buy? It's available from:

Bosch Direct (Recommended)


Read our reviews on all that Bosch has to offer on our website, from blender attachments to meat grinders.

In the meantime, check out the Bosch company website to get more thorough information on all that they offer with their mixers and attachments. We definitely recommend that you buy directly from the company, to get the best deals and appliance selections.

Image of the Bosch Universal Plus mixer and attachments.

Take a look at all the options from

What do you think of this unique design, compared to a KitchenAid mixer? Do you agree that, as they say on their website, “Life is better with a Bosch?” If you own a Bosch, and want to share your experience with using it, let us know in the comment section below.

Photo credit: Credited photos by Nikki Cervone, © Ask the Experts, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See our TOS for more details. Product photos via Bosch. Sample products provided by the manufacturer. Originally published by Chelsea Miller November 18, 2014. Last updated: November 1, 2020 at 16:38 pm.

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