An Occasional Baker? Try the Low Priced Sunbeam MixMaster 2594

In this review we’re going to look at another piece of Americana, the Sunbeam MixMaster.

Another well-known kitchen classic that many of us grew up with, the MixMaster was introduced to North American households in 1930 and became Sunbeam’s signature product.

With the design and rotating beaters similar to that of a handheld mixer, this model makes an easy transition from handheld to stand style. And it’s great for saving time and effort on daily tasks, such as mixing batter or soft dough.

Sunbeam 2594 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer with Dough Hooks and Beaters available on Amazon

So let’s have a look at the details of the 4-Quart Sunbeam MixMaster 2594 Stand Mixer and see what kind of value it brings to the kitchen.


This is a basic machine in the tilt-head style that easily handles everyday kitchen tasks like stirring baking mixes, mashing potatoes, or whipping cream.

It’s not fancy, nothing flashy, comes in black only, but it’s very user friendly and gets the job done. And the simple design is at home on any countertop.

If you have taken a look at our Stand Mixer Buying Guide or any of our other guides, you know that we seek to identify those products that are the best quality along with value (i.e. quality with the price factored in).

Up Front: This is NOT one of those products. This machine is designed for those whose budgets can’t stretch to a better model OR who have no need for a better stand mixer (i.e. those who need it for only occasional use).

Unlike most of its contemporaries in the stand mixer world, the beaters do not rotate in an orbital fashion. Instead, each beater rotates independently as the mixing bowl free-spins, resulting in a synchronized three-way mixing action to blend ingredients.

This model is designed for use with a 4-quart bowl, but the adjustable turntable can also easily be used with an optional 2-quart bowl. A handy feature for those quick, small tasks, a simple switch of a lever on the base adjusts the turntable to the appropriate size.

The Nuts and Bolts

The MixMaster features a 4-quart stainless steel bowl that sits on a turntable in an off-center position, making the addition of ingredients easy when the machine is in use.

With an adequate motor, this machine can handle lighter chores such as mixing a single or double batch of cookies, mixing up pancake and cake batters, and blending gravies. It is not a bread dough churning machine (despite the inclusion of chrome-plated dough hooks) and shouldn’t be treated as one.

Made mainly of durable, heavy-duty plastic components, it’s light enough to be moved with ease, but still has the heft to power through thicker mixes.

And the tilt-head style and off-center bowl make adding ingredients, switching attachments, and loading or removing the bowl a simple process – it’s much easier to get into a tilt-head style than heavier duty “lift bowl” models.

The handle on the top makes the tilt and lift motion a breeze, and it has two user-friendly buttons for easy operation – the one on the top ejects the attachments, while the one on the side provides a power burst when needed, to work through thicker batters.

Sunbeam’s soft start technology minimizes splatter with a slow, gentle acceleration, which eliminates the “snowstorm” effect when adding dry ingredients like flour.

While it does have limitations in its functionality, this model is a great little unit for occasional bakers. It’s a very nice introductory stand mixer, and is particularly well-suited for novices, or those who are unsure about switching from handheld models.

The Numbers

The Sunbeam MixMaster 2594 comes with a sturdy 4-quart stainless steel bowl, and can hold an optional 2-quart bowl for smaller mixes. The bowl sits in an off-center position on the turntable, and the beaters are off center in the bowl, which provides ample room to easily add ingredients while mixing.

It comes with two sets of solidly constructed standard attachments that are easy to insert, and release with the push of a button.

One set is a pair of chrome beaters for mixing everything from cake batter through to a thicker meatloaf. And a pair of chrome dough hooks are included for kneading soft dough.

This model is also compatible with any other MixMaster attachments, expanding its capabilities.

Equipped with an adequate 350-watt motor, it provides enough oomph when needed for light batter. But, tripling a cookie recipe in one go or using it for a heavy bread dough is not a good idea. This is a light duty machine designed for light duty tasks.

The 12 speed selectors allow for a variety of stirring, mixing, and whipping techniques.

It also has a delicate touch with the slow start acceleration to keep spatters to a minimum, and provides an extra “burst of power” function for when a bit of extra elbow grease is needed for tough mixes. (But, as stated, I wouldn’t recommend getting too carried away with your “tough mixes”).

Synchronized 3-way mixing action stirs, blends, and whips to an even consistency as each beater rotates independently of one another. The bowl enters a free-spinning third rotation by friction from the extended tip on the left beaters, completing the action.

The MixMaster 2594 measures approximately 15 x 14 x 12” and weighs in at a bit over 10 pounds, making it comfortable to move between uses if you don’t have the counter space to store it.

This is one advantage it has over the competition – it’s lighter. Due to its mostly plastic construction, it weighs significantly less than most other comparable models, which may make it handy for older or disabled people who can’t lug around the weight of a KitchenAid to use.

It also has a removable mixing head, as the entire motor unit can be removed from the stand, making thorough cleaning possible.

The Sunbeam 1-year limited warranty is also standard issue, and it comes with a clear instruction manual. Made in China.

What Others Are Saying

The following is a compilation of the most common positive and critical reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon:

  • Most were also fine with having to use a spatula to scrape the bowl edges while mixing. Again, the overall sentiment was that, for their uses, scraping was no big deal.
  • The overall ease of use is another favorable point. Easy to assemble with smooth shifting components that make operation effortless and fun.
  • The color coded indicators for correct beater placement are also appreciated, as this makes changing attachments quick and easy.
  • Another welcome feature is the weight. Light enough to move easily, it still feels sturdy enough for most tasks.
  • Common complaints are that a plastic stand mixer has replaced what was previously a metal one, the new plastic gears strip easily causing the machine to skip, and that components were cheap.
  • And there’s a number of complaints about the machine quitting mid-mix. Some instances seem due to overtaxing the unit’s capabilities (i.e. heavy bread making), while others quit with moderate or light mixtures.
  • The Sunbeam customer services seems a bit dodgy as well, with lackadaisical effort. Shipping incorrect replacement parts is a disturbing pattern…


There’s no question that the Sunbeam quality has taken a nosedive since its heyday in the early to mid-1900s, with mismanagement, fraud, and scandal in the ’80s and ’90s undermining its position as a leader in small appliance manufacturing.

This is not your mother’s MixMaster, and if you expect the same product, you’re in for a disappointment.

Still, for those without the old associations, it can be a very adequate mixer at a very reasonable price.

Foodal's Rating
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The MixMaster 2594 is best suited for what I would call “moderate” usage – like baking family cookies once month, Friday night pizza, seasonal and holiday baking, the occasional entree. But it is not designed for heavy mixtures or constant usage, and leaves bread making an iffy endeavor.

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A reasonable performer for its price point, for a just little more money you may consider looking at the KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Ultra Power, or at the next level up, the better equipped KitchenAid 5-Quart Artisan model. Both are made in the USA with a 1-year no-hassle warranty.

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4 thoughts on “An Occasional Baker? Try the Low Priced Sunbeam MixMaster 2594”

  1. It seems like a very small percentage of products are made as sturdy as they were several years ago. I still own a Sunbeam handheld mixer that is at least 36 years old. I started using it when I got married and I’m still using it today. I have to admit that it isn’t used very often, for the occasional cake mix and more frequently for mashed potatoes, but it has never failed me once. I don’t know how many years are left in it, but even if it quit working today, it’s paid for itself over and over.

    This MixMaster seems like it would work okay for me, since I wouldn’t use it all the time and I don’t make bread. Since I’ve had such good luck with my present mixer, I would probably buy another Sunbeam, although I’m pretty sure any of the new ones wouldn’t last as long as the one I have now.

  2. That’s amazing JMax, even if you don’t use the old Sunbeam a lot it’s hard to beat that kind of value. Thanks for sharing…

  3. My elderly mother bought a Sunbeam mixer and one beater goes in fine, but the other doesn’t really seem to fit, it rattles; almost like it’s too small. Is there any way I can find out if the beaters are the correct size? May I have contact information? Name, phone number, email address…

    • Sorry to hear this mixer is giving your mother trouble, Barbara. I’d suggest contacting Sunbeam customer support directly, via their website. They also have an FAQ section on their various kitchen appliances, and replacement parts are available via their website as well. Good luck!


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