The Hamiliton Beach 2 Slice Toaster – Affordable, Versatile, and Great Looking

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If you’re not quite ready to splurge on a smart oven, that is totally A-Okay, but you’re going to at least need a good toaster until you do take the plunge. Although you shouldn’t go buying the cheapest thing you can find at your local department store, a mid-range option will absolutely get the job done.

Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster – Brushed Metal

When looking for a toaster, I wanted two things: one, it needed to toast evenly and the settings should be intuitive; two, since this is often a countertop appliance, it should be nice looking, because a pretty kitchen is a happy kitchen.

I recommend the Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster (model 22504) to get you the perfect slice of peanut butter toast each morning.


Although Hamilton Beach does have toasters with that can cook up to four slices at once, that’s not something my fiancé and I would use very often. Typically, only one of us has some type of toast for breakfast, and that’s usually the only time we’re using this appliance.

We also have very little counter and storage space, so for those occasions when we are toasting several slices, it would still be worth it to just toast them in batches.

For those of you with larger families and a bigger kitchen, consider looking at Hamilton Beach’s well-reviewed 4-slice digital toaster (model 24504) It might make your mornings run a bit more smoothly if you can get four mouths fed at once!

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster Review | Foodal

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster available from Amazon


First of all, this small appliance absolutely passes the pretty test. The outside is a brushed, smudge-proof metal, which I love because it means I won’t have to polish it to keep it looking good on my countertop.

The brushed metal look works well with nearly every kitchen, so if you’re buying this as a gift, you can be confident that it will look great in your friend or family member’s home.

Beside the brushed metal that I prefer, this toaster is also available in candy apple red (model 22504E) if you are into more a more colorful kitchen and matches the finish of the entire Hamilton Beach Candy Apple Red Collection. Either finish provides a great look with just enough of a touch of 1950s retro without being overpowering.

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Metal Toaster - Candy Apple Red | Foodal

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Metal Toaster, Candy Apple Red available from Amazon

It’s relatively small at 8.5” x 8.5” x 13.2”, so it won’t take up too much room on your

countertop. However, if you are planning to store it in a cupboard, it only weighs one pound, so you won’t find yourself struggling to move it back and forth.

It has extra wide slots so you can easily toast a thick slice of bread without dangerously pushing it in or struggling to get it out. The slots keep your bread low once they’re finished toasting with a lever to raise the slices, that way they stay warm until you have a chance to get to them.

It features built-in cord storage for an easy way to keep your counters clear. Although the top and inside of the toaster get very hot, the outside stays cool to the touch so you don’t need to worry too much about little hands reaching up for their breakfast.

Even Toasting

The Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster boasts the ability to toast bread to an even golden brown, and nearly all reviewers attest that it can do the job.

It has five numbered settings to achieve your desired doneness and even comes with recommendations for what setting works best for different type of breads in the instruction manual. It has three settings: toast, bagel, and defrost.

The toast setting is what you should use for a standard piece of toast or English muffin. Use the bagel setting for bagels and thicker slices of bread.

The defrost setting is great for things like toaster waffles or if you’ve just pulled a loaf of bread from the freezer and don’t have time to wait for it to thaw out. For a person who stockpiles loaves of bread when they go on sale, I absolutely love this feature!


As previously mentioned in this review, the outside is smudge-proof, which means you won’t have to worry about wiping down the fingerprints to keep the metal shiny. However, that doesn’t mean the metal is splatter-proof, so when you do need to get it clean, just wipe it down with a damp washcloth.

The Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster features an easy to pull out crumb tray that you can empty right into the garbage. Some reviewers commented that this tray is very shallow and can’t hold a lot of crumbs, so you will want to try to remember to empty it out on a regular basis.

Occasionally, turn the toaster upside down over the garbage can to shake loose bigger crumbs that couldn’t make it down to the crumb tray.

Make sure that you never submerge it in water or get the power cord wet. Some users reported that if the toaster was kept to close to the sink and got wet, it sparked.

If it does get wet, unplug it from the wall and dry it thoroughly before using.

Other Considerations

For those that don’t like the idea of sticking their fingers in the slots to retrieve smaller pieces of bread, Hamilton Beach sells a tong accessory designed to go with this toaster.

Hamilton Beach offers a one-year warranty, so if it doesn’t work out for you, you can return it easily.

Some reviewers commented that the lever to pop the toast all the way up after toasting broke after a few weeks of use. Although this is a relatively minor issue as it still toasts and you can get the bread out with some maneuvering, it’s something to keep in mind.


Although some reviewers commented that their bread didn’t toast evenly, the majority of users say their morning toast comes out perfectly every time. You can read actual customer reviews at Amazon.

The mass approval of this small appliance paired with the bonus bagel and defrost settings and it’s shiny exterior made the Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster the right choice for me. I love that it doesn’t take up too much counter space, and if I do choose to store it, it’s nice and light for easy moving.

I hope this review made your toaster hunt all that much easier and that soon you’ll be enjoying bagels as perfectly toasted as mine soon!


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13 thoughts on “The Hamiliton Beach 2 Slice Toaster – Affordable, Versatile, and Great Looking”

  1. That is a really sleek looking toaster. It makes me want to replace my old and very well loved Rival toaster. The red looks very pretty and would add a great pop of color, but I would go with the brushed metal one. I am a little concerned about the lever breaking off, though. I’ve had my current toaster for many years, and it is till intact.

  2. The 4 slice toaster certainly has that heavy duty look. The humble toaster is one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances, but we always take it for granted as it’s pretty cheap and low maintenance. I’ve had a toaster for over 5 years with no problems at all!

    The best way to get perfect toast bread is still by keeping an eye on it every time. Due to differing thickness in each slice, the time taken for perfect browning will vary, so I for one am not a fan of clocks or timers on my toaster.

  3. I like compact items as I have a small kitchen. I’m glad these models have cord storage and crumb trays as they make all the difference when cleaning. There’s nothing more infuriating than getting crumbs everywhere when you are clearing the toaster

    Some toasters don’t have a defrost and am thankful some do now as many people now use bread from the freezer, I was always afraid the water would then spark or burn out the toaster.

  4. That candy apple color is so pretty! I love making toast or bagels in the morning but my toaster is getting to the point where it doesn’t toast evenly. I’ve been looking into different models but nothing has caught my eye. I really like that you made sure to show both 2 and 4 slice versions. I might have to buy myself a 4 slice version for a change. My boyfriend and I get ready for our day at the same time in the morning and this could make our lives much easier. I’ll have to compare those two Hamilton Beach models and see which might work better for me.

  5. My mom is actually in the market for a four slice toaster. I will have to send her this link. She doesn’t know which one to buy and I have no good advice for her. She needs it to make bagels in the morning. Maybe she’ll like this model. Thanks for the post!

  6. Something to consider when i move out from where am staying because certain appliances are not to be the norm {challenges with the electricity bill}…luckily i have saved up…just searching for a good place where stringent rules are way out in the trash can…i’m glad i got a blog to refer to when getting the appropriate appliances…the hamilton beach 4 slice toaster has really caught my eye 🙂

  7. I’m highly drawn to the red and silver toasters shown in this article. What a fine craftsmanship job. In my household, there is a four slot toaster that is used, as there is both room for it on the counter and because it’s so much more helpful to be able to toast four breads at a time than just two, depending on who besides yourself wants toast too. But yeah, this brand certainly has some quality products, evaluating from what I see here.

  8. I’m in the market for a four slice toaster myself, so I’m glad you touched on that. I’m excited to learn there is a “Bagel” setting, as my current toaster seems to only have two settings – not toasted, or burned. 😉 The smudge-proof brushed finish is also a draw for me. After over a decade with polished chrome, it’s losing its appeal. I guess I didn’t realize how many improvements manufacturers have made over the years!

  9. I normally stay away from Hamilton Beach products but I actually own this toaster and it’s lasted me much longer than their other products. I like the sleek look that it has, plus it’s really just a toaster. I don’t need the latest and greatest toaster invention. I just need it to make my toast nice and brown once a day, and this does the job perfectly.

  10. I cannot stand four slice anything toasters. They’re the worst. They just seem to toast things really unevenly & create more issues than they solve. Not my cup of toast. I prefer a well made two slice any day.

    • Thanks for the insight on that…but i beg to ask…is it the type of toaster or brand of toaster that spoils all the fun for you in that arena?..i have heard of good reviews from various places, all in praise of Hamilton Beach brand of goods…i was planning on buying it soon then i stumble upon your comment and am taken aback… maybe i’ll just put all my eggs in one basket…cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t disappoint 😉

  11. So in my quest of searching for a new toaster since my old Hamilton Beach just broke, I’ve came across this article and that 2 side Hamilton Beach is perfect for my needs. My little brother loves to have some toast in the morning with some peanut butter and this may make his morning a little bit better again! Looked up the date this article was posted and I was glad that Amazon still had the toaster available for purchase.

  12. My vintage Delonghi toaster still works, but it’s time to start looking around just in case, and I like the look of his Hamilton Beach unit. It seems to have all the features I look for in a good toaster, such as the wide slot, since I enjoy a bagel now and then, and I make use of the cancel button. I think most, if not all, crumb trays are relatively shallow, so that doesn’t concern me much. I saw there’s another model, but I like the rounded design of this toaster. I have used toast tongs for years, and highly recommend them.


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