Made In Cookware: The Fresh All-American Line of Kitchen Essentials

Made In Cookware is like the new kid on the block in the kitchen world.

Vertical image of a pot handle surrounded by zucchini, peppers, lemons, bok choy, and a wooden spoon.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

You can’t help but want to get to know the new kid.

There’s something intriguing about someone so new. Someone who’s a little quirky, a little different, and perhaps even better than all the other kids you’ve known for awhile.

The same can be said for the co-founders of the company, Chip and Jake.

Especially if, between the two of them, there is a combined 150+ years of commercial cookware, e-commerce, and retail industry experience behind them!

Launched in September 2017, Made In is a new line of all-American cooking essentials. Designed to be the “core of your kitchen,” it features all the basic and most fundamental pots and pans needed in any home, from a millennial couple moving into their first apartment together to an established family of five looking for a necessary upgrade in cooking equipment.

In this review, we’ll first go over the background and philosophy of the company. Then, we’ll take a look at the overall design and construction of the equipment before reviewing the individual products and collections they currently sell.

So let’s go introduce ourselves to the new kids…

The Products

Fry Pans

As one of their bestsellers, Made In’s Fry Pan is described as a “kitchen workhorse.” I couldn’t agree more! Use this all-purpose skillet for a variety of cooking methods, from searing meat to sauteing a medley of veggies.

It is available in three sizes: The 8-inch has a 5-inch-diameter cooking surface. The 10-inch has a 7.5-inch-diameter cooking surface. The 12-inch has a 9.5-inch-diameter cooking surface.Horizontal image of a metal frying pan.

10-Inch Fry Pan, available from Made In

Nonstick Fry Pans

The PFOA-free Nonstick Fry Pan option is available to purchase in two different colors on the inside of the pan: a dark navy blue or dark gray.

This is also available in the same three sizes as the traditional fry pan: 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.Horizontal image of the dark navy Made In nonstick skillet.

10-Inch Nonstick Fry Pan in Graphite, available from Made In Cookware


The company’s Saucepans are sleek and perfectly designed to not only make sauces, but also to boil, poach, and reheat liquids.

There are two size options to purchase. The 2-quart pan is 3 inches tall with a total length of 16.5 inches, and can hold up to 8 cups of liquid. The 4-quart option is 4 inches tall, also with a total length of 16.5 inches. It can hold 16 cups of liquid, or 8 servings of soup, as explained by the company.Horizontal Image of Made In 2-Quart Sauce Pan

2-Quart Saucepan, available from Made In


The Saucier is designed like a saucepan, with one major difference: it has edges that are rounded rather than forming a 90-degree angle between the base and the side walls. This helps to keep thicker sauces or cooked grains from getting stuck in the edges.

The saucier is available 3- or 5-quart sizes.Horizontal image of the Made In Brand Saucier

3-Quart Saucier, available from Made In Cookware

Saute Pan

The Saute Pan has a very large cooking surface, 10 inches in diameter. The larger surface area and high walls, compared to that of the fry pan and nonstick pan, are ideal for large roasts, or for holding all ingredients in a one-pan meal.

This is available in a 3.5-quart size.Horizontal image of the Made In Saute Skillet

3.5-Quart Saute Pan, available from Made In


An essential in any kitchen, Made In Cookware’s Stockpots are big and durable. I love how strong and sturdy the handles feel –  it so easy to carry heavier ingredients for stews and stocks, like the ones I made this past week!

The stockpot is available in two sizes.

The 8-quart pot is 5.5 inches tall with a 9.75-inch cooking surface diameter, and measures 14.5 inches from handle to handle.

Do you have a big family, or you love to cook in large quantities? The 12-quart option is what you need. It is 6.5 inches tall, with a 12.4-inch cooking surface diameter, and measures 14.5 inches from handle to handle.

Hefty, hefty, hefty.Horizontal image of the Made In Stockpot

8-Quart Stockpot, available from Made In


In addition to purchasing the individual pots and pans, you can order one of their conveniently packaged sets – assorted combinations of the company’s products. You can save money this way, and obtain a suitable arsenal of pot and pans that best fits your needs.

You also have the convenient option of financing your purchase and making monthly payments, rather than being charged the full price up front.

Horizontal image of the Starter Kit collection

The Starter Set, available from Made in Cookware

I recommend beginning with The Starter Set, which is a collection of four of Made In’s most popular,  pots and pans, items that you are likely to put to use frequently:

  • 10-inch stainless clad frying pan
  • 10-inch nonstick frying pan
  •  2-quart stainless clad saucepan with lid
  • 8-quart stainless clad stock pot with lid

Various pots and pans, arranged in 3 stacks, isolated on a white background.

The Sous Chef Set, available from Made In

But if you are looking for an entirely new collection for all of your cooking needs, go for The Sous Chef:

  • 10-inch stainless clad frying pan
  • 10-inch nonstick frying pan
  • 12-inch carbon steel frying pan
  • 2-quart stainless clad saucepan with lid
  • 4-quart stainless clad saucepan with lid
  • 3.5-quart stainless clad saute pan with lid
  • 8-quart stainless clad stock pot with lid
  • 2-ounce can carbon steel seasoning wax

This is their most popular set, and armed with all 11 pieces, you will be ready to tackle whatever recipes and ingredients life throws at you.

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The People Behind the Pots

Two Boys and Their Edible Aspirations

Chip and Jake have been best buddies for years, growing up together and friends since preschool.

Vertical closeup image of the brand name on a pot
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Jake’s family has been working in the cookware industry for over a century, designing and outfitting commercial kitchens and supplying restaurants, hotels, and casinos.

Combined with Chip’s extensive background in the e-commerce industry, it’s no wonder they make such a dynamic duo of creative entrepreneurship!

Chip and Jake founded Made In with the philosophy of creating and selling directly to consumers a line of simple yet exceptionally crafted cooking equipment that covers all the basic essentials needed in any home kitchen.

They wanted to create a superior line of pots and pans worth the investment – designed to last through a lifetime of frying, searing, sauteing, boiling, braising, and much more.

All-American Dedication

One of the main defining features of this company is its dedication to being a true American brand crafted by passionate, experienced manufacturers throughout the United States.

The materials used in each pot and pan are sourced here in the United States, like metals from Kentucky and Pennsylvania, and nonstick coating from Illinois.

Not only is Made In committed to making superior products, they’re also devoted to a high standard of customer service.

The company is small and family-owned, and ensures that its direct-to-consumer approach to selling, rather than the process of going through a separate store to sell their products, provides a more simple, more intimate, and more affordable option to the home cook.

The company website is easy to navigate, with a fun blog filled with recipes, cooking tips, and ingredient knowledge.

The Design: Breaking It All Down

The Materials

Each one of the company’s stainless clad pots and pans is crafted with 5-ply construction, combining 5 layers of bonded stainless steel and aluminum.

The two outer layers of stainless steel and the three inner layers of aluminum will help to evenly heat your food, without any annoying little hot spots. Whether you’re using a gas stove, electric stove, or a hot plate, Made In’s metal composition will uniformly conduct the heat throughout the pan’s surface.

The pans feel durable and weighted, nothing flimsy here.

You’ll see on the website that they use 18/10 stainless steel – the metal is made with 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

What does that mean for the hungry home cook? Chromium and nickel will help fight warping, corrosion, and rust, making these pots and pans last for years.

Perfectly pan-seared chicken for life!

Handy Handle

I’ve never really paid too much attention to the handles on any of my pots and pans. At least for me, the handle has always been a bit of an afterthought.

Vertical image of a pot and a pot's handle.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Shame on me for thinking that.

Made In has dedicated significant time and care to crafting a comfortable, multi-purpose handle.

The area of the handle closest to the edge of the pan is thoughtfully designed to add a bit more control and strength when you hold it. Because some of the larger pans are pretty heavy (especially for someone like me, with small wrists!) the extra reinforcement is helpful, though I still struggled a little while lifting the heavier pans with one hand as I was cooking.

The rest of the long handle is designed to be heat-resistant, staying cool while you’re cooking on a hot stovetop.

A word of caution: the part of the handle closest to the pan is not resistant to heat – Made In reminds users to be sure to grab closer to the middle or end of the handle when cooking.

And that hole at the very end of the handle? Use it to hang your pots and pans when they’re not in use! Because who wouldn’t want an entire wall that proudly displays a pretty and shiny collection of gorgeous metal cookware?

Nonstick Surface

If you order a nonstick pan, you’ll be gifted with so many benefits.

Vertical image of a nonstick skillet with fried eggs on a white towel.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

The surface is PFOA-free and is approved for safe use by the FDA.

The pan is safe to use in an oven, as it can withstand temperatures up to 660°F before the nonstick coating starts to break down.

Note: While the company claims that no sprays, oils, or other fats are needed to cook with it, I would still recommend brushing on just a thin layer of fat. With my first test of the clean nonstick surface, my fried eggs did stick to the pan slightly.

All the pan needs is just a little fat to help. Afterwards, it was a breeze to fry, flip, and eat!

For more information on nonstick pans, and advice on how to properly clean and care for this particular style, read our article on choosing the best nonstick skillets for your home.

Cleaning and Storing

Cleaning these pots and pans is easy, and proper care will help to keep them in great condition for a significant amount of time – as long as you are gentle!

While all of the pots and pans are dishwasher safe, the company highly recommends handwashing and drying immediately to ensure proper care and minimal damage.

Avoid cleaning with any abrasive materials like steel wool to prevent any damage from scratching. Stick with a soft sponge for these guys.

You can purchase Made In’s Make It Like New Stainless Steel Cleaner for use on the stainless steel pots and pans, or simply choose to use a gentle dish soap. Note that this product is recommended to make the bottoms of your pans sparkle, but it should not be used to clean the interior cooking surfaces.

Dish soap and hot water is recommended for the nonstick skillet. Horizontal image of the Made In Cleaning Solution for Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cleaning Solution, available from Made In

Here’s another special feature to relieve the stress of finding space to store your new cookware: they’re all designed to stack on top of each other!

For someone like me, who’s living in a bit of a tight space with lots of other kitchen equipment (um, do I really need 5 cake stands?!), it’s a comfort to know that at least some of my cookware can be stored compactly…


All items have a lifetime warranty, and the company offers a risk-free, 100-day trial for new customers with any purchase.

Horizontal image of a skillet with cooked zucchini and lemons on a white towel.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact customer service to get a full refund, with shipping paid for by the company.

Was your product delivered damaged? How sad! With the right pictures and documentation, the company can file a claim with the carrier and the item will be replaced for you at no charge.

For additional purchases after your first, please note that the 100-day trial does not apply. However, the company will still honor free returns of unused items for 30 days after purchase, and pay for return shipping.

For more thorough information on their policy, be sure to read the warranty section of their website.

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Have Fun with the New Kids

For me, it’s a fun fact to know the founders of Made In have been close companions since they were kids.

Horizontal close up image of a pot handle surrounded by vegetables and fruits
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

It’s comforting, actually.

Without getting too sappy… the dedication that they have shared in their friendship for years is clearly reflected in the principles of their family-owned company. They are committed to providing the best customer service, having strong partnerships with manufacturers, and selling high-quality products that will last a lifetime.

Ah, who am I kidding? All of the sappy goodness!

So, if you are looking for a company that is rooted in years of commitment, high standards, and an all-American vigor, definitely consider purchasing from Made In.

Have some fun with the new kids on the block, and try their phenomenal line of high-quality pots and pans. If you’ve already purchased and used products from this brand before, or are thinking about it and have some questions, feel free to leave me a comment below!

Next up, take a look at some of our other reviews from Made In:

Photo credit: Credited photos by Nikki Cervone, © Ask the Experts, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See our TOS for more details. Product photos via Made In Cookware. Sample products provided by the manufacturer.

About Nikki Cervone

Nikki Cervone is a full-time cheesemonger and specialty foods buyer living in Pittsburgh. Nikki holds an AAS in baking/pastry from Westmoreland County Community College, a BA in Communications from Duquesne University, and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University. When she's not nibbling on her favorite cheeses or testing a batch of cupcakes, Nikki enjoys a healthy dose of yoga, wine, hiking, singing in the shower, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

17 thoughts on “Made In Cookware: The Fresh All-American Line of Kitchen Essentials”

    • Hi Steve,

      We checked with Chip Malt at Made-In, and he told us that their Universal Lid will work for the 8-inch frying pan, though it wasn’t designed for use with their skillets. The three internal rings match the diameters of Made-In’s stock pots and saucepans, so their alignment will be slightly off if used on an 8 or 10-inch skillet. But this will work, and it’s a fantastic lid, coated in silicone for cool-touch durability. Via Chip, “If you’re not picky, it’s 100 percent fine. I do it daily!”

  1. Hi Nikki,

    I purchased Made-In’s saute pan & 12″ non-stick skillet a year ago & couldn’t be happier with either of them! They are beautiful to behold & wonderful to cook with! Having quality made items like these pay you back every time you look at them or use them. I am very proud to own them, use them, & show them off during meals to friends.

    Today I decided to add another piece as I need a new saucepan. I always check reviews & potential new brands/items whenever I make a substantial purchase even though I’ve already purchased a couple of their pieces. It was a delight to read your reviews!

    I clicked on a Williams Sonoma All-Clad ad to check out the competition & could hardly believe their comparable d5 5-ply saucepan cost almost three times as much as Made-In’s 4 quart saucepan! Their polished stainless-steel pans are very nice to look at, but I really dislike their handles. Saw a set at a garage sell years ago for a fraction of their list price, but passed them up because their handles are uncomfortable, though I realize many professionals love them.

    After reading your review article I purchased Made-In’s 4 quart saucepan with lid for $99 to add to my collection. I love that you can do this with them instead of buying sets only. Thanks much for your review & thanks much for Made-In!

    • Frank, we are so pleased you have been enjoying the cookware! I’m still getting so much use out of the set – just made the smoothest caramel with the saucepan!

  2. hey nikki,
    as a lifelong (sometimes pro) cook and kitchen nutcase, I for one am so glad to see these pans out there. it allows younger folks (and frugal ones) to know that great food is trusting your ingredients and your equipment and getting out of their way!

  3. Just ordered a Carbon Steel pan and Saucier for the first time.
    Just a note, not all their pots and pans are Made in USA, some are from
    France and Italy, which is a good thing. They have them made at factories who can make them the best. Great website tells you everything you need to know.
    Not sure about customer service. Took 3 days to get an answer on a question. And sent an email to upgrade my order to a larger pan, and
    3 days later still have no answer. Order not shipped but charged me in full already. No phone # anywhere to contact them.

    • Sorry to hear customer service has been a bit slow at Made In these days, Carole. In my own experience, they’re very prompt to reply, but I would imagine businesses like theirs are a bit backed up these days, in light of COVID-19. I believe you are correct that the best way to reach them is via email. Have you checked your spam folder, just in case?

        • Yes, the stainless clad pans can be transferred from stovetop to oven, and they are oven safe up to 800°F.

          We typically do not recommend putting nonstick cookware in the oven, but Made In reports that their nonstick pans are also oven safe, up to 500°F.

  4. Yes, but where are made in MADE? Not where do the materials come from, but where are the pans made?

    It seems to me that the idea that’s being put forward is they are Made in the USA, but were that the case, my guess is that information would be EVERYPLACE.

    So, what’s being hidden?

    • Hi Rick, their stainless multi-ply cookware (to include nonstick) are made in the USA. Their carbon steel line is made in France (where it has been made for centuries; I would give odds it comes out of the same factory as Matfer Bourgeat but I don’t know for certain) and their knives are made in smaller craft shop in France by a family owned enterprise. They also have a few pieces that are made in Italy.

  5. I had to go to their site as this note in your “review” struck me as odd: “Especially if, between the two of them, there is a combined 150+ years of commercial cookware, e-commerce, and retail industry experience behind them!”

    How do two individuals have 150+ years of combined experience between them? They’d have to be 90+ years old each. 90.

    Turns out, they ARE good at marketing, since they say their WORKERS have 150 years cumulatively. So they probably have about 100 workers.

    Could you not spread mis-truths when shilling a product? Most people are aware when someone is shilling stuff when the affiliate link is provided for “ease” of purchasing the product you received for free for a glowing review.

    • Hi Chip,

      Just to set some things straight. We recommend things that we have personally tested, have used, and can recommend. I personally own, bought with my own money, two sets of Made-In Cookware. One in the states and one with me here in South Korea where I’m currently living for personal/family reasons. I’ve also bought my mother a third set. The set that Nikki reviewed in this article was purchased with company funds.

      Yes, as noted in the opening, we get a small percentage in commission. And what else do we do? Provide 2000 or so recipes with minimally intrusive advertising (at least compared to most food blogs) and we employee a bunch of Americans (and one Canadian and one New Zealander) across both food and recipes and the gardening ( spectrum. We employee gastronomists with masters degrees, registered dietitians, and subject matter experts – many of which can work from home, providing a higher quality of life to themselves and their families. And in a post-pandemic world, that is definitely a good thing.

      I built this site (along with a hell of a team that it took me a long time to piece together) from bootstrapping from my day job (US Army major at the time)…so when I see an American company, similarly bootstrapped, producing a very good product and at a decent price, you bet your ass I’m going to feature them. And if I can make a little money at the same time to pay all of these fine folks that work for us, so much the better.

      The product is solid. Bottom line.

      • Isn’t that why we all work, to provide. I don’t understand why some people are so petty. I cook because it’s a passion. I wish I could make money doing it. Mike thank you for what you do. I’m looking for new cookware and will be purchasing as soon as the house is finished.

      • Sorry Major but Chip has a point which you didn’t address. Although a very minor brag-line, those boys are quoting the laurels of their family for advertising and promotional purposes. Great products but I had to return my carbon steel… for some reason, all “seasoning” procedures/results elude me.

  6. hey nikki,
    can you please kinda give a comparison in terms of hot spots, temperature consistency and durability to all clad?
    thanks in advance,

  7. Made In has some of the worst customer service you will find. No listed telephone number. No replays to emails. Shipments missing items, not just backordered. Refuse to address or even reply. Check out Facebook and other reviews. Many customer service issues!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


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