The Baratza Encore: An Inexpensive Burr Mill

Baratza Encore Review |

Looking for a decent quality burr mill that won’t empty your pockets? Check out the Baratza Encore. It’s 40mm ceramic burrs are perfect for your automatic drip, pour over, or French press brewing endeavors.

Simplify Your Life With the Baratza Shut Off Hopper

Barartza Shut Off Hopper Review |

The Baratza “Shut Off Hopper” works with all Baratza Coffee Grinders and allows the operator to remove the hopper without spillage, reducing costs and cleanup. Read more now about this remarkable device.

Mazzer Super Jolly: Pro Level Grinding at a Low Price Point

Mazzer Super Jolly Coffee Grinder Review

Looking for a machine with a powerful motor and large burrs that won’t break the beak? Check out the Super Jolly. With no electronic gizmos added, it simply works. The 64mm flat burrs, slow speed, and stepless design esnures a fluffy espresso grind that can be repeated shot after shot.

The Baratza Esatto Scale Transforms Your Grinder

Baratza Esatto Coffee Scale Review |

The Baratza Esatto Scale is a nifty way to add increased functionality to your basic coffee grinder by allowing for weight based grinding. Rather than use the cumbersome grind, transfer, weight, adjust, and then brew method, you can simply tell the Esatto how much you need and get repeatable result every time! Read more now.