The Baratza Esatto Scale Transforms Your Grinder

Baratza Esatto Coffee Scale Review |

The Baratza Esatto Scale is a nifty way to add increased functionality to your basic coffee grinder by allowing for weight based grinding. Rather than use the cumbersome grind, transfer, weight, adjust, and then brew method, you can simply tell the Esatto how much you need and get repeatable result every time! Read more now.

Coffee Flavors Around the World

Coffee Flavors Around the World |

Just like fine wines, the flavor of coffee beans depends on the soil, climate, and weather of their home country. Even though there are only two main kinds of coffee (Arabica and Robusta), their flavors can range from nutty and chocolatey to fruity and crisp to earthy and musty depending on their region…

What’s The Buzz About Green Tea?

Selecting the Best Green Tea for Taste and Health |

Today, I want to take a more in-depth examination of the world of green tea. For some reason, it’s only been recently that the green varieties of this beverage have become more extensively consumed in the Western world – even surpassing that of the once ubiquitous black teas. The most popular tea choice in Asia, …

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Your Seven Step Guide to Finding the Best Wine

Wine throughout history |

Civilization’s love affair with wine is nearly as old as civilization itself. In the East, Japan’s sake “rice wine” is just one of the many wonderful traditional drinks associated with the island nation. Some of the oldest records we have from Mesopotamia pertain to the brewing and fermenting of beer and wine-like beverages. The Bible …

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The Best Black Tea Varieties Examined

Selecting the Very Best Black Tea |

Recently, I wrote an article that gives brief descriptions of the various types of tea and their relative health benefits. My next goal is to delve deeply into each of the best varieties and go over some of the more popular types of each. Today, I’m taking a closer look into the world of black …

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Tea Brewing and Equipment Guide

Tea Brewing and Equipment Guide -

Interested in starting to add a few cups of tea to your daily liquid intake? The health benefits of doing so are myriad, and I discussed a few of them in a previous article that outlined health effects by types of tea. That being said, most health professionals recognize the amazing medicinal qualities of the …

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An Introduction to Tea

Types of Tea |

Have you decided that you might want to explore the world of tea? Unsure of what varieties exist? There hundreds if not thousands of types of the basic Camellia based infusion to include the basic black, green, white, oolong and pu-reh. Each of these can be further divided by name, taste, region, fragrance, etc. And then you have hundreds of herbal based extracts that are also known as tea. Read Foodal’s handy tea guide to get the basics down.

Caipirinha: Brazil’s National Cocktail

National Brazil cocktail, Caipirinha |

The caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail but can actually be adjusted to any countries national alcohol. Its birth was in Sao Paulo and actually started out as a medicinal drink with garlic and honey but later evolved into the Caipirinha that we know today, without garlic and honey but refreshing and the perfect cocktail to …

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

healthy coffee |

Have you heard that coffee is bad for your health? Recent evidence shows that people should drink more coffee, and that it’s good for you. Read more now.