The Gaggia Academia: A No Holds Barred Super-Automatic

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Do you need a superautomatic espresso machine that absolutely does it all? To include automated milk frothing? If so, the Gaggia Academia is a match for you!

A look a the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine |

With 7 specific drink buttons for espresso, caffe lungo, cappuccino, caffe, hot water and latte macchiato, the Gaggia Academia has proved that preparing your favorite beverage is no longer a big issue.

It’s simply amazing, how the machine can memorize your preferences so as to produce customized drinks each time you use it.

The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine available on Amazon

It’s a self contained coffee center with a ceramic burr grinder to produce fleshly ground coffee. Fully equipped with a bypass doser, the machine effortlessly allows you to brew decaf or pre-ground, or specialty coffee.

The bypass doser combo and grinder will offer you the flexibility required to accommodate several users and an array of drink preferences.

Bottom line

The unique designed Academia is a cappuccino and latte drinker’s dream, as it features a distinctive milk management system with a separable carafe. Since the milk circuit is separable, milk actually don’t enter the unit during the frothing/steaming process.

You’ll never get concerned again about old milk contaminating the Academia. As a matter of expediency, the milk carafe can be detached and stored in a freezer until you are set to brew.

For those who like to entertain, the machine’s intuitive interface provides a big advantage; it’s easy to use hence your guests can prepare their own beverages.

In addition to these impressive features, the Academia is an attractive, modern machine that would appear great in any kitchen. It has a modern-day stainless steel front panel that incorporates intuitive push-control buttons.

It’s a perfect companion for the demanding coffee lovers and is an Amazon top rated model.


The modern looks of Gaggia Academia make it very classy. The convenience of this machine doesn’t end as soon as you get the coffee; it boasts a range of quality features for easy maintenance.

With an integrated milk management system, burr grinder and 7 programmable buttons, the shiny, futuristic appliance does everything, apart from choosing want type of drink you wish it to brew.

The Gaggia Academia is certainly bound to turn into the centerpiece in your office break room or home.


Programmable options

The machine has 7 copious programmable drink options to provide tailor-made espresso caffe, cappuccino, macchiato, late, caffe lungo and many more.

Beverage volume and temperature strength can be available to your specifications. Similarly, the same is possible for milk selections that allow you to opt from minimal, normal or even no froth options.

Brewing features

The Academia has 2 powerful stainless steel boilers and a 15-bar pump which allows you to alternate between frothing and brewing without any down time.

Furthermore, Gaggia’s exceptional pre-brewing cycle mixes coffee grounds with hot water hence extracting the aroma or flavor of your drink.

The brew set is detachable for easy maintenance and cleaning. So as to accommodate the different mugs you own, the unit has a height adjustable telescope dispenser about 6.5 inches tall.

Grinder and Bypass Doser

The Academia is equipped with a strong ceramic burr grinder and a double-lid aroma covering the bean hopper. The 7 grind settings enable you to exercise some control over the whole grinding process.

The Bypass Doser in the machine is meant to cater to decaf/pre-ground drinkers. The doser and grinder are placed strategically at the top of the machine for easy access.

Frothing and steaming

This super automatic machine has a programmed one-touch Milk Management System which can deliver frothed or steamed milk directly into your mug depending on the preferred drink.

An external milk circuit makes sure that the milk doesn’t enter the Academia and the removable carafe can be kept in the freezer for your convenience.

An automatic cleaning cycle ensures the milk circuit is rinsed after each use to make sure that it’s free from contaminants and clogs.

Should you like to froth/steam manually, you will be able to execute as the machine has a steam water/wander dispenser.

Water management

The Academia has a sizeable 1.7 liter water reservoir. Additionally, it has a Mavea water filter for purification purposes. Commenters on Amazon report that they love this feature because they can control water hardness hence ensuring great tasting coffee.

Maintenance features

The front panel of the Academia usually opens to reveal the detachable dregs drawer and brew group. Both can be easily removed for regular maintenance and cleaning.

It has an alert system which notifies the user if the dip tray or dregs drawer need to be emptied. The display screen also gives some warning in case the machine needs to be descaled.


  • Model: 1003380 Dimensions: 11 x 16 x 14.6 in
  • Weight: 43 lb
  • Automation: Super-automatic
  • Boiler: Aluminum with two heating elements
  • Water Reservoir: 54 oz S
  • Team Arm: Plastic, commercial, rotating
  • Watts: 1500 Volts: 120
  • Grinder: Ceramic burr, 8 settings
  • Hopper Capacity:  12 oz
  • Doser: Programmable

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  1. Well I am not one for fancy drinks or fancy machines, but I want one. I can put aside my general preferences and enjoy myself every once in a while, and treat myself, and this looks like something that could do the trick time and again. It would probably take me a while to figure out how to use it, but once I did I can just do to town and try all sorts of things that I might not even otherwise be aware of. Thanks for sharing.


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