The Cutest Cookie Decorating Tips for Valentine’s Day

The Cutest Cookie Decorating Tips for Valentine's Day |

Want to make something sweet for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Take a bite into our tutorial for making themed sugar cookies with royal icing. Use our easy techniques to create designs that are sure to make their hearts melt. Read more now on Foodal.

Foodal’s Ultimate Guide to Baking Bread at Home

Foodal’s Ultimate Guide to Baking Bread at Home |

Learn everything you need to know about baking bread, all in one place. From the purpose of gluten to the intricacies of yeast, the top nine tools and recipes galore, we’ve got it all covered. With our guide to home baking, nothing can hold you back from becoming the master baker you’ve always dreamed about. Read more now on Foodal.

Bake Your Own Baguettes at Home

Bake Your Own Baguettes |

Anyone can shape their own baguettes at home. With just a few quick steps, you can have this iconic French loaf on your dinner table tonight! Serve with a steaming hot pot of soup or alongside a cheese board. Whether using sourdough or a dough made with fast rising yeast, it’s simple to form the long, thin loaf. Read more now on Foodal!

15 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Baking Routine

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Baking Routine |

Love to bake? Check out these 15 tips and tricks to simplify, improve, and enhance your daily baking routine. From preparing different dough varieties to applying that perfect glaze and getting your cake smoothly out of the pan – you’ll save kitchen time and trouble, and rapidly become a baking master with Foodal’s list of helpful ideas!

Decorate Holiday Cookies Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Royal Icing

Ultimate Guide to Royal Icing |

Looking for a way to spruce up your holiday cookie decorating this year? You need Foodal’s ultimate guide to mastering royal icing! Use our easy recipe and try our different techniques for decoration styles. The desserts at your next holiday gathering will be too pretty to eat… well, almost too pretty! Read more now on Foodal!

Classic Homemade Sugar Cookies: Soft, Chewy, and Just Plain Wonderful!

The Best Sugar Cookies |

Stay classy with the classic sugar cookie! Use our basic recipe on Foodal to make fun and delicious cutouts for all types of celebrations and holidays all year long, and get the best advice each step of the way. We’ll teach you the best techniques for making soft and slightly chewy treats that are a perfect base for any of your decorating needs. Read more now on Foodal!

Kids in the Kitchen: 7 Tips for Holiday Cooking with Children

Tips for Cooking with Kids at the Holidays |

Kids love to help in the kitchen, especially during the holidays. From toddlers to teens, there are important jobs for everyone to do. Have fun and get the work done with seven creative ideas from the experts at Foodal. Your kids will learn valuable skills, and you’ll have memories to last a lifetime!

7 Sweet Sensations to Make with a Cake that Doesn’t Rise

7 Sweet Sensations to Make with a Cake that Doesn't Rise

Have you baked a cake that didn’t rise and now you’re wondering what to do with it? Turn an imperfect cake into a delicious dessert with seven creative ideas from the experts at Foodal. With a little pudding, some chocolate, and maybe a shot or two, you’ll have dessert back on track in no time.

Let Them Eat Brioche

Brioche Cover |

Learn all you need to know to create tender, buttery brioche dough. It’s the perfect bread for sandwich loaves, doughnuts, hand pies, dinner rolls, and more – the options are truly endless. Find the recipe for this versatile dough and get your creative wheels turning. What will you do with your brioche?

Enriched Bread Dough: What It Is and How to Make It

All About Enriched Bread |

Have you ever wondered what makes some bread so tender, sweet, and pillowy soft while other loaves are tangy, crusty, and super chewy? Have you ever been curious why some bread recipes are quite simple while others seem amazingly complex? Our guide to enriched versus lean dough is here to teach you all about the role of butter, eggs, and sugar in creating a nice, soft slice. Read more now!

Save That Seized Chocolate! Quick Solutions for Melting Mishaps

Seizing Chocolate Cover |

Do you settle for store-bought baked goods because melting chocolate gives too much grief? If you get muddy sludge or grainy bits instead of a smooth, lustrous flow, you’ll be happy to know there are ways to save overheated or curdled cocoa. Read along and learn how to rescue and restore your chocolate from two of its most common problems!

9 Quick Tips to Say Goodbye to Flat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Flat Chocolate Chip Cookies Cover |

Do you love to eat chocolate chip cookies? Have you tried and tried to bake the perfect batch only to have them turn out flat? Would you believe that cookies turn out worse on a rainy day? Here are nine quick tips from the experts at Foodal that will have you saying goodbye to flat cookies forever!