The Quick Mill Monza: The Very Best Super-Automatic on the Market

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Bottom Line Up Front

Are you looking for an espresso machine that has the style and features of a commercial grade device, but the convenience of a super-automatic? If so, then the Quick Mill Monza may just fit the bill.

The style and features found in today’s heavy duty commercial espresso machine are packed into a convenient super-automatic device with the Quick Mill Monza espresso machine.

Quick Mill Monza Deluxe Super Automatic Espresso Machine available on Amazon

ith its long list of deluxe features, countless programming options, and sophisticated LED screen interface, this espresso machine truly has it all and is equally suited in a commercial, office, or high end home kitchen environment.

This high capacity espresso machine can help you make all of your favorite beverages with ease.

With several programming options, no coffee beverage is out of reach with this high-tech device from the team at Quick Mill.

While it is larger than many espresso machines; it has more features than many commercial grade products double its size; making it a convenient home or office option for the serious barista.

Whether you want to control cleaning cycles or start brewing a shot, it can all be controlled from the device’s user-friendly main LED screen. Everything the user needs can be handled with the press of a button.

This espresso machine not only boasts impressive technology with its front display screen but is filled with top-of-the-class features that can help both beginner and seasoned baristas handle all of their espresso beverage needs.  This can all be found in a device that is compact and affordable enough for home use, while powerful enough to continuously create beverages all day long.

Best for home or great for small-large offices and businesses (super-automatic design means infinitely high capacity of production)

Build Quality

The Quick Mill Monza is created from top-of-the-line materials typically found only in commercial grade machines. Every component of this device is made of the highest quality, including the machine’s sleek exterior shell.

The machine is covered with a durable polished stainless steel material that not only has stylish appeal, but is also resistant to rust and stain damage.

The machine’s grouphead is made of ultra durable alloy, while the boiler in the device is crafted from pure copper. Inside the machine, there is an Ulka pump made with a brass sleeve.

A basic metal is used with the grinder and delivery unit; and all pieces are crafted up to commercial grade standards. The 304 stainless steel used throughout gives the piece a sleek, polished and cosmetically appealing look.


Electronic LED Display

The front panel of this deluxe espresso machine has a LED display with five colors that makes it simple to operate this device. Designed with usability in mind, each screen comes in a different color to avoid confusion.

The electronic display comes in four different languages and can be programmed for either Fahrenheit or Celsius calculations. The LED display also contains a password protection mechanism.

Through this front facing display, users are able to place different settings on their machine. The LED allows for programming of pre-infusion and comes with a programmable built-in timer.

Other actions can be automatically programmed right from this control panel includes coffee dose, steam delivery, water delivery and more. All machine functions, including precise temperature controls, can be controlled easily on the menus from this LED screen.

Through this central computer, users can program a weekly on/off timer and enjoy safety features such as an automatic shut off for times when the machine is accidentally left in the ‘on’ mode.

The device can truly handle it all with the push of a button, so there are no included accessories that help improve performance, as everything can be automated digitally.

Copper Boiler

The Quick Mill Monza is outfitted with a commercial-grade boiler made of durable copper. This boiler designed to maintain consistent temperature regulation and has extra built in insulation.

This helps protect both external kitchen services and delicate internal pieces from over heating.

The boiler has a 1.4 liter capacity and can be programmed and modified directly through the machine’s LED portal.

The advanced design of this copper boiler features the same heat exchange technologies that other Quick Mill machines have.

This means, with this device, you can brew coffee or espresso and use the steam or hot water valve at the same time. This allows for quicker and easier beverage creation for the avid home user.

Optional Direct Plumbing Features

The Monza ships with the fittings needed to connect the machine to you home water line. A simple Quick Mill direct connect kit needs to be purchased to complete the connection.

For those who prefer to use a water reservoir, the appliance comes outfitted with an extra large storage reservoir. This reservoir can hold up to three liters of liquid and comes with a float to let users know when its supply runs dry.

Heated Brew Group

Even though heated brew groups are almost only found on commercial espresso machines; the Monza comes outfitted with its own heated brew group device. This apparatus insures proper extraction temperatures which means smooth, rich and never-bitter espresso.

Precise Temperature Control Features

The Monza comes with its own precise temperature control feature built in. Since regulated temperatures are essential to a quality espresso brew, this machine includes its own temperature sensor system in lieu of a pressure stat, for more accurate results.

Decaf Compatible

Those who want to use the device for decaf coffee, can place pre-ground coffee into the machine’s brew unit by simply opening the door and pouring the grounds in directly.

Drip Tray

The Monza comes with an oversized, pull-out drip tray, with a mesh cover. Made of stainless steel, this drip tray was designed with durability in mind.

The tray can easily be pulled out for emptying and cleaning, or users can add the drain kit (sold separately) for automatic drainage. It’s extra large design helps catch spills or drips and keep kitchen counters safe.

Built in Auto Frother

Along with the other tech-centered features of this device, the Monza also comes with a built-in auto frother. This frothing device is located on the inside of the machine for cleaner operation and a more compact style.

There is also an air adjustment knob on this machine that will help control the milk frothing process.

No Burn Steam Wand

A separate steam wand comes standard in this espresso machine for those interested in a manual steaming agent to achieve the ideal micro-foam.

This steam wand is covered with durable stainless steel and comes with the brand’s unique ‘no burn’ design. The interior of the wand is ultra insulated with Teflon so that users won’t burn themselves when steaming liquids.

Only the tip of the wand, which has a unique four hole design, gets hot while in use.

Hot Water Valve

For baristas who want to create a cafe Americano or a treat such as hot chocolate, this espresso machine comes with its own hot water valve.

Like the no burn steam wand, the valve is insulated with Teflon and has the brand’s signature ‘no burn’ design for safe use.

Built in Grinder

The team at Quick Mill truly created an espresso machine that does it all with the Monza. This espresso maker also comes with a built in grinder.

This built-in accessory has an easy grind adjustment feature inside the front door to further expedite the espresso creation process.

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With its stainless steel construction, auto-frothing capabilities and digital control panel, the Monza packs all of the features of a high end commercial property into a smaller, more budget friendly design that is ideal for home use.

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