How to Debone and Roll a Standing Rib Roast

A standing rib roast with a Japanese boning knife on a Epicurean cutting board | Foodal

Deboning and rolling your standing rib roast or bone-in ribeye can help the outside become nice and crusty while maintaining that beautiful pink interior that we all crave. Find out how it’s done now.

Cheap and Easy Hamburger Soup

A large white ceramic bowl containing most of the hamburger soup | Foodal

Need a fast, easy, and nutritious family meal? And did I mention light on the pocketbook as well? Check out our hamburger soup recipe. It’s super quick and tasty as well. Have leftovers? Serve it two, three, or four days in a row or freeze it for make-ahead meals.

How to Blanch Almonds

Two photos showing roasted almonds on the left side and blanched almonds on the right side | Foodal

Do you have a recipe that calls for blanched almonds but you just have regular nuts in your pantry? You can blanch and deskin them yourself in a couple of minutes. Find out what you need to know now!

Easy Indian Lamb Curry

A bowl of Indian Lamb Curried Stew next to a bowl of rice and a small plate with sliced red tomatoes | Foodal

Indian food is not as difficult as one may think it is to prepare, and the exotic flavors make this recipe a must try. Lamb, coconut milk, and herbs- delicious! You can even make your own curry powder to have on hand for other Indian or Indian-inspired dishes.

Spatchcocking: Your New Best Friend for Preparing Poultry

A top view of turkey carcasse that has been butterflied or sp

Do you have problems regulating the heat between the breast and leg areas of your bird? Do you find that in order to thoroughly cook the dark meat, the white meat is forced to get too hot and therefore gets dry? Try spatchcocking your chicken, turkey, or other poultry on your next cook.

Make Your Own Poultry Seasoning with Spice Rack Staples

A mortar full of fully ground homemade poultry seasoning | Foodal

Are you in the middle of a recipe and find out that you need poultry seasoning? But you don’t have any on hand? Don’t fret or make an extra trip to the store. Make your own right at home in your own kitchen with this super simple combination.

Why You Should Dry Brine a Chicken or Turkey (and How to Do It)

Close up of a whole chicken carcass that has been covered in sea salt | Foodal

Are ready for the meatiest, juiciest, bird meat that you’ve ever had? Looking for that perfect crispy skin? Are your poultry dishes coming out too dry? We have the answer. Try dry brining. It’s easy, simple, and guaranteed to lock in flavor and juices where they need to be. Read more now.

Mike’s All-Purpose Dry Rub for Chicken

A mason jar filled with layered spices for a mixture used to make a superb all-purpose chicken dry rub. | Foodal

Are you searching for the perfect dry rub that gives you tasty results with your chicken? A dry rub can give your bird the ultimate in a crispy skin with juicy and flavorful meat underneath. Try our rub recipe. Sweet, spicy, amazing texture, and out of this world flavor. And it works whether you are baking, roasting, grilling, or smoking!

The Cuisinart DCC-3400: A Great Mid-Priced Thermal Carafe Option

Cuisinart DCC-3400 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker Review

A great choice for those seeking a thermal carafe based brewer without a lot of complicated settings, the Cuisinart DCC-3400 features a double walled stainless steel carafe capable of keeping your brew hot for up to four hours! Find out more about this model now.