Go on Safari With this Splendid Zebra Cake

The Best Zebra Cake | Foodal.com

Would you like to find a marble cake that’s a little different from the rest? One that will make your guests wondering how you created it? And one that is still easy to make? If so, read this recipe for the world’s easiest marble cake now.

Grandma Katie’s Famous Cherry Cheesecake

Grandma Katie’s Cheesecake | Foodal.com

When I was young, holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions were always celebrated with my grandma’s famous cherry cheesecake. Now I’m passing it to you. I can’t say it’s a quick process but it’s not hard to make. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never desire one from the store or bakery again.

A Delectable French Yogurt Cake

French Yogurt Cake | Foodal.com

French breakfasts are normally simple as well as a bit sweet. They are truly are a fantastic way to begin your day. There is nothing that can match a piece of “Gâteau au yaourt” or homemade yogurt cake – accompanied by a piping-hot cup of café au lait. Yogurt cake is among the simplest French recipes to make and can be whipped up in a hurry.

The Almighty Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake Recipe | Foodal.com

The German Black Forest Cake – the ultimate blend of fruity cherries, a delicate chocolate sponge body as well as real cream that are just simply intended by the higher power to be combined into one very tasty dessert. Read about this fabulous gateau and find out how to make it right inF your own kitchen.

Valentine’s Einkorn Heart Cakes with Homemade Chocolate Shell

Close up of a white porcelain plate with Valentine's Einkorn Heart Cakes with Homemade Chocolate Shell.

You dislike gimmicks. Gimmicks are not your thing. The first Valentine’s Day we spent together, we argued about this, because while most of the world knows that February 14 is just another day, to the woman you ended up marrying, it could potentially be an indicator of whether or not the two of us were …

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Chocolate Chip Banana-nana Cake

On our second (and last) full day in Atlanta this past weekend, we slept in, lounged around, and only by the 1 o’clock hour were on our way to the doesn’t-matter-what-time-it-is-we’re-always-open restaurant someone had mentioned to Tim the week before: R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. Driving up to this 24/7 diner on Peachtree Street, you might …

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Spelt Layer Cake with Honey-Sweetened Raspberry Whipped Cream

Slice of a spelt birthday cake on a white saucer on a wooden dining room table

I AM WRITING THIS POST FROM MY DINING ROOM, alongside a giant piece of leftover cake. Tim’s gone at a meeting, and I’m facing a front window, from which I have now seen my neighbor add and take things from at least three different people’s trash bins this bright and sunny Trash Day, and everything’s …

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Whole Grain, Streusel-Topped Blueberry Buckle

A glass baking dish sits on a dining table full of streusel-topped blueberry buckle.

In a world where every company calls itself the leader, and “great customer service” is something of a buzzword, a lot of us have become desensitized to company promises—but this past weekend, about 80 miles south of Nashville, I became a believer once again. At Blueberries on the Buffalo Farm, a small, family-run blueberry farm …

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