Add Chocolaty Magic to Your Holiday Baking with Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

The Best Recipe for Brownie Cut-Outs |

These soft, brownie-like cookies are the perfect update to your usual sugar cut-outs. And for anyone with a chocolaty sweet tooth, they make lovely Christmas gifts, tucked into colorful tins and wrapped with tissue paper. Enjoy them plain, or decorate them for the holidays with royal icing and assorted sprinkles. Add this recipe to your holiday baking, now on Foodal.

Lace Cookies: A Beautiful Dessert for the Most Special Occasions

The Beautiful Lace Cookie Dessert |

Can you make a beautiful dessert with just a few simple ingredients? You sure can! This delicate delight is a favorite amongst everyone who eats it. With basic ingredients you already have in your kitchen, you can make these sweet treats right away. All you need is the recipe! Head to Foodal now to get our recipe for a dessert that’s perfect for any special occasion.