Proven Methods for a Flat Belly: Stop Cravings, Accelerate Your Metabolism, and Eliminate Bloat

Nobody likes belly fat and bloating, but did you know medical professionals have actually proven that fat in the belly is more dangerous to one’s health than fat accumulation in other areas of the body?

Proven Methods for a Flat Belly |

This is due to the fact that it can put pressure on the heart and increase your risk of cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke.

Another interesting quality of belly fat is related to the type of fat that is actually stored in the belly. This is visceral fat, unlike the subcutaneous fat that is stored throughout the rest of the body.

It is called visceral fat because it accumulates around and between your viscera, which are the internal organs in the area of your belly, such as your intestines and stomach.

According to WebMD, this type of fat is also famous for creating toxins that affect your body’s performance levels.

So not only will you look and feel worse but you will perform at less than optimal levels during exercise, or any other type of physical activity as well.

Here’s the thing:

Among these toxins are chemicals called cytokines that increase your risk of heart disease, which in turn makes you less sensitive to insulin, and may cause diabetes.

Cytokines also cause inflammation, which studies show can contribute to cancers of the pancreas, colon, and esophagus.

Now you can see how a simple chubby belly can have quite a detrimental chain reaction of ill effects on your health.

Loose your belly fat |

Besides, having excessive belly fat just makes you feel lethargic, and your clothing feels tight and uncomfortable at the waistline.

Nobody likes that.

One reason I love wearing low-cut clothing is because I can’t stand feeling pressure in that area, even if I am not retaining water, and even if I do not have a belly. But that is a personal fashion and comfort level choice.

What is too much belly fat, and how do I know?

Men – Waistline measurement of 40 inches or more.
Women – Waistline measurement of 35 inches or more. has a decent ideal waist-to-height ratio calculator.

All About Losing that Annoying Belly Fat

In order to understand the science behind losing belly fat, as well as the anerobic method of exercise and having a flat belly, I reached out to my personal friend and guide Professor Andy Piñeiro, a licensed professional fitness trainer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Piñeiro recommends low calorie, high nutrient foods that you can stuff yourself silly with, but without consuming a lot of calories, all the while providing you with lots of nutrients.

Don't depend on vitamin pills |
Don’t depend on supplements alone; the bulk of your nutrients, vitamins, and minerals should come from your food.

In addition, he recommends mixing some metabolism-boosting super foods into your diet along with a daily multivitamin supplement, rather than strictly relying on supplements alone as a way of getting your nutrients and vitamins.

According to Piñeiro, vitamins and nutrients are always best when they come directly from your food.

Foods for a Flat Belly

Piñeiro went on to list some of the best foods for reducing the midsection:

  • Asparagus – Asparagus is a high fiber vegetable with diuretic qualities. The spears are low in calories, and they help to grow good bacteria in the digestive system. They’re also yummy when prepared in various ways.
  • Broccoli – Fat free, nutrient dense, low calorie, and delicious. I can’t think of anything that is not good with broccoli, or even eating it on its own (raw or cooked) is delicious.
  • Cucumbers – Cucumbers fill you up because of their high water content – up to 98%. They are also packed full of micronutrients and can be prepared in numerous ways.
  • Ginger – Ginger has cleansing qualities that clean and calm your digestive system, helping to ease any bloat you may be experiencing. Try ginger tea with honey- absolutely delicious!
  • Green Apples – Apples are great for flat bellies and they are healthy too, with less sugar than other varieties.
  • Watercress – Watercress is chock-full of calcium, and has been used historically as an appetite suppressant,which is now being rediscovered (1).

Multiply Your Metabolism With These 8 Common Ingredients

Piñeiro also presented a list of common food ingredients and drinks that have the ability to supercharge your metabolism:

  • Black coffee – Coffee has a host of healthy compounds, and contains biologically active substances that speed up your metabolism, such as chlorogenic acid, which slows the absorption of carbohydrates. The caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. Your cup of joe also contains theophylline and theobromine, two substances that have a stimulating effect similar to the caffeine.
  • Chicken – Chicken is a lean meat that’s full of iron, which helps to prevent iron deficiency (most people need to eat about 3-4 iron-rich foods a day to stay healthy). This is important to your waistline because iron deficiency can cause your metabolism to slow down.
  • Eggs – Eggs prepared any way you wish and eaten for breakfast will not only provide nutrition, but metabolism-boosting benefits as well. Eggs contain high amounts of protein that will make you feel satisfied and help you burn calories all day long.
  • Fish – Fish such as salmon and tuna contain a plethora of healthy oils with properties that lower levels of a hormone called leptin, which has been linked to slowing metabolism down. These oils have the added benefit of helping your body to process foods more effectively, combating bloat.
  • Grapefruit – Grapefruit is a good source of vitamin C as well as folate and thiamine. Thiamine is responsible for helping the body to metabolize glucose.
  • Lettuce – Lettuce and various other types of leafy greens contain healthy doses of magnesium and iron, and when these enter your spleen, they help to boost your immunity. They also help your liver to flush out fatty cells and boost your metabolism. The darker the leaves, the more nutrient rich the lettuce is.
  • Spinach – High in fiber, and high fiber foods can help you burn up to 30% more fat than foods without it. Try adding a high fiber food to your diet 3 times a day. Spinach also contains metabolism-boosting iron and calcium, which is good for our muscles. The better your muscles are working, the more fat you are going to burn.
  • Water (more than two liters or  8 ½ cups per day) – Being well hydrated is a very important part of what keeps your metabolism going. It is a good idea to drink water first thing in the morning, to hydrate your body after sleeping all night, and continue to keep it hydrated throughout the day. A dehydrated body is sluggish, and thus has a slow metabolism.

A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body

Piñeiro says a positive attitude is imperative to keep up with an exercise routine, and eating properly.

He always says, “Things are going to get worse before they get better.” So keep that positive attitude, be patient, and the results will come!

Piñeiro recommends sticking with healthy food choices, organic if possible, and to train at least three times per week.

The system of exercising that Piñeiro recommends below puts your body in an anaerobic state, which causes you to burn more fat than with standard aerobic exercise alone. Because it keeps you out of breath for a longer time, it allows you to get more results in less time.

Did You Know?

Aerobic means “with oxygen,” and anaerobic means “without oxygen.”

In the world of single-celled organisms, some require oxygen (as in the case of aerobic bacteria) to sustain their biological systems while others don’t (as in the case of anaerobic bacteria).

The cells of your body work under the aerobic principle. However, fat cells have the ability to allow the other cells in your body to mimic an anaerobic process.

Oxygen is transferred from the fat cells, which requires the destruction of fat molecules. This releases oxygen and provides a burst of energy, released from the bond that held the oxygen atoms in place on the fat molecule.

This oxygen and energy is made available to your cells in the muscle fibers. This is called anaerobic respiration. The oxygen provided by the air entering your bloodstream from your lungs is supplemented by the available oxygen being released from your fat cells.

Have you ever gone for a jog and gotten a second wind? This is the anaerobic respiration process at work.

Piñeiro’s system produces less of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to develop fat in the belly.

Another added bonus is that anaerobic exercise helps to naturally produce the human growth hormone, which burns fat and builds muscle tissue.

Piñeiro prefers this type of exercise if you need to burn fat. And if you have a belly, then you certainly need to burn some fat! These types off anaerobic workouts are also referred to as Intermittent Circuit Exercises, High-Intensity Interval Training, or the Intermittent Circuit Resistance Neuromuscular System of exercising.

Think Safety Before You Start

See a medical doctor to make sure you are in good health before starting an exercise routine.

Don’t forget the blood analysis as well! You should be aware of any medical conditions you may have before embarking upon any sort of new diet or exercise program.

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Anaerobic exercises are ideal for burning calories and building muscle. They are intense in nature, and should not be done on consecutive days.

The Basics

Here are some basic guidelines, but the idea is that you can vary the work and rest ratios depending on your cardiovascular training level. Two common intervals for high-intensity interval training are a 1:2 work/rest ratio and a 1:1 work/rest ratio. As your cardiovascular levels improve you can work out longer, resting less between blocks.

In addition, anaerobic workouts put your body in a period of post-exercise consumption of energy, which continues to burn calories at an accelerated pace for hours after you leave the gym and return to your regular routine.


Training consists of 3 blocks (or series) of exercises with short rests in between, to keep you breathing hard continually and thus burning up more fat. What exactly is a block or series? This is simply a unit used to divide your whole routine into 3 parts.

Beginner Routine

For beginners, a good block should last about 3 minutes. Do your first exercise, rest for 15 seconds, do your second, rest 15 seconds until you have finished your first block, and then rest for 3 minutes. Then do the same for the second and third blocks.

Intermediate Routine

For those at the intermediate level, do the same as for beginners but with longer blocks. As always, make the length of your blocks match your fitness level. Do the same thing but rest for half the time it took you to do the block of exercises, rather than resting for the same amount of time as you did as a beginner.

Advanced Routine

For those at the advanced level, train for 3 blocks, which will again be longer than the beginner and intermediate blocks, and do the same thing, except rest for only ¼ of the time it took you to do the block of exercises.


8-9 hours of sleep per night is essential to have the energy to do the workouts and recover after.


I think we can all see the wide range of benefits we might receive if we work towards having or maintaining a nice flat belly – mentally, physically and health-wise.

Keeping slim and trim is just not for appearances; it’s critical to your well-being.


1. Paul Kelbie. Medieval Appetite Suppressant Could Be New Slimming Aid. Independent UK.

2. BBC. Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration.

Photos are sourced from and are licensed by Ask the Experts, LLC for use. See our TOS for more details.

About Lori Jo Hendrix

Lori was born in southern California and currently resides in Mexico. She is an actress and model who also writes in the fields of nutrition, wellness, and cuisine. Her passions include working as a volunteer with various groups in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals.

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  1. This article is fantastic, really fantastic. Now I can eat all the delicacies that this blog has to offer – without all the guilt and regret that I have of having a belly that could cover the Grand Canyon!

    On a serious note, this should really help me engage back into my NYs resolution to actually get fit! I wonder how many of the aforementioned healthy food I could add to all the delicacies found on this blog to make it healthier and less…guilt giving? I don’t know.

    • Hi Antonr,

      I am so happy you love the article and find it helpful.

      Let us know how your resolution of eating healthier and losing weight goes. Food can be delicious and healthy at the same time but don’t forget to exercise.

      Maybe I should do some salad recipes. Spring is not here yet but there are some winter type salads and anyway, there is no law about eating salads in Winter. Salads are always good, it is just that your choices of seasonal vegetables change each season.

      Good luck!

  2. This is such an excellent article and it came at the perfect time. I have been trying so hard to lose the belly fat that has accumulated after having two children and it hasn’t been easy. I knew certain foods played a role in boosting the metabolism and burning calories I just didn’t know what they were. Now I can finally binge on certain foods without the feeling of guilt that lingers with it, really great article!!

    • Hi Katherine25,

      Thank you! Firstly, congratulations on your two children. I am sure any belly fat accumulated was well worth it but can be taken care of with just a little bit of dedication on your part. There are many delicious recipes that can be made with the recommendations of this article. Enjoy and do it slowly. The weight will come off soon enough and you will be feeling and looking great!

  3. Thanks for this article, it made me realize that I do need to make a few changes, but that little changes can have a big result. I have some belly fat to lose and a lot of the foods mentioned are things that I actually love, so it is just a matter of limiting my intake of ‘bad’ foods. I am a cheese and chocolate addict and will have to cut out that afternoon chocolate snack every day 🙂 Thanks for the exercise tips.

    • Hi valedevento,

      You are welcome! Yes it is true, little changes over time can produce great results and it is always best not to rush into anything too fast. Actually a small chunk of semi sweet chocolate each afternoon is beneficial for your health but just a small chunk, not a huge bar! Hehehehehe. Good luck, you are going to do great!

  4. Thank you so much for the article! Belly is my biggest problem area, I hate it so much. I really wish that I could lose all of it and have a flat stomach. I hope that the knowledge presented here will help me achieve this goal.
    It sucks when you have an apple shape and your body has a natural tendency to store fat in the waist area.

    • Hi Elfprincess,

      You are welcome.

      Although belly fat is unhealthy until you lose the belly fat you have other body parts that other non apple type body shapes that you can show off such as great legs and hips! So until then show off your legs and work on the diet and exercises we recommended. Soon you will be able to show off both body parts.

  5. Great article! Diet and exercise is the key! certain foods, like the ones the author mentioned can contribute to less belly fat, but an overall lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise will contribute as well. We should all focus on eating less processed foods and more of the foods mentioned in this article.

  6. I think you posted this article in the right moment. After Christmas and New Year everyone wants to lose the extra calories. About physical exercise I already knew, but I didn’t know about the effectiveness of Cucumber for example. It’s always good to have at our disposal interesting and healthy articles that can help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can eat delicious things without sacrifices and maintain a perfect silhouette. I’m not very fond of ginger, but I’ll try it with honey as stated in the article. I’m curious to know the flavor. I always try to have a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not easy when you are a sweet lover. I’m sure this kind of post will help many people.

    • Hi hisa20,

      Yes, everybody seems to gain weight after the holidays due to all the celebrations including food and drink and just taking it easy and not going to the gym like you normally would.

      Have you tried a breakfast of thinly sliced and peeled cucumber with lox and a little bit of lemon or lime juice squeezed on top? It is a surprisingly delicious breakfast and great for your health and losing weight.

      Ginger is spicy and a little bit hot. I love it and combined with hot water and honey as a tea. It is absolutely delicious and warms you up like nothing else. Do not be afraid to try a little bit of it in Asian style recipes or dishes.

  7. I feel the need to point out that you cannot target your belly for weight loss unless you do it surgically. All the diets, supplements, and exercises in the world wont let you target specific body parts for weight loss. It simply doesn’t work that way.

    • Hi nytegeek,

      You are correct but there are certain foods and detoxes that actually do help to target and flatten the belly. Exercise and good diet in general will help flatten the belly if you have an apple shaped body because that is where most of your fat is.

  8. This site is such a great research source! It’s not your everyday: Lose belly fat by…doing crunches everyday! type of site! I love how specific you get with your exercise routines and that you give lots of options for healthy foods. A lot of people recommend eating fruits high in vitamin c or foods with calcium, but they don’t mention what foods those include. I appreciate you doing the legwork! ☺☺☺

  9. Many people do not realize the power that your diet has over your overall health. This does not just include your weight or physical appearance, but also your mental health.

    • Hi Katekatecupecake,

      You are correct. I have a better mental attitude when I eat well and I also function better mentally, clearer thinking, work seems to improve and I feel happier and more confident.

  10. I think I love you. I never had a belly before, even if I would gain weight. I had pretty good proportions. Since I’ve gotten older, not to mention going through some incredibly stressful events, I seem to have shifted. I don’t want my heart to be affected, so I”ve been working on incorporating more heart healthy foods into my diet and getting better exercise (which can be tough, due to disability). This plan, sounds so great though. I will definitely be giving this a try.

    I’m happy to see that all the foods on the list are things that I actually like, so that’s a bonus. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Zyni,

      Hehehehe, thanks!

      That is great you like all the foods on the list! And good luck, you can do it! Is swimming okay with your disability? You may have to find a different type of exercise depending on what your therapist says. Soft yoga might be another option.

  11. Very important things to remember here, and this was a great article. I’ve been trying to add more of these foods into my diet because I have heard so often about a “chubby belly” being so dangerous.

    I have asparagus and broccoli in the fridge right now… cucumbers are something I use more in the summertime but I’m not sure why. 🙂

    Wow, I’ve never heard about green apples being good for this… apples in general, yes, I know they’re healthy, but I didn’t know than they have less sugar than the other kinds. That’s very interesting!

    It was nice to see that list of food that’s good for the metabolism, too! I’ve been having an issue with that and maybe this will help.

  12. I like all of the tips listed here. I have been losing some weight which included belly fat but every time I try to sit up there goes that nice roll of fat. Which only means i still have a small way to go but not too bad.I have heard that fat around the stomach is more dangerous than anywhere else. This gives me all the more motivation to stay fit.

  13. Thank you very much for this article. It was exactly what I needed! This year two of my major points of focus are feeling better and looking better. I don’t want to go on an extreme diet and drop it after a few weeks and then go back to the same old junk. I want to little by little make better eating choices so that it is easy and natural to eat healthy. I love the great eating and exercise tips you included here, they are really going to help a lot in my new path to being healthy.

    • Exactly. Fad diets don’t work. They create that “yo yo effect.” This is about an eating plan, a lifestyle change. It sounds daunting, but it’s really not the bad when you make a few painless adjustments at a time. Plus, all the stuff on the list here is good stuff and there is a good amount from which to choose. You don’t have to try to force yourself to eat anything yucky.

      Best wishes to you. I’ve already lost a few pounds and I’m excited to keep it going.

    • Hi Zyni,

      Great news! I am also very pleased you found the article useful. I might want to add, as you probably already know, dropping weight too fast or yo yo dieting is bad for your skin, not a good thing. Keep up the good work! Better to do it all slow and create permanent lifestyle changes you can stick to.

    • Hi MichelleVL,

      You are welcome! You have the right attitude and because of this I am sure you will succeed. That is the great part about these foods and exercises. The foods are good and the exercises are designed to burn fat in the least amount of time needed.

      Congratulations on your decision to take the path of being happier and healthier. We are proud to be a part of that. Please keep us updated on your progress.

  14. This is great motivation, I still haven’t gotten back on track from all the travel and cooking and baking over the holidays! The food list is giving me some meal ideas for sure…I’ve been relying way too much on convenience foods and takeout lately. My gym routine could definitely use some variation, too, it’s way too easy to get into a rut with the same cardio routine day after day.

    • Hi cupcakekitty,

      A lot of people have not gotten back on track yet after the holidays but hopefully this article will help. I am happy it motivated you.

      Ask your trainer to change your routine every once in a while. You can still apply the same principals but with a totally new routine.

      Good luck!

  15. This is a great article! There are so many health food articles out there and it can get pretty overwhelming, but this only focuses on one type of the body that I think a lot of people struggle with. Perfect timing for posting and easy to read. Thanks for the information.

  16. I want to also share my experiences with green tea. Green tea is a natural way to help with belly fat. After I had my third child I lived on this stuff. I drank so many cups of green tea everyday I lost count. No sugar added, but adding honey is just as good but healthier. This coupled with eating right and an exercise regimen can make all the difference and it actually works at a quicker pace than you would think. I went from 220lbs to 160lbs in two months..maybe shorter. People could not believe how the weight literally melted off. It was amazing.

    • Hi sheebah7,

      Wow! Great news and congratulations on your third child and the weight loss. I have a friend from Taiwan and they all drink greet tea all day long at the office and he is very slender, and eats what he wants, hmmm…. 🙂 I still think diet is important, obviously but he does eat pretty much what he wants. I did notice he eats a lot of fish.

  17. Like others said, thank you so much! This article is what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been trying to lose weight from my stomach and thighs, but it’s just so hard to shift! I really like that it focuses on one particular area- especially an area that seems quite hard to slim down. I guess I should start eating more cucumber…

    • Hi DanaFoxScully,

      These foots and particular forms or carrying out your exercise routine at the gym will definitely help a lot.

      There are so many ways of eating cucumber. In salads, as snacks and here In Mexico I notice they eat it sprinkled with chili flakes. I also mentioned above that a really good breakfast is lox with thinly sliced cucumber on top and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Yummy!

  18. I work in an office and literally sit at my station for at least 6 hours out of an eight hour day. I have been doing this for the past 4 years. Since then I have gained over 40 lbs and mostly in my midsection. As a sedentary worker gaining weight in the midsection is a constant struggle and at the moment I am losing! I have tried most of the fad diets, the detox waters, the green tea regime but nothing has proven absolutely effective for me so far. I have lost 5 lbs in between but have not been able to shake the tummy :(. Reading this article and being reminded of all the health threats a fatty belly comes with reminds me that I need to try even harder. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi JunePlum,

      You are welcome! Yes, do not give up. It is very important for your health and especially when you work a desk job. If you have a two hour break perhaps you can go to the gym then or after or before work. Try making some of your own lunches as well or looking for an organic food place with delivery and order lots of salads.

      Good luck and we are rooting you. I will try and publish more light recipes.

  19. Thanks for such an informative and well thought out article, Lori! I work a desk job myself, and I never find myself with enough time to exercise, and even when I do try to diet, I find myself falling off the fad wagon time after time. I intend to work your tips into my daily life from here on out, however, as gaining weight while being sedentary is one of my biggest fears.

    • Hi malavicious,

      You are welcome! Yes, one must be extra careful when working a sedentary job and stick to a regular exercise and healthy eating routine and not just a fad diet or work out routine. This diet and work out routine can be changed around to prevent boredom and is quite classic, nothing close to a fad.

      Good luck! I am sure you will do great and enjoy your hard earned results while having extra confidence and a great attitude.

  20. This just might be the only article that I was drawn to not because of the mouth-watering and delicious-looking pictures! I’m quite ashamed to admit that I’m one of those with the belly problem. So, it’s truly a blessing that this is the first post I saw today. I could definitely use the tips given here. I love my sweets and all, but having belly fat is just not helping with one’s confidence. So, this article is just a timely reminder.

  21. Hi saravet,

    I am glad you enjoyed the article and found it at the perfect time. Nothing like a flat belly to boost ones confidence.

    Good luck, you can do it!

  22. This article is very educational as to what foods help with weight loss. Unfortunately, it didn’t talk too much about exercise. I understand that cardio tends to work best for weight loss? I hope to find some effective cardio exercises other than running.

    • Hi shae,

      Actually this method of exercise burns more fat than regular cardio, for example running. 😉 And you can change your routines to combat boredom as long as they are carried out as explained.

  23. Vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, spinach are good for the body. Fresh vegetables are the part of my daily diet. I make sure to drink at least 2.5 liters of water every day. I also drink black coffee in a regular basis. Various research points that fish is better than meat. I avoid red meat and fatty meat, thus I only eat chicken.

  24. I do not have many problems with my metabolism (actually, I think it is quite fast that is why it is hard for me to maintain my weight), but my younger sister struggles with it. Recently, she started some changes in her diet. She is on dieting pills and she constantly buys items that are labeled with l-cartinine because she wanted to speed up her metabolism. I told her about this article and let her have a look of the easy to find items listed above. She is still a bit skeptic about organic food but she wants to give some a try. Hopefully, the ideas you have shared here would work with her so she’ll go all the way for natural.
    Thank you.

    • I know of people who have lost weight just switching to organic foods only. I believe l-cartinine is an amino acid that helps the body produce energy. That to me is better than taking a chemical diet pill as those are very unhealthy. I have heard of a lot of gym goers and weight lifters taking l-cartinine as well as dieters but your sister needs to do her research and ask her Dr. about it.

  25. Finally, a well-written article with all the real facts and good sources as well! I’m glad to see I already eat the majority of the food listed here. I have a small belly that I’d love to get rid of, but in my case, exercise is all I need; it’s hard to do when I work 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, and the rest of the time I’m at school or doing homework. I wish I could see the effects of metabolic increase, though. I drink lots of water, tea, and some coffee, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    • Hi LordArkana,

      Thank you for the article compliment.

      It is good that you are already eating the majority of foods here but with your sedentary lifestyle you must reduce the amount of them that you are eating. Smaller portions will help a lot.

      I know it is difficult with work and school to find time to exercise but do what you can. If you can squeeze in just 40 minutes of anaerobic exercises 3 days a week it would really make a difference along with eating less. Even if you can only work out once or twice a week, it is better than nothing.

      Good luck! You can do it! You said you had just a small belly so 😉

  26. This article is the simplest most detailed article I have come across for burning belly fat. All the other articles I’ve read make it so difficult and daunting. I even watched a You Tube post that said it would take years to get rid of love handles. Not very encouraging.

    Broccoli is one of the foods listed to burn fat and happens to be one of my favorite vegetables. I like to eat a big bowl steamed with just a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt and a sprinkle of cheese. That for me is a yummy snack.

    I didn’t realize that the type of exercise I do would play a big role in getting rid of my excess. This is definitely important to me because I don’t like working out and I don’t want to waist my time now that I have actually pushed myself to do it.

    I feel more confident now going forward after reading this post and I look forward to implementing these things right away.

    • Hi SomeonesDaughter,

      You know we have an article here on how to make bowls of steamed veggies taste wonderful. You might want to check it out. Let me find the link… Here it is, “9 SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE STEAMED VEGGIES MORE FLAVORFUL”

      Oh I love flavored or different varieties of natural salts! Great idea.

      Yes, exercise plays a huge roll in losing weight and belly fat and this style of exercising you get more for your buck. Burning more fat in less time.

      Please post your results and experiences! This helps to motivate everybody!

  27. This article is very interesting to me right now, because I am trying to lose a little fat. I have lost weight all over my body over the past few years, but I have some stubborn fat left on my belly which I really need to get rid of before I can do anything else, so I need to focus on it if I can. The foods that you suggest seem to be ones that I could easily add into my diet, so I will try to do that and then report back if I manage to lose belly fat using your methods! I do hope that I will be able to, as I seriously need to at the moment.

    • Hi GemmaRowlands,

      So true, according to your body there is always that one area where you gain first and you lose last. That stubborn area!

      The foods are delicious and easy to incorporate but the exercise is just as important. Combine them both and you will see the results and feel great.

      Good luck and we look forward to hearing about your progress.

  28. This is a great post full of really sensible ideas – thanks so much for confirming that most of my favourite foods are actually good for me and are helping to keep me from becoming too flabby!! One thing I also really like is how supportive you’re being in answering the comments on here. This is a great blog full of wonderful recipes and food ideas and it has a real sense of community!!
    Thank you 🙂

  29. Hi SueTobias,

    Thank you! I really appreciated hearing this. You know, my favorite part is the sense of community we have here and the interactions we have with each other. Thank you for posting!

    Your welcome! As always, my pleasure to chat with you all.

  30. I think that we all have some fat in our belly at one point or another, and it’s completely normal, but it’s still there and it’s still really annoying. It’s curious how we avoid eating those healthy things, but they are extremely helpful for that belly fat, I will definitely look forward to eat more of them, they are delicious though. When it comes to exercise, I’m not a big fan of it, but I know that it’s still necessary and what a better time to start than now, it can become a great habit.

    • Hi anorexorcist,

      Yes, we all get it from time to time and others have always had it. Congratulations on your decision to eat healthier and exercise! It makes me very happy we helped to motivate you. You can do it!

  31. Thank you so much for this article, I’ve been struggling with my chubby belly for over 10 years now.
    I’ve tried a couple of HIIT workout routines but found them so painful and difficult to complete (even the “beginner” ones), I’ve even fainted this one time :/

    • Hi OksanaPk,

      I have never heard of the HIIT workout routines but start slow, fainting is not good for you. Be kind to your body and work up to these workouts slowly if you are not used to them. We want you to feel good!

      Best of luck with your goals and let us know how you are doing please.


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