The Best Rolling Pins for Home and Pro Kitchens

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Fluffy cinnamon rolls, perfectly yeasty pizza, flaky pie crusts, countless batches of cut-out cookies…

5 different kinds of rolling pins on greed wooden table top | Foodal

Mouthwatering obsession aside, these recipes we love to make all need one essential tool to get them flattened to perfection…

You guessed it – the rolling pin!

This roly-poly tool is incredibly helpful to spread a range of doughs quickly and evenly across your workspace, from delicate sugar cookies to thick, elastic pizza dough.

And while there are some cool techniques to try out (I know an old-school pizza joint or two that use wine bottles!), there are many expertly designed utensils to consider purchasing that will help you roll, shape, and stretch your delicious goodies like a pro.

So, save the wine bottles for drinking, and read our review of our top selections of the best models now on the market.

Our 5 Top Rated Models

Read below for our list of our 5 top rated products. We’ve chosen the best range of products to cover each of the major styles and materials that you can consider purchasing.

With our top pick up front, we will then detail our other favorites. There’s an option for everyone:

Let’s start rocking and rolling, shall we?

Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Nonstick

The OXO Good Grips Nonstick Rolling Pin is our best overall pick. With this modern, sleek design, OXO has sought to eliminate the major problems that could potentially arise from preparing dough.

Close up photo of one end of the OXO Good Grips rolling pin on a green wooden surface | Foodal

The comfortable, contoured black plastic handles are raised at a slight angle. They are specially weighted to keep them in the raised position while in use, so they’ll never face down. With this specific design, it is guaranteed that hands and knuckles will not hit the countertops, and will not graze against your dough.

One of the handles also has a hole in the middle, which is convenient if you choose to hang it up for storage purposes.

OXO Good Grips Nonstick Rolling Pin, available on Amazon

This model is made of stainless steel with a PFOA-free nonstick silicone coating. The dough won’t stick to the utensil at all, ensuring easy and fast cleanup, and a more evenly textured dough.

You can easily wash it by hand, but it is also dishwasher safe.

With dimensions of 12 x 3 x 3 inches, and a packaged weight of 2.62 pounds, this option is the perfect weight and size to make handling super easy.

Read customer reviews and check prices now on Amazon.


Best for New Bakers: Joseph Joseph 20085 Adjustable

New to the sweet, yummy world of baking? Not the best at measuring the thickness of the dough? We definitely recommend buying the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin to be your helpful guide.

A Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin on a green wooden background | Foodal

Even after baking professionally for years, I admit that I still have a really hard time measuring out my dough to the right thickness that’s completely even. Sometimes I end up with fat sugar cookies on one end of the dough, while the other end is super thin.

Variety is the spice of life, I guess…

But not when you need consistency! When an exact size is required, this pin takes all the guesswork out of preparing dough with a uniform thickness.

With your purchase, four sets of 2 removable discs in different sizes are included. The discs come in 4 sizes: 1/16-inch, 1/6-inch, 1/4-inch, and 3/8-inch.

By screwing in two discs of the same size, one on each end of the rolling pin, the surface is raised to your selected height. With the four different sizes available, it can be adjusted to the exact thickness you need for your recipe.

Joseph Joseph 20085 Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings, available on Amazon

There are also measurements on either end of the base to help you roll your dough to the perfect size. This is especially important for measuring pie crusts or pizza dough, when you need to fit your dough to the dimensions of a certain pan.

The measurements are etched into the wooden pin in both inches and centimeters.

The rolling pin measures 16.5 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. The pin is made out of solid beech wood, while the discs are made out of plastic in assorted colors. Plastic screws hold the rings in place.

There are two color options available to purchase. The multicolor option features plastic discs in a variety of colors: yellow, orange, red, and purple, with a green screw. The blue option features plastic discs in various hues of blue, with a light gray screw.

Because of the wood base and small plastic pieces, we recommend gently washing by hand with soap and water. While the discs are dishwasher safe, we don’t want any of those discs to get lost in the dishwasher!

Read more customer reviews on Amazon now!


Best French Style: J.K. Adams FRP-1

The J.K. Adams Maple French Dowel Rolling Pin will give you the best European design, and ultimate classiness, that you’ve always wanted as the fanciest, coolest home pastry chef!

Handcrafted and finished with maple wood in Vermont, this all-American company focuses on the finest woodwork and New England craftsmanship to make a variety of high-quality products.

J.K. Adams French style rolling pin on green wooden surface | Foodal

The rolling pin has a minimalist look and smooth texture – no handles, and no extra pieces to worry about.

This dowel design is made from one solid piece of wood and features the classic French no-handle design, with tapered ends for easier rotation when spreading out doughs for pies, tarts, and cookies.

It is available to purchase in two sizes. Both are the same length, but they vary in thickness.

The smaller option has dimensions of 20.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. The larger option, featured in our photos, is 1/4 inch thicker.

It is also a lightweight option, compared to our other selected models. The smaller size weighs 11.2 ounces, and the larger size weighs 14.4 ounces. Both are less than a pound in total, making it very easy to handle and control as you’re using it.

Stuck on barcode sticker on J.K. Adams French rolling pin | Foodal
It’s beyond me as to why manufacturers continue to use these stickers with superglue level stickiness, especially on a wooden product. Do they expect us to use GooGone on WOOD? J.K. Adams (and others), invest 1/16 of a penny on easy peel stickers. Please. I’m begging here.

Regarding weight, you do need to consider that more force will be required to press down on your dough, since you will be using such a light utensil. Many cooks like this, since it gives them more control over how much weight is being pressed down on delicate doughs.

However, if you prefer to have a more weighted utensil to help you to manipulate the dough, consider purchasing one of the other models that we have reviewed here.

J.K. Adams FRP-1 French Maple Rolling Pin, available on Amazon

J.K. Adams provides a lifetime, 100% satisfaction guarantee on the company’s products. If you are not happy, or if it is damaged, you can replace or return it.

As with all other wood products, we recommend that you wash by hand with warm, soapy water and dry it immediately. For more information, follow our guide on the best natural methods for care and cleaning of wooden cooking and baking utensils.

Read what others are saying on Amazon now.


Best Marble: Fox Run

It’s not very often that you choose to proudly display a rolling pin out in your kitchen. Most often, it’ll be thrown right into the utensil drawer, hanging out in the darkness until the next pie needs to be baked.

But with this gorgeous Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin, you’ll want to leave some room on your countertop – this natural beauty deserves a spot out in your kitchen!

The Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin on a green wooden background | Foodal

Made of 100% marble stone, the pin will have an elegant look with unique patterns, beautiful veins, and coloration details.

It has a 10-inch barrel, totaling 18 inches with the wooden handles. It comeswith a matching wooden resting base included, to securely place it on when not in use.

Other than the pretty aesthetics, choosing a marble material for a rolling pin has many practical benefits. And the pin features nylon ball bearings for very smooth movement.

Marble has a natural ability to stay slightly cooler than room temperature. With this characteristic, it’s a great option to use when prepping items that have a high fat content that could melt easily, like with buttery pastry crusts and cookies. The marble keeps these doughs chilled and firm as you roll your way to perfection.

You can even chill the pin in the refrigerator for about 15-30 minutes prior to using.

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin, available on Amazon

And with marble’s naturally nonstick properties, it’s super easy to work with, even with the stickiest of doughs. And cleaning is simple! After rolling out your most perfect pie dough ever, wash with warm, soapy water and dry promptly.

Here’s another nice feature: Because marble does not absorb any moisture, fats, or odors from food, this is a great purchase for long-term use.

Please keep in mind that the weight of this model will be significantly heavier than other selections. At 4.6 pounds, the heavier weight will affect the impact on the dough each time you press down to roll it out. As a result, you will be able to roll out items far more quickly, with just a few movements.

However, there is also a greater risk with flattening your dough more than what you would like. Be sure to practice delicacy and caution when you press down. I’ve severely flattened out many a cookie dough because I wasn’t careful enough using my marble rolling pin. Whoops! So, be careful.

Check prices on Amazon now.


Best Traditional: J.K. Adams GRP-3

Because of this company’s phenomenally designed products, we couldn’t resist featuring another model from J.K. Adams!

This J.K. Adams Maple Wood Medium Gourmet Rolling Pin will give you the classic simplicity that you’ve always wanted with your utensil.

There’s something comforting about the classic look of a wooden rolling pin with handles – as if it embodies all your childhood memories of making pies for the holidays, or making pasta dough from scratch with grandma.

Close up of the J.K. Adams traditional rolling pin on a green wooden table top | Foodal

To capture all these memories in the present moment, and to carry on the traditions of making a variety of goodies in you kitchen, consider using this traditional rolling pin.

J.K. Adams Maple Wood Medium Gourmet Rolling Pin, available on Amazon

The simple, classic design with easy-grip handles is made with maple wood. The dimensions are 12 x 2.75 x 3 inches, and it weighs about 2 pounds. There is a steel axle running the entire length of the pin, and self-lubricating bearings for smooth rolling.

Like all products from J.K. Adams, there is a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. It should be washed by hand with warm, soapy water and dried immediately.

And FYI: you’ll need to deal with the same madness as with the French model, needing to remove a sticky, annoying price tag…

Consider soaking in warm water for just a few minutes, or using vegetable oil to more easily remove this sticky situation.

Get prices now on Amazon.


French vs. Traditional Rolling Models: Which Is Right for You?

We love both options, but let’s review which is right for you! It all depends on the sense of control you would like to have as you’re rolling along…

Traditional Models

Traditional models include handles extending from either end of the barrel. With handles, you will get the steady strength and control of firmly grasping the pin on both ends.

You get the sense of being able to “steer” your rolling pin in the direction you choose. You can also control the weight being pressed down on the dough with the handles more easily.

It’s almost like riding a bike with a set of training wheels – there’s a little extra help to maintain control.

French Models

French models, also called dowels, just feature the barrels with no handles. Some models have tapered ends, while others are completely straight in design. Many professional and home bakers prefer this style because they can get a better “feel” for the dough as they handle the pin.

Some bakers feel slightly disconnected to the dough if using pins with handles, because your hands are completely separated from the main barrel itself. With the dowel design, your hands are moving along with the barrel, so you have a closer sensory awareness of the dough’s thickness beneath the rolling pin.

If you’re not used to the French design, it may take a few times to adjust to this new feeling, like riding that bike for the first time without training wheels. But you’ll get used to it!


The Final Roll

When you want to make your gooiest, fluffiest batch of cinnamon rolls, or a few dozen soft sugar cookies, you’ll need to have the right tool to seamlessly spread out your homemade dough.

Top down view of 5 different styles of rolling Pin

With our top selections of favorite rolling pins, you’re sure to find the right tool to do the job well, whether you like handles, wood, marble, plastic, traditional, or a French design.

And if choosing one is too stressful, or if you’re curious about trying a couple different models, who said you can’t own two? From one baker to another, it’s always fun to explore your options in the kitchen. And it’s a relief to know they don’t take up that much space!

Are you thinking about buying a new rolling pin? Do you have a favorite style that you like? Give us your top choice, and all the details why you prefer that design, in the comments below.

And be sure to check out the OXO Good Grips nonstick model.

Photos by Mike Quinn, © Ask the Experts, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See our TOS for more details. Nonstick isolated product photo via OXO. With additional writing by Mike Quinn.

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  1. This is a great review! I’m looking for a new pin because I have a marble one and everything sticks to it! I don’t know if it is a Fox Run – there’s no brand name on the pin or wood base. I inherited it from my mom’s kitchenware. I’m not even sure she used it. Is there a tip for making it non-stick? I tried flour, but it doesn’t cling to the marble. If not I’m going to get a wood one. Thanks!

    • Is there a particular type of dough that you’ve been having the most trouble with? Marble is naturally nonstick and you’re right that flour won’t stick to it. Your best options are to chill your rolling pin before using it, and flour the dough lightly instead of the rolling pin.

  2. Anything made from plastic or marble is JUNK as it sticks and is heavy (marble). There is only one appropriate material for a rolling pin and that is wood as it has the perfect combination of light weight and sticking properties as well as being biodegradeable which plastic is not.


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