The Lowdown on the Tribest Sedona SD-P9000

Are you looking for a good quality food dehydrator that will do its job once you’ve done yours?

One that you can load, set and leave without any worries about performance?

Once you’ve done the work of slicing and preparing the food for the dryer, the machine should take over and finish the process without any hassle, right?

Of course, to get an advanced shelf-tray model that’s going to perform to a higher level also means stepping up the price point as well.

On the higher end of the price scale, the Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 offers an advanced, digitally controlled dehydration system.

Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator available on Amazon

It boasts an elegant package with a see-through glass door, and claims unsurpassed performance due to its digital dehydrating technology with accurate temperature control.

So, do these bold claims match the actual performance of this model? Let’s have a closer look to find out.


The Sedona SD-P9000 is built with the latest systems in advanced technology to efficiently and easily dehydrate raw, whole foods.

Dehydrating Bananas with the Sedona SD-P9000 |

The simple, effective design makes operation easy with clearly marked controls and a bright LED digital display on the front panel.

The variable thermostat provides overheat protection and maintains the ideal temperature for optimum dehydration, while the digital timer can be set for worry-free operation for up to 99 hours.

The quiet dual fan system provides an energy efficient option to dehydrate with all 9 trays, or just half of them may be used for smaller batches.

And, it distributes heated air evenly and accurately for large or small batches.

Engineered to maximize efficiency and ease of use, it also features a compact design for both countertop use and storage.

Features and Benefits

The Sedona offers a total of 600 watts of power, using two independent 300 watt fans, two heating coils, and two heat sensors, all of which are digitally controlled and can operate either simultaneously or individually.

The variable temperature mode can be set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius so you don’t have to do the math conversion, and it ranges from 85-155 F.

The Sedona includes 9 BPA-free open plastic trays, and each tray has a usable drying surface of approximately 13 x 15” for a capacity of just over 12 sq. ft.

And, you can use the included BPA-free plastic closed tray/divider for making fruit leather, or simply to close off half of the unit for greater efficiency when drying smaller batches.

The built-in programmable timer can be set up to 99 hours, and will automatically turn off once your desired time has been reached.

The large LED digital display makes it easy to read, so you can effortlessly see the temperature and timer even in a dark environment. And all control buttons are clearly marked for easy and simple operation.

The well-designed display panel with convenient “on/off” switch is located on the front panel, so it’s easy to operate regardless of the setup location.

The clear glass door allows you to monitor progress without opening the unit. And, you’ll enjoy the front-mounted, pull-down design, which makes it easy and efficient to load and check trays.

When the door is opened, the automatic “pause & resume” function makes it simple for anyone to check batches or add a tray – you never have to worry about resetting the time.

The detachable power cord is a handy feature that helps to simplify cleanup and storage.

And if you like to leave your dehydrator running at night, it has a specially designed night mode feature that saves energy and reduces noise even further by reducing the fan speed.

A debris-catching closed tray makes cleanup easy and problem free.

It also features a well-written manual with clear instructions and some good recipes for crackers and flatbreads.

Finally, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


The SD-P9000 measures 17 x 15 x 20” and weighs 23.5 pounds. Each of the 9 trays measures approximately 12 x 13” for an overall capacity of 12 sq. ft.


Wash the trays and screens in warm soapy water, and wipe down the interior and exterior of the housing unit with a damp cloth.


We’ve read through the reviews of shoppers on Amazon to find the most common positive features and drawbacks of the Sedona – here’s a summary for your consideration.

• The most often repeated positive comments from happy shoppers are about the easy operation of the Tribest Sedona. They like the well thought out design, saying it’s user-friendly with unobstructed access to the digital controls. And that the controls themselves and clear display are laid out for simple and efficient operation.

• Another positive feature is the aesthetics. The SD-P9000’s attractive design and clear glass door give it a sleek, attractive appearance. And by all accounts, the dual fans run very quietly – so it has a welcome presence in the kitchen and doesn’t need to be banished to the shed.

• The load versatility is another positive point. Many customers report enjoying the flexibility of its half load capacity, and the resulting energy savings they enjoy. It seems that heat distribution remains even and drying times consistent whether it’s used to full capacity or just 50%.

• Its overall efficiency is also favorable, with no excessive heating of the room around the dryer, reasonable electrical consumption, and uniform drying on all surfaces.

Using the Sedona SD-P9000 to dehydrate bananas |

• Unfortunately, the Sedona also has some issues, with the most common being about the temperature. Using independent thermometers, users recorded temperatures significantly lower than the highest setting. This results in longer drying times and spotty results.

• There are also numerous complaints of the unit quitting after relatively light and short term usage, with heating coils and fans being the main problem. And too often, problems persist even after an exchange.

• This leads us to customer service. To take advantage of the warranty, you must register your product within 10 days and keep the original packaging for return shipping, which you have to pay. And there are waaay too many complaints about the dodgy after-sales service – i.e. it’s almost impossible to reach anyone, reps make promises to customers that aren’t kept, and there’s no follow up on the part of Tribest.

• And did I mention you have to pay for shipping an insured, very large and heavy box to enjoy the full benefits of the warranty? Yes, you do.


• For full warranty coverage, you must register your purchase with Tribest within 10 days. And, you must retain the original packaging for returns. It actually sounds like a good idea to retain all documentation for any future communications.

• Give it air – don’t push your dryer against the back wall since it needs an inch or two of airspace to draw air, circulate and vent properly.


While the Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 Food Dehydrator is an attractive dryer with some nice features and good ideas, it seems those good ideas are compromised by fault operation and less than stellar customer service.

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Pretty, with great potential, but ultimately the Sedona stands as unreliable. There’s much better value for your shopping dollar in other high end food dehydrators.


The quality control that would insure a working unit is shipped to customers, with all the parts needed for set-up and operation, is simply missing.

And either the production, or the components themselves, are second rate. A disturbing number of inoperable units are being received by customers (source: Amazon’s Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 review pages). Of course, the above mentioned and much-needed quality control could have caught this.

And finally, customer service devalues this model significantly. For a food dehydrator in this price range, returns and exchanges should be shipped on the manufacturer’s dime – especially when faulty operation can be associated directly with factory quality control (or the lack thereof) – with no hassles or hardship.

That’s not the case at present. I’d suggest taking a look at one of Excalibur’s options in this price range instead.

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  1. It looks really useful, particularly with the many trays and large capacity, but the customer service stories put me off a bit. Having to register within ten days seems odd, and trying to return it to the US would be a problem. Interestingly has it as unavailable. I think I’ll stick with sun-drying.

    I noticed a few reviewers suggested the Excalibur dehydrator as an alternative. Have you used one, or is there any chance your could do a useful feature on one? I do have to ask, how does the food from a dehydrator compare to sun-dried versions? It certainly looks easier, but I’d like to make sure I’m not sacrificing taste.


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