Treat Yourself With a Splendid Affogato

Affogato is a name of a coffee-based drink originating from Italy. Affogato is the Italian word for drowned, which illustrates the technique for making this dessert.

Treat Yourself With a Splendid Affogato |

Most often when things are associated with drowning, this would bring a lot of negative implications. But the Italians had a different idea.

Afforgato style originally involved the topping off of a beverage with espresso. It may also include either caramel or chocolate syrup.

The more modern version, however, contains a scoop of ice cream or gelato then topped with the traditional shot of espresso. Others may even go for a short of Amaretto or other forms of liquor.

If you don’t feel like going into the nearest coffee and pastry shop, why not make your own Affogato? This easy-to-do recipe can be accomplished as quickly as ten minutes.

All you need to prepare are the following ingredients: 1/3 cup of cold whipped cream, a half cup of boiling water, 4 shots of espresso from a home espresso machine and 1 pint of chocolate ice cream or gelato. You will also need the following equipment: electric mixer, a 1 cup glass measuring cup, a medium bowl, four dessert bowls and a refrigerator or chiller.

After all of the ingredients are set, it’s time to make your own glass of Affogato. First, pour the whipped cream into the medium bowl and beat using an electric mixer. Beat until soft peaks form from the cream.

Then cover and refrigerate. Use an espresso machine and make around four shots of espresso (alternatively dissolve espresso powder in boiling water using a 1 cup glass measuring cup-this is not recommended as espresso powder tends to be bitter).

Next, scoop ½ cup of ice cream or gelato and place in each of the four dessert bowls. Following the ice cream is the actually Affogato technique which is to pour 1 shot or approximately two tablespoons of hot espresso over the ice cream in each bowl. Finish it off with whipped cream.

Don’t you just love this easy fix of beverage? It could even pass as a dessert. A glass of Affogato would be perfect to enjoy a bright sunny summer morning.

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8 thoughts on “Treat Yourself With a Splendid Affogato”

  1. This sounds heavenly! I don’t have an espresso machine, but I did an internet search, and found a way to make it at home in my french press, so I might actually be able to try this recipe out. Hopefully at some point in the future, I’ll have an espresso maker of my own, but until then, it’s good to know there are alternatives. I love the idea of this recipe, and pouring the espresso over ice cream, with whipped cream on top, it would be the perfect treat after a dinner party, or for a special romantic touch.

  2. That sounds absolutely decadent. I am a coffee lover but espresso is a treat for me anyway. Adding all of this? Oh my.

    I’ll have to make this for my girls next time everyone is together. They would enjoy this very much. I bet a treat like this would be quite expensive in a shop, but it’s perfectly do-able for making at home. Thanks for this. My daughters will thank you too.

  3. I think my favorite coffee shop only serves affogato seasonally, so I’m glad to come across this recipe. I’m not actually much of a coffee/espresso drinker but I do enjoy it mixed with other ingredients, so the modern version is right up my alley. Will definitely have to try it out!

  4. This looks like one of those decadent things that make you happy to be alive! LOL I have so little time to indulge in my favorite things, but this looks like something I may treat myself with while on vacation. I would love to have it first thing in the morning, out on my deck, curled up in my p.j.’s!

  5. Oh, man. Affogato is amazing. Two years ago, some friends and I were in Florence (yes, the one in Italy, not in Alabama!), and we stopped at a gelato shop. Their version was actually made with hot cocoa, though, and you could get milk or dark chocolate. It was so rich and thick it may as well have been chocolate syrup or hot fudge! And it was absolutely amazing. One big ladle of cocoa over your gelato. I would love to go back to Florence just to do that again.

  6. I’m on a fast today and this just makes me salivate! Oh my, I definitely would enjoy this one. This is my first time to hear of the Afforgato style. This is truly another way to enjoy my ice cream. It’s too hot in my part of the world now, and this just makes me want to enjoy this to cool off.

  7. Oh my goodness. My mouth was watering when I looked at the photo. before I’d even started reading the first paragraph of this article. Italian food is my favourite, and this looks incredible. I have never tried it but I would definitely have a go as it is pretty easy to make and it look so much more difficult than it actually is – perfect for a dessert at a dinner party.

  8. I’ve never heard of affogato till now. I guess that shows just how uninspired my meals have been up until now. At this point I am so eager to expand my menu and this looks like a perfect addition. I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t love italian food, it just looks so awesome.


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