Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipe: A Taste of Sweet Passion

A Foolproof Virgin Cocktail Recipe to Impress Your Guests

Non Alcoholic Passionfruit Cocktail Recipe |

The last non-alcoholic cocktail recipe that I posted received such a good response, I thought I would post more.

The first one was on the tart side, so this is going to be a sweet one. We all have our preferences regarding tart, sour, digestive or sweet drinks, so I plan to post one of from each category.

Stay tuned for future posts!

Like many of you mentioned in the comments on my last post with the caipiriñha recipe, there are so many reasons to have virgin cocktail recipes on hand, and to drink or serve them.

Perhaps it’s for health reasons, or it’s just too hot to think about drinking alcohol. Maybe you have already had too much alcohol and want to switch to non-alcoholic beverages, or at least have one in between the alcoholic ones so you can enjoy drinking for a longer period without getting too inebriated.

Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipe - A Taste of Sweet Passion |

Maybe it’s simply due to the fact that you or your guests don’t drink.

Another really good reason is that, having all these beautiful cocktails available for your guests and then just a bottle of some sort of soft drink or water for the non-drinking guests is sort of a downer for them.

We want everybody to feel special and have the opportunity to drink something special and beautiful. Cocktails are meant to be special and beautiful to look at whether or not they contain alcohol.

Part of their beauty is in what glassware you chose for serving them.

Sometimes multiple colors or variations of colors can be featured in the same drink, as some ingredients are heavier than others and sink to the bottom, creating a layered effect.

Recipe for Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Cocktail - A Taste of Sweet Passion |

Other times, they’re just one beautiful color. Garnishes also help to enhance the presentation, as well as frosted glasses.

Obvious Benefits

A lot of these drinks contain beneficial ingredients such as herbs, fruits and fruit juices. They also help to hydrate you. Even medicinal qualities are occasionally on offer, especially where the herbs are considered.

For example, citrus and ginger are known for their detoxifying properties. Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices are full of vitamins, and mint is said to be very good for a cold or upset stomach.

Non Alcoholic Passionfruit Cocktail Recipe |
Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Mocktail
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Rating: 4.13
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Non Alcoholic Passionfruit Cocktail Recipe |
Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Mocktail
Votes: 8
Rating: 4.13
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  • 2 ounces fresh passion fruit juice*
  • 1/2 ounce orange juice
  • 1/2 ounce 1/2 grapefruit juice
  • 1/4 ounce 1/4 freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 3 teaspoons sugar adjust to taste
  • fresh mint for garnish put a whole stalk in so the flavor can absorb a little into the drink
  1. Chill cocktail shaker and large wine goblets in the freezer.
  2. Shake all ingredients in the chilled cocktail shaker, along with a glassful of crushed ice.
  3. When the cocktail shaker has turned white, pour content into a large chilled wine goblet without straining.
  4. Garnish with mint stalk and passion fruit seed, add a large wide straw, and serve immediately.
Recipe Notes

*Use the fresh juice directly from the fruit, putting it into a food processor to grind up some of the seeds along with the juice. The ground up seeds add a very nice texture.

In Brazil they always serve this juice with some seeds in it. They also make the cocktail more interesting and attractive looking. Save one whole passion fruit seed to put on the very top of each drink for garnish.

Recipe for Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Cocktail |


I hope you enjoy this recipe. It will be a guaranteed hit at your next get-together!

If you want to fruit and booze it up a little differently (when you’re in less of a teetotaler mood), explore our article on creative ways to add apples to cocktails, and try our mocktail variation of blackberry lemon cocktails

Be sure to comment to tell me about your experiences with this recipe and let me how your guests reacted, along with any variations or suggestions you may have.

Cheers and here’s to your health!

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24 thoughts on “Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipe: A Taste of Sweet Passion”

  1. I’m always pleased to see a new mocktail recipe, it’s nice to have something to offer to non-drinkers other than mineral water and soda. The upcoming holiuday season means parties and this is where recipes like this really come into their own.

  2. I’m a little concerned that these are going to end up as smoothies, rather than mock-tails. The steps that talk about grinding up the fruit makes me believe that one who consumes this beverage will end up chewing it instead of drinking it. How would it taste to add some water, or even another juice, like grape or apple? Would that take away from the taste? I’m going to give it a shot.

    • Hi Brody Walker,

      I prefer classic non frozen cocktails, for me that is a cocktail, but there are those, especially women who seem to prefer frozen drinks and yes, you are correct they are somewhat like a smoothy but fancier. For example, a frozen strawberry margarita.

      Smoothies generally have some ice added and this recipe has no ice but you can make it less thick by straining the passionfruit juice and thus removing the thicker pulp and also, as you suggested, by adding more lime or grapefruit juice and serving it in a martini cocktail glass instead. I would not add a different kind of juice, just more of the grapefruit or lime.

      As far as the seeds go, those are crunchy and you have to chew then but they are delicious. You can always leave them out if you do not like them. You may need to add more sugar if you decide to increase the other juices because passionfruit is rather sweet.


  3. My teen daughter and her friends think they are so grown. I could see them drinking these at her pool parties and just having a good time. That’s another great reason for these mocktail recipes. I can’t wait to see how they go over.

    • Hi nailah783,

      Oh yes, your daughter and her friends will feel very elegant and spoiled sipping these by the pool. The same way we do when we get a nice cocktail. I remember how cool I felt getting a Shirley Temple in restaurants when I went out to dinner with my parents, hehehe. This recipe is perfect poolside because of the refreshing ingredients and don’t forget it is important to stay hydrated in the sun.


  4. This recipe looks great, and so very easy! I like to drink occasionally, you know socially, and there are some drinks that I prefer to be virgin. Like the piña coladas. Some of my friends are religious, so they don’t drink, and are sometimes stuck drinking something boring. I’m sure that if I try making this passion fruit cocktail drink, they’ll love me for it. Wish me luck!

  5. Hi everyone! I gave the recipe my first try yesterday, and it was simply AMAZING! My husband and kids loved it, and let me tell you, my kids hate anything that tastes natural. I’m definitely trying it out with my friends too.

    • Hi MichelleVL,

      Yay! You tried it, and on the whole family! I am so happy they enjoyed it and as far as the kids go this is a healthy way to get them to have fruit. Let us know what your friends think.


  6. This recipe looks delicious. I love absolutely everything in it. I have never drank much myself. Not out of opposition to drinking or anything like that. I am just always the designated driver, which I’m fine with since my husband likes to drink more than I do. I haven’t gotten much of a taste for strong drinks and don’t know what I like that people have ingredients readily available for, anyhow. I tend to like the drinks with exotic fruits, herbs, flowers, or other specialty ingredients and prep that nobody has. I just stick to water and juice, since I don’t drink soda. I will definitely have to make this as it sounds perfect. One can always add some vodka or other liquor to kick it up too. Speaking of kicking it up a notch, a citrus sugar rim with chili powder or pico de gallo would add a nice heat to this. Similar to a chamoynada or mangonada perhaps…

    • Hi lebrennan,

      This sounds like the drink for you and yes a little dash of vodka, rum or Cachaça would be great in this. Even if you are driving but just one.

      I am in love with your idea of the citrus sugar rim with chili powder or pico de gallo! I must try this and soon as I love sweet and spicy and the color would be beautiful. Let me know if you try it before I do. Hmmm, Sunday is the fresh fruit market here in Mexico, I think I am going to have to do this and with a little bit of vodka.


  7. These are so pretty to look at. You could serve them at any function, in any season. I like the fact that they’re non-alcoholic. However, I think I’d want to add just a wee dash of rum to mine.

  8. I don’t alcoholic drinks. So at parties, it’s usually just soda for me. So this drink recipe is a truly good alternative to serve (for myself), haha! But really, I think this is a good inclusion should I decide to host a party of my own. Most of my friends don’t do alcohol as well. So, I think they too will appreciate this.

    • Hi saravet ,

      Yes, soda can get quite boring at parties of that is all you have while watching everybody else drinking lovely exotic cocktails. I am sure your friends will be very appreciative!


  9. Doesn’t that cocktail look wonderful with those mint leaves? I really enjoy drinks like this if I’m the designated driver (when I don’t drink any alcohol) or when I’ve had my two units of whatever booze is on offer (more than 2 units and I fall asleep).

    If I’m staying ‘dry’ i might make this a longer drink with fizzy mineral water and if I’m not ‘dry’ I might add some champagne or sparking wine or a tot of white rum!

    • Hi Julie,

      Both sound like great ideas and thank you for liking the recipe! I love your suggestions for adding alcohol or sparkling water (or soda water), sounds delicious!


  10. I am such a fan of non-alchoholic cocktails, especially the tropical kinds!
    This is absolutely great for family gatherings and parties!

  11. I love the fact that non alcoholic drinks are taken or count on this blog, there’s a lot of people out there struggling with alcohol who deserves a delicious and refreshing cocktail too, and this seems to be the perfect recipe for it, personally, passion fruits is one of my favorite fruits ever and I really can’t imagine how good it will taste combined with the other fruits and the most refreshing touch ever: mint!
    I really need to give this one a try :).

  12. Hi anorexorcist,

    True, there are so many that can’t drink alcohol or need to cut down it is so important that they be provided with delicious alternatives. I am very happy you like this recipe and let us know how you like it when you do. I love anything with passionfruit. Just the smell of it drives me crazy!

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