For Easy Operation, It’s the Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender

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I admit, I can be a bit of a Luddite when it comes to kitchen appliances…

Not because I’m particularly against advances in technology. No, my objections come from inherent laziness.

Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender with all included attachments on a maple wooden cutting board.

I resist pulling out large, single-purpose gadgets because it seems easier to chop or whip small amounts by hand than to pull out the food processor or blender.

And once they’ve been used, everything needs to be disassembled. All those bits and pieces have to be cleaned, then it has to be put back together again, and finally squeezed back into the cupboard with all the other big, bulky countertop appliances.

Braun MQ725 Multiquick with 1.5 cup food chopper Attached. On a blue painted wooden background.

A good knife or whisk seems much easier… even if the results are somewhat compromised.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution that puts an end to compromised results – and my slothful ways!

It comes in the beautiful simplicity of a hand, or immersion, blender.

Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender via Amazon

Tidy, lightweight, and wonderfully efficient, these compact marvels are ideal for small-batch food preparation.

Plus, with the many convenient attachments now available, they do so much more than just puree foods. And they’re so easy to clean!

One that’s made it onto our preferred list is the Braun MQ725 – let’s look at how it’ll work in your kitchen.

At A Glance


  • Quick and easy speed adjustment
  • Safety lock prevents accidental operation
  • Includes a whisk, 1.5 cup food chopper, and a 20-ounce beaker
  • Has a high-performance, 400-watt German engineered motor
  • The Easy Click system makes changing attachments swift and simple

… and Minuses

  • The beaker could be improved with a pouring spout


Easy Operation and Solid Construction

The Braun Multiquick MQ725 provides the convenience, power, and technology needed for fast and easy food prep. And with the included attachments, you can chop and whip as well as blend and puree.  

The patented Smart-Speed technology provides power via a soft-grip trigger – the more pressure applied to the trigger, the faster it goes. And the faster it goes, the finer the blending.

This makes it easy to control and adjust the speed with just one hand – perfect for interruption-free performance.

A close up of the Smart-Speed trigger on the Braun MQ725.
Unlike mostly other competitors, the Braun immersion blenders all feature variable speed control by trigger pressure. Other brand require you to set the speed and then press the power button to operate (and a second safety button on Cuisinart’s products).

The PowerBell system features a long wand and bell-shaped power head of sturdy stainless steel. Designed to improve control, the fluted edge reduces suction and draws food in to the bell center.

A close up of the bell-shaped power head and blade assembly of the Braun MQ725.

The length makes it suitable for deep immersion directly into a soup pot or sauce pan. And the unique shape and blade position inside the bell reduces splatter for fast, clean processing without the need to scrap down container sides.

To change the wand and other attachments, Braun’s Easy Click system is quick, convenient, and eliminates guesswork. Simultaneously push the two buttons to release the wand then insert the replacement attachment. You know it’s securely in place when the buttons pop with an audible click.

The Braun MQ725 with the blade detached showing how the Easy Click system works with two buttons to detach tools.

It also has one of the most efficient and easy-to-use safety locks.

Located at the top of the handle, a quick press of the safety button with your thumb unlocks the unit, changing the pilot light from red to green. If the power button isn’t used within five seconds, the unit will lock again – making it safe and user-friendly when little helpers are around.

Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender base with the wire whip accessory attached. On a wooden maple surface.

All the controls are strategically placed on the handle for easy access – which is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip for stable, secure use.

Versatile Accessories

For extra efficiency, the Multiquick comes with the following attachments:

  • A 20-fluid ounce beaker is great for mixing condiments, sauces, and smoothies. Made of clear acrylic, delineated measurements are indicated in both millimeters and ounces.
  • A stainless steel whisk quickly whips up batter, cream, eggs, and sauces.
  • The 1.5-cup direct -drive mini-chopper is perfect to chop small batches of foods like hard cheese, herbs, and nuts.

Optional 6-Cup Food Processor, MQ70BK

For even more convenience, the compatible 6-cup all-in-one food processor can be purchased separately and is ideal for preparing a variety of foods in a variety of ways.

Simply attach the handle to the geared lid to quickly process cheese, herbs, meat, and vegetables.

Braun MQ70BK Multiquick Hand Blender 6-Cup Food Processor Attachment via Amazon

It comes with 2 shredding inserts for coarse or fine shreds, 1 slicing insert, 1 julienne insert, 1 large chopping blade, and 1 French fry disc.

Plus, a detachable rubber ring on the base gives extra grip to keep the unit securely in place when in operation.

Optional Hand Blender Masher Attachment, MQ50

Turn your potatoes, pumpkins, squash, avocados and other fruits and vegetables into creamy purees with ease with this attachment. It makes mashed potatoes taste like heavy cream has been added without the calories.

Braun MQ50 Multiquick Hand Blender Masher Attachment via Amazon

Composed of a heavy plastic blade designed to emulsify soft plant material, this is an attachment that you may want to add to your shopping list.

Or you can take look at the Braun’s next step up the MQ777 Multiquick 7, which has both the 6-cup food processor and the masher attachment included.

Care and Cleaning

All detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

The handle, which houses the motor, should not be immersed in water and can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Dimensions and Specs

The Braun MQ725 measures 2.25 inches in diameter, is 15.5 inches in length, and weighs just under 2 pounds.

It uses a powerful, German-engineered 400-watt motor for optimal performance, balancing power with long-lasting durability. And it has a 5-foot cord with a polarized plug for safety.

The PowerBell wand and whisk are made of high-quality stainless steel, and all parts that contact food are made of BPA-free plastic.

Warranty Information

Made in Romania, it comes with Braun’s 3-year warranty to be free of manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

Compare and Contrast: Vs. The Braun Multiquick 725

The Braun MQ725 is well-built with quality components and comes with several useful attachments – but it never hurts to compare with other brands to ensure you’re getting the best value for your selection. The Cuisinart CSB-179 is another model we fancy.

The entire kit included with the Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender included the motor base, blender bell and shaft, wire whisk attachment, and food processor attachment.
The Cuisinart CSB-179 provides nearly the same features as the Braun MQ725 and may also be worth a look.

Cuisinart’s CSB-179 also has a variable speed setting, but you need a second had to adjust the speed – which makes changing speeds awkward compared to the Braun.

They both have similar attachments of a stainless steel whisk, an acrylic beaker, and a food processor.

The Cuisinart beaker gets our nod because it has a pouring lip that makes a clean, drip-free pour – but it is 4 ounces smaller.

Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender in Stainless Steel via Amazon

Cuisinart’s food chopper is larger than the MQ725’s at 2.5 cups and features a reversing blade as well. One side of the blade is blunted for use on hard foods like whole spices or nuts, and the other side is sharp for chopping herbs, veggies, and so on.

And both come with top-end, 3-year warranties.

Similar in abilities and performance, both models did well in our tests.

However, the Cusinart requires two buttons – the regular power button and a safety button – to be pushed simultaneously to start the device (the safety button can be disengaged after the Smart Stick is running). This is not really a problem for larger hands but it may be for folks who have limited finger reach or arthritis. The Braun MQ725 Multiquick does not have that limitation.

See our review of the CSB-179 for more information.

Foodal’s Rating

  • Power
  • Performance
  • Settings
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Included or Optional Accessories
  • Value


The Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender is one of the best options on the market. The powerful motor and 3-year warranty alone would make this one of the top rated immersion blenders. However, the star of the show is the variable speed trigger which allows for exact control with one finger. All other brands require the speed to be set with a separate knob. This feature makes the Braun very versatile and easy to use. A top pick and one you should seriously consider.



Whip It Up

Braun’s MQ725 hand blender is a sleek, efficient tool that features high-quality construction, versatile performance, and one of the best warranties in the niche!

Blend, chop, emulsify, puree, and whip with just one appliance – ideal for small, daily jobs or if your kitchen doesn’t have enough room to store large appliances. Great value for the price.

Check prices and read more reviews on Amazon now!

Any questions? Shoot us a line in the comments below. Need more help to decide? Be sure to check out our complete guide to hand blenders for more comparisons.

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