Sweet Potato Hash with Fresh Herbs, Peppers and Onions

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things to eat, and it reminds me of my childhood. It always felt like we were breaking the rules, even though my parents were encouraging it.

Sweet Potato Hash with Fresh Herbs, Peppers and Onions | Foodal.com

Nowadays, when we make breakfast for dinner it almost always includes this recipe.

Sweet Potato Hash with Fresh Herbs, Peppers and Onions Recipe | Foodal.com

Potatoes are a staple when it comes to breakfast, but sweet potatoes make this recipe taste even better. Trust me.

Recipe for Sweet Potato Hash with Fresh Herbs, Peppers and Onions | Foodal.com

And the flavor really comes alive with the fresh rosemary and basil. No matter what time of day you decide to eat this dish, I know you’ll be licking your lips because it’s that good!

Looking for other tasty dinnertime suggestions for Meatless Monday (or a satisfying vegetarian option for any day of the week!) that’s quick and easy to make, and packed with nutrient-rich sweet potatoes? Check out our recipe for Sweet Potato Coconut Patties for a twist on the traditional veggie burger, or our Italian Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodles with roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes.

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe | Foodal.com
Sweet Potato Hash
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Sweet Potato Hash Recipe | Foodal.com
Sweet Potato Hash
Votes: 2
Rating: 5
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  • 2 sweet potatoes chopped into small cubes
  • 1 bell pepper any variety will do
  • 1/2 a sweet onion finely chopped
  • 1 green onion chopped
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil finely chopped
  • 2 Tablespoon fresh rosemary
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • salt & pepper
  1. Add potatoes to a large sauce pan filled with boiling salted water. Allow to cook for 2-5 minutes, then drain potatoes and pat dry.
  2. Next, add coconut oil to a large frying pan with peppers, onion and garlic, and sauté for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add the potatoes, rosemary, paprika, a little salt & pepper, and cook for another 5 minutes. Add a little more oil if sticking to the pan.
  4. Finally, add basil and lightly toss. Serve right away.
Recipe Notes

Tip: I like to serve these with salsa.

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe | Foodal.com


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19 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Hash with Fresh Herbs, Peppers and Onions”

  1. This sounds delicious and I plan on trying it later this week. I’ve never thought of using sweet potatoes this way but since I love them, I know I’d love this. I do have one question, though. I was under the impression that coconut oil burns easily so isn’t a good choice for frying. Have I been misinformed?

    • Polgara, coconut oil is an excellent choice for frying and has one of the highest smoke points of any cooking oil. In fact, it’s great for seasoning cast iron with as you know you’ll have all of your basis covered and can heat your pans up to a higher temperature for searing or backing pizzas, etc. So yes, I’d say that you’ve been misinformed. Hope this helped.

  2. This is a new one for me. I enjoy sweet potatoes and I’ve tried them as fries. However, I have only heard of hash browns made from them, but I’ve yet to sample them. I like the idea of making my own even better. This is one of my favorite root vegetables. I much prefer them to the regular variety.

    The rest of my family isn’t so keen on them, but I can make a small portion for myself. I might even be able to get my youngest to try them. She’s becoming a bit of a “convert” since they switched the fries at school.

  3. I have always enjoyed hash browns and other potatoes, and this recipe reminds me of Sunday Morning brunch after church, when we were children. I often make hash browns when I have company staying at the house, and I love substituting sweet potatoes for regular ones, when I can, since they’re healthier. This is going into my recipe box, for my next brunch menu.

  4. This is a very interesting recipe. Sweet potatoes are so yummy. I love them baked with lots of butter. I can remember my mama frying them in a cast iron skillet then adding salt to taste oh my goodness so mouth watering. I think this would be a great treat for both me, and my husband thanks for sharing.

  5. I love sweet potatoes and I don’t eat enough of them. This looks like a yummy way to get more into my diet. The mix of flavors sounds great, and I also love breakfast-for-dinner type meals. I look forward to trying this out.

  6. Nice idea as a side dish, but also as a salad if there is any left over. This would be good for my dad who is diabetic and prefers sweet potatoes as they are a low GI food. Next time a do a breakfast brunch I may try this.

  7. I don’t really like bell peppers, but hey! This is awesome, as I really love sweets 🙂 Sweet potatoes combined with chocolate or strawberry dip is also good (well, for me, it is). The time needed to prepare this is already enough reason not to resist this. This will definitely be included in my recipe book 🙂

  8. Oh wow, this looks amazing! I avoided sweet potatoes through my childhood, and only within the last couple years found out what I had been missing out on! This seems like a simple, yet delicious, recipe to try next time we do breakfast for dinner at my house!

    I do have one question, however. Chopping the potatoes – do you have a tip or trick that makes cutting them easier? Maybe it’s my newbie status with cooking, but I have a hard time cutting these correctly.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe!!

  9. My potato loving family would love this dish! This is really easy to make and really inexpensive as well. I think I’d have to cut down on the rosemary since my family isn’t a big fan of it but I might try to add in the normal amount first and let them taste it just to see if they like it or not. The salsa tip sounds inviting as well! Will any salsa do? I hope to make this with some mango salsa for brunch.

  10. Wow, this recipe sounds brilliant – I never would have thought to give that a try! We planted some regular spuds in the garden this year but it has been so long since I last had sweet potato that I’m thinking I should pick a few up when I’m at the grocery store next.

    This recipe sounds delicious. I’m not a big fan of onion so I’ll probably skip those out, but everything else is staying. My whole family would enjoy this dish!

  11. Thanks a lot for this recipe! As a college student living alone who is also a vegetarian, it is not easy to find recipes that I can try out.

    My mom helps me a lot with recipes but a lot of that involves using electronic equipment like grinders which I do not have.

    I wonder if you could post more examples like this, that are easy to make with minimal equipment.

  12. Our family couldn’t live without potatoes almost every meal! Whether it’s just regular potatoes, red, or sweet, we love them all! We definitely have to try this recipe and add some salsa to it for a little spicy surprise!

  13. I am really into sweet potatoes. I usually just eat them really plain so this will be a real change with lots of flavor. This is stir fried which I bet is great, but I have been attempting to stick to baking or steaming. I could probably bake this in a casserole dish in the oven. Stirring it often. I am so full right now I will have to wait until tomorrow though.

  14. This is indeed a new recipe for me to try. I love sweet potatoes be it fried, boiled or baked. I have every confidence that this dish is good. Can’t wait to try it.

  15. I was looking at the lonely sweet potato on top of my refrigerator wondering what to do with it and I came upon this recipe. My mouth watered when i saw the picture , as it makes a great side dish not only for breakfast but for other meals as well. I would even eat it as a snack. I have yet to cook it since I need to stock up on some of the ingredients such as the rosemary and the red and yellow peppers, but I have no doubt that it will be a good blend of ingredients since red and yellow peppers are so sweet and tasty when they are cooked right. I know that I will leave the green onions out since they are not a personal favorite, but i was considering caramelizing red onions or sweet onions and throwing them in the mix instead. I can’t wait to cook this, and the lonely sweet potato on top of the fridge will finally have a delicious purpose for its existence.

  16. I really trying to like sweet potato, but I always had the feeling that I am just eating carrots. The texture and the taste is really similar to me-
    Maybe when I try this recipe and taste it, I give another chance to sweet potato!

  17. This looks like the perfect brunch dish – served with a Mimosa, of course! This could be served with poached or scrambled eggs to add some protein to the dish.

  18. Why haven’t I thought to do this before? I mean seriously, I love sweet potatoes, but I’ve never thought about using them to make a hash. This will be going into my recipe repertoire, ASAP!

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