Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts

Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts Recipe |

I love me a sweet tasting muffin, especially one that is loaded with goodies, extras or additions! Today’s recipe is ideal for breakfast, but it could also be used as a snack or even a healthy dessert.

Recipe for Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts |

Since these muffins contain no dairy, they’re perfect for those who are lactose intolerant, or are avoiding milk for other reasons.

This recipe contains some of my favorite ingredients when it comes to baking, like granny smith apples, cranberries and even walnuts.

Personally, I think chocolate chips would be a nice addition, but I haven’t had the chance to try that variation yet.

Before you get started: you’ll want to avoid any chance of soggy muffin bottoms, a common woe to bakers everywhere! Check out our guide here on how to keep those soggy bottoms at bay.

And if you’re looking for another vegan sweet treat, try our recipe for no-bake lemon bars to make a healthy dessert that’s full of fresh citrus flavor!

Recipe for Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts |
Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts
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Recipe for Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts |
Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts
Votes: 2
Rating: 4
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  • 2 cups flour any variety will do - I use a gluten-free blend
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup coconut sugar
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup apple sauce
  • 2 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 granny smith apple peeled & shredded
  • 1/4 cup walnuts chopped
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
Streusel Topping
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 Tablespoon cinnamon
  • 2 Tablespoon coconut sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 400 Degrees F. Lightly oil, or line muffin tin with paper liners, and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl combine flour, baking powder and cinnamon.
  3. In a separate bowl, add sugar, milk, apple sauce and oil. Blend until smooth and then add apples, cranberries and walnuts.
  4. Transfer the batter to the muffin tins.
  5. In a small bowl, mix topping ingredients together. Using your hands, sprinkle topping evenly over each muffin.
  6. Bake for 26 minutes, and then let cool for at least 5 minutes before eating.
Recipe Notes

Tip: These are best served warm with a nice glass of almond milk or a cup of coffee.


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About Sarah Hagstrom

Sarah is a health food advocate and loves to spend her time whipping up something healthy and delicious in the kitchen and then sharing either on Foodal or on her own blog "The Seasonal Diet" ( She lives in Sunny San Diego with her husband, where they enjoy running on the beach and weekend adventures.

29 thoughts on “Vegan Oat Muffins with Dried Fruit and Nuts”

  1. I haven’t encountered coconut sugar yet, so I will have to look for it next time I go to the grocery store. This recipe sounds very tasty, and I like the idea that I can use whichever flour I prefer, even gluten-free. These would be good to keep on hand for healthy snacks, rather than grabbing pre-packaged treats that don’t have much nutritional value.

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m drooling just by looking at the pictures haha 🙂 And yes! Adding chocolate chips would tremendously amplify the awesomeness of these muffins (I just love chocolates, that’s why). For breakfast, I really prefer something heavy because I need the energy until lunch, so I think if I’m going to eat this, it will be during my movie time, and I’ve been eating a ton of potato chips now, so this is a great alternative.

  3. The fact that there are two layers to this muffin, makes it so scrumptious to me. It is a really healthy recipe with the coconut oil and sugar, and I just know the almond milk will add such a nice flavor. I have learned that applesauce is a egg replacer. I love to see I can make and enjoy healthy sweets.

  4. I always look for new ways to make a healthy breakfast without meat. Being a vegetarian, this is very helpful for me because I can eat it just how it is. I don’t have to bend the rules to make it free of animal products. These muffins do sound delicious and the recipe steps seem very easy to follow. I look forward to trying this and maybe I’ll add some organic dark chocolate.

  5. These look yummy, definitely going on my to-bake list! I just have a few questions. Can the Almond milk be subbed out for water? Due to an allergy, I can’t use it. I am wondering if subbing it out will create a different texture in the muffins. Also, where can you buy Coconut sugar? I knew about the oil, but I was not aware that they made a sugar. I am excited to go out and find some!

  6. Aww yes, I need more healthy snacks in my life. These look delicious. I’ve never used coconut sugar, so I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on some and try this recipe out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’ve been enamored with granny smith apples since I was little. I look forward to trying this tomorrow as a late Father’s Day gift for my grandfather who is coming from out of town. Thanks so much for this recipe; it’s perfect for him as he is lactose intolerant. I do not have almond milk, however. Would Lactaid work the same for the recipe, or would the taste be thrown off?

  8. These look really simple to put together. I can’t wait to try this recipe because I love anything that tastes like apple. It looks like it would taste good and take care of immediate hunger. I also figure that these would make a good gift idea with fancy transparent wrapping or presented in a basket. I can imagine how it tastes. Thanks for sharing, I will give it a try.

  9. Ever since some friends and family members of mine started to go vegan, we all had a hard time looking for recipes that they’d like so I’m really thankful for easy and delicious vegan recipes like these that would save us time and effort in looking for the perfect dish to cook. Dried fruits are a favorite so I’m sure this’ll be a hit for them!

  10. Literally drooling at this recipe, even before I read it. The picture alone got me hooked! I’ve been in need of some new breakfast ideas and healthy but delicious options are always a great thing to give a try. The ingredients sound like a tasty combo, but I’ve never heard of Coconut Sugar before. I’ll have to look into that! If it ends up not being something I can find in stores here I sure hope I can replace it with some other sort of sweetener. I’d hate to miss out on this recipe.

  11. Okay, these look really good. They’re definitely something to be on the lookout for ingredients wise. Never heard of coconut sugar though!

  12. This recipe looks delicious. I often times avoid milk because of my asthma. Is there another oil you could replace the coconut oil with in case someone is allergic to it?

  13. I love muffins, oats and dried fruits, so this sounds delicious! They look like the kind of thing you’d make on Sunday and then use throughout the week. I’m trying this out for sure. I’ve never used coconut sugar though, so I may need to look up where I can find that.

  14. This is something I would make. They are going to be so filling. Kind of reminds me of granola bars the way they look. I’m going to say they probably taste ten times better though. Walnuts, cranberries, and apples is a really great mix. Lots of fiber in this one which is something that I try to keep up on. It’s really good for you.

  15. Wow these look amazing!! It’s a struggle to come up with different breakfast ideas, and this is something I would like to try. I love muffins and I’ve never seen a recipe like this before. I’m also obsessed with dried fruit, so this is right up my alley! These will be good to take on the go. I’m looking forward to trying these out!

  16. Wow! These look good! I have seen soooo many recipes about healthy muffins on Pinterest (I’m trying to guide my family into eating healthier without losing out on taste) and this recipe looks like a winner! Packed with flavor and texture.. Not something that you can get bored with because you can keep swapping out ingredients… adjust the recipe according to everyone’s likes and dislikes… I have no complaints!

  17. I’m partial to sweet muffins and pastries at breakfast, and I’ve been looking for healthy alternatives for a while now. This recipe looks easy, and as these muffins are loaded with yummy yet healthy ingredients, I know I’ll love them as much as my family will.

    Using coconut oil is something I’m using a lot of in my cooking lately; the next step is to get using it in baking too. And even though I am not vegan, it makes sense to to look to healthier options for more balance in our diets.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh, this sounds so good, and it’s something I know my daughter could eat even with her tummy issues. I’ll have to give this one a try! For all the new recipes I’ve been trying, vegan is something I haven’t specifically searched for yet. We had a vegan muffin on our last vacation and she’s still talking about how she thought she wouldn’t like it, but loved it. 🙂

    I’ve used almond milk, but I’m finding that I like the refrigerated cashew milk (unsweetened) better in recipes. Do you see a problem with switching that for the almond milk? I’d assume not?

    I *think* I can get the coconut products at my regular supermarket, but I’ll be checking on Saturday. This is exciting to think about making… I assumed that something like vegan muffins would have ingredients that I can’t find in my area, but that doesn’t seem to be true, at least with this recipe!

  19. Thank you so much for the recipe!! I have a couple vegan friends and I’m always looking for recipes to give them. My friend loves fruit so this will hopefully be the perfect muffin for her. Even though I myself am not a vegan this sounds delicious and I will be making them for the both of us! My friend always has trouble finding delicious vegan alternatives, but based on the recipes I think she will like this one.

  20. I love the way these muffins look. Great pics! My girlfriend is vegan, so I think I am going to try to make these for her. Admittedly, I am a terrible baker, and my girlfriend makes fun of me for it. Hopefully this recipe will redeem me!

  21. Yes! These look absolutely AMAZING! I’m on the plant based whole foods boat, and these would just fit perfectly into my diet. I was surprised when I saw flour listed as an ingredient; gluten free flour? I didn’t know that existed! I guess that’s another thing I need to keep my eye out for at the store! This muffin though. I love the raw look of the muffin, it’s really eye catching. You don’t see many bakery items that resemble whole foods like that.

  22. I have made these muffins and they are great for a quick ready-made breakfast! They kept well in the fridge for about a week and half. To add a little variety, I used banana chips and sunflower seeds in one batch. They were just a moist and the banana held up nicely to add a bit different flavor. Another idea I had was to add peanut butter. I am definitely going to make these again!

  23. These muffins look scrumptious and filling!! You can never go wrong, in my book with oats, granny smith apples, cranberries and walnuts.

  24. This looks absolutely divine and looks like something I’d definitely try making this weekend! This would make a really cute, delicious breakfast for some of my vegetarian friends 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  25. These little muffins look like what I wish I could buy with my tea at Starbucks! I am a big fan of “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” ingredients in my muffins for flavour, texture, and nutrition, and believe that these muffins fit that bill. I would also use a gluten-free flour blend and we have a big bag of coconut sugar in the cupboard. I like it for its caramel hints and the fact that it is sweet without being high glycemic.

  26. I’m not a vegan myself but my dearest friend is and what a better gift for her birthday than a delicious vegan muffin! Wow, this recipe looks easy to make and delicious. I might end up eating all of them myself when I make them. I’m sure my friend is going to love these, thanks.

  27. Well I am not a began but I keep coming here and finding some delicious recipe that fit the mold, so I am starting to rethink my choices here. I do not plan on changing anything, but I guess the more that I can include these types of meals in my diet, the better off I am. I do love having muffins on hand to snack on, and fruits and nuts always spice things up. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Coconut sugar? Haven’t seen that one around – I have coconut flour though so I wonder if I could use brown sugar and coconut flour for a similar effect?

    I will pass this recipe onto my daughter to try out for us as she is vegan and loves cranberries. And she may just add in some vegan choc chips as well as we are a family of chocoholics!

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