15 of the Very Best Vegan Cookie Recipes You Can Make at Home

Warning: You might want to invest in a few more baking sheet pans…

We have a delicious round up of our best vegan cookies for you to bake right now!

A collage of photos showing different kinds of vegan cookies.

It may be all the vegan sugar jumping around in our veins, but we’re SUPER excited to share these recipes with you.

We have something to satisfy all taste buds:

Spiced and sweet snickerdoodles, crunchy meringues, rich and decadent chocolate chips, zesty lemon bars…

Without using any animal products, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the tasty selection we have to offer. So feast your hungry eyes on our list of sweet treats – and pick a few favorites to bake today!

1. Snickerdoodle

A short stack of cookies with another leaning on the front to display the top, on a white plate, with a small square dish of cinnamon sugar and a glass of milk in soft focus in the background, on a surface topped with a red and white cloth.

The perfect snickerdoodle – puffy, chewy, with a sweet coating of cinnamon and sugar.

These cracked and crinkled delights are a classic, and will be sure to please anyone if you bring them to a bake sale, cookie swap, or served fresh from the oven right at home!

Get the instructions here.

2. Chocolate Chunk Cherry

Overhead shot of vegan dark chocolate chunk and cherry cookies on a folded and gathered piece of burlap, with a glass of milk, on a dark brown wood surface.

As big fans of chocolate-covered cherries, we love this recipe. These cookies are big and chewy, with delightfully sweet bites of chocolate and cherries studded throughout.

We love using rich and sweet dried tart cherries. Plump and sweet, with a bit of tanginess, they are a unique ingredient compared to your typical raisin.

Make it now with our recipe here.

3. Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread

Backlit photo of round cookies with a third of each dipped in chocolate, on a white sheet of parchment paper with a sprinkling of espresso powder, with sharp shadows.

Crunchy, crispy, and buttery, these sweet little shortbread cookies are delectable on their own, but we like to dip ours in melted dark chocolate.

For a fun burst of extra flavor, sprinkle with flaky sea salt or ground espresso beans!

Get the recipe now.

4. Lemon Bars

Raw Vegan and Organic Lemon Bars | Foodal.com

Love lemon bars, but you’re looking for something a little healthier?

Pucker up with our no-bake creamy vegan version of this citrus-infused dessert. Made with wholesome ingredients like fresh lemon juice, dates, nuts, and coconut cream, this tangy treat is also free of gluten and refined sugars!

Find the recipe right here.

5. Chocolate and Pomegranate Oatmeal

Close up of a batch of Vegan and Gluten-Free Chocolate and Pomegranate Oatmeal Cookies on a white plate with a glass of almond milk in the background.

Need some new recipe ideas for using fresh pomegranate seeds? Try these jewel-toned beauties in a yummy cookie!

With hearty ingredients like rolled oats, flax seed, and brown rice and sorghum flours, these are tasty treats that are more nutritious than your average dessert – yet they taste so good!

Learn how to make the recipe now.

6. Toffee Chocolate

Top down view of a large batch of vegan toffee chocolate cookies on a wooden cutting board.

Ah, toffee enrobed in a layer of rich chocolate… we’re addicted to this crunchy candy!

So, how could we ever turn down the opportunity to put it in a vegan cookie? Chopped and scattered throughout each soft and chewy treat, the toffee offers a sweet surprise with every bite.

Find the recipe right here.

7. Aquafaba Meringues

These aquafaba chocolate chip meringue cookies are the perfect anytime treat. Made without any eggs, they’re great for vegans and allergy-sufferers alike.

Meringues aren’t just for the egg lovers anymore!

Thanks to aquafaba – the leftover cooking liquid from chickpeas – light and airy meringue cookies are possible without needing egg whites.

The first few bites are delicate and crunchy, and will soon melt in your mouth! You can choose to add mini chocolate chips, or leave them perfectly plain.

Get step-by-step instructions here.

8. White Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal

Oblique view of a five vegan white chocolate hazelnut oatmeal cookies with a glass of almond milk. One cookie is sitting on top of the glass of almond milk and is in focus. The rest of the image is slightly out of focus.

They’re dense. They’re chewy. And they’re definitely not your classic oatmeal cookies!

Our stick-to-your-guts hazelnut oatmeal variation is filled with fun textures and flavors that are out of this world compared to the traditional recipe.

The roasted hazelnuts, creamy candies, and a hints of vanilla and maple syrup all come together to make an unforgettable dessert.

Read the recipe now.

9. Caramel-Stuffed Double Chocolate

Two hands break a chocolate cookie in half to show the caramel filling inside, with candies and cookies in soft focus in the background.

If you like sinful, chocolaty decadence, these are for you!

Stuffed with ooey-gooey homemade vegan caramel, these rich and sultry cookies will be your new guilty pleasure this year.

The final irresistible ingredient? A sprinkle of flaky sea salt!

Find the step-by-step instructions here.

10. Peanut Butter

Top view of a batch of vegan peanut butter cookies on a baking sheet

Are you in love with the nutty taste of natural peanut butter?

Bake a batch of our vegan-friendly peanut butter cookies! These are the ideal balance of sweet and salty.

And for a fun idea, use two of them to make the tastiest ice cream sandwiches, filled with your favorite vegan ice cream. We love the combination of vanilla bean ice cream with the peanut butter.

Check out the recipe here.

11. Spelt Walnut Dark Chocolate Chip

A stack of delicious looking dark cookies on a white plate and glass of milk at the back.

What is the simple secret to these sweet and hearty cookies?

Walnuts, chopped so fine until they are almost like a coarse meal. It totally revolutionizes the texture! And mixed with spelt flour and dark chocolate, the rich flavor combination is insane.

Learn how to make the recipe here.

12. Fig Breakfast Bars

Close up of stack of breakfast cookie bars made with figs, oats, oat-flour, and flax seed.

These soft and chewy figgy breakfast bars have an oat-banana crust and jam filling made from scratch.

Prep the recipe over the weekend, and have something filling and delicious to munch on during weekday mornings when you’re running late. One of our favorite options for food on the go!

Bake a batch now with this recipe.

13. No-Bake Crispy Chocolate

A small stack of crispy chocolate cookie treats with more arranged in the background on a gathered and folded light brown burlap cloth.

Here’s the healthy dessert you’ve been looking for!

Our no-bake crispy treats, sweet and rich as they may be, are made with ingredients that you can feel good about eating – like rice cereal, sunflower seeds, and ground flax.

No nuts, no dairy, no gluten, and no guilt!

Find the recipe here.

14. Gluten-Free White Chocolate Almond

Oblique and close up view of white chocolate almond cookies on a cooling rack.

Made with a combination of oat and almond flours, and naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup, you’ll love eating these baked goodies just as much as we do.

Studded with white chips, every bite is a delight!

Get the recipe now.

15. Chocolate Chip

Top down view of a stack of vegan chocolate chip cookies on a white porcelain platter. A glass of cold almond milk is at the top of the frame. Glass and plate is sitting on a dark gray back ground.

Don’t want to wander too far away from the classics?

Nothing wrong with that! You shouldn’t worry about going off the beaten path to get what you, your friends, and your family want most. Stick with what you know you’ll all love!

Here’s a traditional, old-fashioned chocolate chip that entirely satisfies that cookie craving. It is a simple vegan recipe that you’ll make time and time again.

Learn how to make it now.

A Variety of Vegan Sweets

Dietary restrictions? Delicious cookies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors can still be on the menu!

Our cookies all have the option to not include any animal products – you can use vegan sweeteners, and no dairy or egg ingredients.

Savor every soft and chewy bite from hearty oats, every melt-in-your-mouth morsel of chocolate, every satisfying crunch from chunks of hazelnuts or almonds.

You’ll only find pure happiness and pure ingredients with each of these recipes.

Back to buying those extra sheet pans

What are some of your own favorite vegan cookie recipes? What do you think you’ll bake first from our collection? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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