Easy Crispy Roasted Turmeric Potatoes

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Something about hospitals always leaves me craving green juice and salads and reading articles about foods with the most nutrients, so, after a chunk of days hanging in heart hospital rooms, maybe that’s why I’ve been all about the turmeric powder lately: turmeric tea, turmeric chicken, turmeric added to the smoothies we make as fast meals. Turmeric, in my mind, equals anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory equals good for fighting everything from cancer to heart disease to auto-immune conditions. It’s the curcumin, the thing in turmeric that makes it yellow, that is said to make it so powerful for digestion, immunity, joints, cholesterol and more. (The curcumin also makes turmeric a great natural yellow food coloring, albeit with a slightly bitter taste, which is why we used it in some tricolor Christmas cookies a few years ago.) Basically, I’m telling you I’m jazzed about turmeric, particularly in these crispy golden turmeric potatoes, even as I’m thinking about loved ones who are sick and an income that’s unexpectedly gone down and the ever-growing list of expenses our little fixer-upper keeps throwing at us. There are days when I panic and days when I cry and days when I rub my belly and tell the baby I’m sorry your parents don’t know what the heck they’re doing half the time. On the one hand it is terrifying and on the other also liberating to realize that we don’t have it all together—more than that, that we don’t have to pretend we do. We are accepted and beloved and we were never in control of our lives to begin with. But it’s also regularly surprising to me that when we’re hurting or grieving or confused, we are usually still showering every morning and meeting friends for coffee and making something on an afternoon to eat. Maybe that’s why people are always saying life goes on? There are shocks in life that shake you so hard, you honestly expect the earth to stop spinning, but it doesn’t: you keep eating, you keep sleeping, you even laugh with your husband while you’re washing dishes at the sink. This is such a strange and wonderful life we are living, every moment of it we’re given, never knowing when the next one will be the last.

crispy roasted turmeric potatoes

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Crispy, Roasted Turmeric Potatoes
Serves two

As written this recipe makes enough for one large lunch portion or two side dishes, but it’s easily multiplied (with extra baking dishes) to serve a crowd.

1 pound organic golden potatoes
2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and grated
a knob of ginger (about 1.5″ in size), peeled and grated
3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
2 teaspoons turmeric powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Preheat oven to 475F degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Slice the potatoes vertically into eight wedges each (halve the potatoes vertically, halve those halves, halve again) and toss them in a bowl with coconut oil, grated garlic, grated ginger, chopped parsley, turmeric, salt and cayenne pepper. Use your clean hands to get everything really well coated and covered, the coconut oil softened and the herbs and spices distributed throughout. Spread this mixture on prepared baking sheet, making one single layer of potatoes, and bake 30 to 40 minutes, tossing potatoes with a spatula once halfway through. Serve warm, adding additional salt as/if needed.

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20 thoughts on “Easy Crispy Roasted Turmeric Potatoes”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful words, Shanna. Life can be so full of crazy + uncertain things, but I love the faith that comes through your words today – it inspires my soul!
    Plus, these potatoes look amazing. I’ve never really used turmeric, but I’ll have to give it a try sometime thanks to your inspiration.
    Cheers + love to you and your little one!

    • Alicia, I loved the one of your recent posts where you were talking about how many easy ways there are to fear in pregnancy and yet how ultimately it all goes back to trusting God to do and be who we know Him to be. Always true and yet always something I need reminders of. So thank you!

  2. Shanna, my thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Sometimes when all is going wrong around us, there are still bright points of light, new life, greater understanding of love, that come along and remind us of the the beauty that still surrounds us.
    Take care.

  3. Sending lots of love to you and all of your family + I totally admire your humility and grace even under the toughest of circumstances. Also, more turmeric is never a bad thing in my book. Making these for sure.

  4. Keep taking care of yourself and that little one sweet friend! Nothing makes us embrace the fact that we don’t have it together like having kiddos, as I’ve learned recently, but there’s something really beautiful about that. Sending happy thoughts your way.

  5. Shanna, wish I could wrap you in a large bear hug, and tell you in person that you’re doing the best you can and being such an inspiration! You & tim are such strong people, and prayer warriors, and humans of faith! I’m sure your little fixer upper will tell you the same – that even on those days when you cry, worrying about lower income or fears about the future or being preoccupied with loved ones’ health – you are still strong (because even the strongest warriors are scared to death – the only thing that makes them brave and sets them apart is that they go ahead despite their fears and insecurities and give it all they’ve got.)

    btw. these potatoes. on my menu sometime this week.


    • Oh my, too nice, but thank you, F. We are not as strong as you think we are, but we are thankful to know the One who is. I know He will help us.

  6. I had turmeric in my cupboard but had never used it, This recipe was a perfect way to try it out and I am hooked! It’s not overpowering yet it is distinct with just a little heat. Thank you! I know I will be making these again and maybe experimenting a little more with turmeric.


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