29 of the Best Christmas Cookies for Holiday Baking

It’s time to preheat the oven and roll up those sleeves because we’re baking Christmas cookies!

Vertical image of a collage of baked goods with text in the center.

I always look forward to this time of year with eager anticipation, embarking on an annual ritual of weighing the old against the new. Which time-treasured classics passed down through the generations in my family will appear on a plate for Santa alongside a tall glass of milk this year? And which recipes will send me down a new path towards cookie-dunking nirvana?

Whether you make a single recipe at a time, or you do what I like to – setting up a massive production line that stretches from the kitchen into the dining room, with countertops and tables crammed with cooling racks and timers going off every 12 minutes or so as the assembled friends and family chip in to mix up a bunch of batches in a single night, marathon-style, to share with neighbors and loved ones – quality is the key.

These handpicked selections provide the perfect combination of taste and texture, in a range of flavor options. From dolloped and dipped to rolled and sliced, twice-baked to carefully cut and decorated with icing, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, anise, almond, peanut butter, and more – the holiday cookies in our roundup are sure to make your mouth water.

Ready to dive in? Here’s a quick preview of all the delicious recipes we’ll share up ahead:

Get those baking sheets and your rolling pin ready, set the stand mixer in its place of honor, and put those oven racks in the perfect position. It’s cookie baking time!

1. Absolutely Perfect Dark Chocolate

Milk chocolate has its place, but I’m a dark chocolate girl, all the way. These cookies are made with cocoa powder instead of bars or chips, an excellent option for those gray winter days when you’re eager to bake with ingredients that you likely already have in the pantry and fridge, no trip to the store required.

Five dark chocolate cookies are arranged on black and white plaid flannel, overlapping at the edges.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Just mix and chill the dough, shape it into balls, roll them in sugar, and bake. You’ll love these deep, dark chocolate treats with their perfectly crinkly tops – and they’re excellent for dunking.

Find the recipe now.

2. Anise Biscotti

Anise biscotti is a perennial favorite with most of my family, though my husband Sonny is not an anise fan – and that’s totally fine, more for the rest of us!

Horizontal image of rows of biscotti on a white surface.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Studded with slivered almonds and sprinkled with sugar, all fans of the licoricey flavor of anise will love dipping these crisp treats in a warm cup of coffee.

We share the recipe on Foodal.

3. Big and Soft Ginger

There are plenty of crisp gingersnap aficionados out there, and I count myself among them. But my mom loves a softer, more cakelike ginger cookie and this is the perfect recipe if you stan too.

Horizontal image of light brown cookies scattered on a white board next to cinnamon sticks and a whisk.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Paired with additional warming spices like cinnamon and allspice, and a few big glugs of molasses, these cookies bring all the warm and cozy feels.

Check out the recipe here. And if you’re also on a gluten-free diet like my mom is, try this version instead.

4. Brown Butter with Almonds

Brown butter is a god among easy cookie add-ins, since it’s so simple to toss a stick into a saucepan and let it do its thing, quickly attaining golden-brown perfection. And the roasty-toasty flavor of this tasty treat need not be relegated entirely to the savory side of one’s cooking and baking repertoire.

Brown butter cookies and blanched almonds scattered on a brown wood surface that's partially covered with a white cloth.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Paired with a slightly sweet, crunchy almond at the center of each dollop of dough, the grandkids without a doubt will be asking for “one more, please!” when you make a batch of these cookies.

You’ll find the recipe on Foodal.

5. Brown Butter Shortbread

Nothing says “holiday cookies” like shortbread. But skip the pre-made tin from the grocery store this year and whip up a batch of these babies at home.

Overhead shot of a red and silver metal cookie tin filled with triangular pieces of brown butter shortbread, on a wood surfaced topped with a cloth.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Oh, and what’s that? I hear you whispering that you just can’t get enough brown butter? Well, you’re in luck because you’ll find it in this delectable recipe as well!

Make these decadent, buttery wedges at home with our recipe.

6. Brownie Roll-Outs

One of our most popular cookie recipes of all time on Foodal, we think these are like a chocolate brownie and a cookie in one, rolled out and shaped into snowflakes – or whatever shape you choose! –and decorated to perfection.

Image of assorted snowflake chocolate cookies next to decorations.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

They’re easy to make, whether with the kids or on your own during a relaxing afternoon baking session, and they’re so much fun to adorn with icing.

Find the recipe here.

7. Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter

Fans of peanut butter cups will rejoice to find these cookies on offer when they visit the holiday treats table at your next party. And don’t be surprised if they ask to take a few home with them, too!

Three chocolate-coated peanut butter cookies on a piece of parchment paper on top of a gathered red cloth with scattered honey roasted nuts.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Crunchy honey-roasted peanuts are the secret here, sprinkled onto the chocolate before it hardens.

Take a look at the recipe now.

8. Chocolate Truffle

Holiday candy-lovers will swoon over our rendition of chocolate truffles in cookie form.

A stack of walnut-coated chocolate cookies on a dark brown wood surface, to the left of a few more on soft focus to the right, with a ceramic cake stand and a piece of burlap in the background.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Rich and buttery, these cookies are made with cocoa powder and dark chocolate for the ultimate chocolatey bite. And they’re fantastic rolled in finely chopped walnuts, too.

Find our easy, step-by-step instructions here.

9. Coconut Macaroons

Classic coconut macaroons are an underappreciated contender among the best of the best sweet treats, and they also serve as the perfect vehicle to use up extra egg whites if you’re doing some other baking that only requires the yolks.

Horizontal image of stacked macaroons with dark chocolate.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Drizzled in dark chocolate, what could be better? Soft and chewy on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside, these macaroons will beat the store-bought version every single time.

Take a gander at the easy method to make them now.

10. Coconut Pecan Cowboy

Howdy, pardner! I’m not entirely sure why the combination of coconut and pecan is a cowboy’s delight, but I’ll take it!

Horizontal image of a stack of baked treats surrounded by nuts and chocolate.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Some claim these cookies come from Texas originally, some say they’re able to withstand long periods of rough travel. Either way, they taste great, and they’re suitable for mailing to loved ones, too.

Fill up your saddlebags with these cookies, and you can ride off into the sunset…

Looking for the recipe? Find it here!

11. Death by Chocolate

Death was a topic that weighed heavily on Ebenezer Scrooge’s mind on Christmas Eve, as the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future came to visit in his dreams. To stave off any nightmares of your own, sit down in front of your favorite jolly-holiday Hallmark movie with a plate piled high with these Death by Chocolate cookies.

A chocolate cookie is nearly centered in the foreground with more in the background mostly beyond the edge of the frame, on a blue cloth on top of a speckled white and blue surface.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

You won’t be sorry you did. But you may be haunted if you don’t – can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Run, don’t walk, to find out how to make these now.

12. Double Chocolate Biscotti

You might think you’re seeing double, but there’s no need to adjust the settings on your monitor or cell phone. With chocolate both in the dough and studded throughout these crisp homemade biscotti, twice-baked in the traditional way, they’re doubly delicious.

Homemade biscotti and scattered chocolate chunks on a wood surface, with a jade green ceramic mug to the right in the background.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

And of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t go back for a second one!

Make a batch at home with our easy instructions.

13. Earl Grey Orange Slice-and-Bake

A must-bake for tea-lovers, Earl Grey orange cookies are flavored with the classic bergamot-scented black tea, orange essence, and fresh orange zest for an extra-citrusy punch.

A white porcelain teacup filled with orange tea and a matching saucer, painted with pink flowers, with Earl Grey cookies on a brown wood surface.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Your cozy winter teatime ritual will never be the same with this recipe up your sleeve!

Find it now on Foodal.

14. Einkorn Snickerdoodle

Slightly soft and chewy with crisp edges, a touch of almond flavor, and a sweet sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar, snickerdoodles are a bakery favorite among cinnamon-lovers that’s even better when you make your own at home.

Horizontal image of half-eaten cookies on a wooden tray.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

These are made with einkorn flour, which absorbs less fat and absorbs liquids a bit more slowly than all-purpose wheat flour, for the perfect bake. You could substitute regular all-purpose here, but it’s best to stick with einkorn flour to achieve the best results as our recipe tester intended.

Find step-by-step instructions for baking these here.

15. Fluffy Lemon

My mother-in-law loves lemon and I somehow failed to realize this about her for nearly 15 years. But I’m making up for lost time – and you can too if a citrus-lover in your life is eager to enjoy some homemade goodness!

Horizontal image of a white bowl with a pile of freshly baked fluffy cookies surrounded by three whole lemons, lemon wedges, and a striped gray towel on a gray wooden surface.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

These cookies are the perfect place to start. A little sweet, a little tart, perfectly fluffy and butter-rich with a melt-in-your mouth texture, a batch of these is sure to satisfy.

Ready to mix some up at home? Find out exactly what you need to do right here.

16. Flourless Almond Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies filled with jam are another classic must-make in my book, and even those with a gluten intolerance can enjoy them when they’re made with almond meal instead of wheat flour.

Jam-filled thumbprint cookies on a square white serving dish.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

The moist, tender results are truly a delight, and you can fill them with your favorite types of jelly or jam. Apricot and seedless raspberry are favorites in my family, with a few apple cinnamon thumbprints thrown in, made specially for my sister-in-law Erin.

What tasty flavors will you add when you bake these? Find the recipe here!

17. Gingerbread Men Cut-Outs

Sweet and simple, if you’ve never cut out and decorated gingerbread cookies at home before, now’s the time! It’s a fantastic activity when the snow’s quietly flurrying down outside (or if you’re imagining it, in warmer climes), with your favorite holiday jams playing on the stereo.

Horizontal image of decorated Christmas cookies on a work surface lined with parchment paper.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Whether you opt to make each one look the same or go rogue with wildly unique decorations that allow the personality of each gingerbread being shine through, they’re all sure to taste wonderful. Just don’t get too attached – each one of those cute little guys is going to have their head bitten off eventually.

Get your cookie cutters ready and print out a copy of our recipe.

18. Lace

Lace cookies are an elegant and refined confection, often found gracing the shelves of the finest bakeries. And yes, dear baker, you can make these at home too!

Image of spreading chocolate on lace-like baked goods on a slate.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

If something homemade is on their wish list this season, I can’t think of anything more special to give your loved one than a dozen or so of these delicate, chocolate-coated, caramelized delights.

Learn how to make the recipe now on Foodal.

19. Lemon Almond Coconut Macaroons

Maybe you’ve already made plenty of plain or chocolate macaroons. Maybe you could relate to my lemon story above (and if so, I’ve got yet another treat for you up ahead as well, so keep reading!). Or maybe you’re just intrigued, like I was, by the combination of lemon, almond, and coconut.

Horizontal image of rows of coconut desserts on a marble platter with whole nuts and lemons.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

The truth is, you don’t have to have any particular reason for making these slightly unconventional macaroons, except for the fact that they are oh so good, and a bit unexpected. They’re gluten free, too.

We share the recipe here.

20. Lemon Cornmeal

Cornmeal cookies have a texture that’s a little different from all the other options on the plate, and these just might be the ones Santa goes for when he finally arrives at your house, midway through a long night of dropping off deliveries and sampling cookies.

A woman's hand with a pale purple manicured thumb nail holds a cookie with a bite taken out of it up to the camera, with more of the baked goods piled and scattered in shallow focus in the background, on a black piece of slate with lemon slices and zest.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Lemon zest and juice offer a hint of citrusy tartness that contrasts so nicely with the rich base of these buttery biscuits.

Check out the recipe right now.

21. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

I always loved chocolate chip oatmeal cookies the way my grandma made them, with Toll House morsels, old fashioned oats, raisins, and walnuts. That’s what we’ve got for you here. And if the mere thought of these treats made you feel like you were snuggled up in a warm hug, then these are definitely the cookies for you.

Horizontal image of cooling rows of oatmeal baked goods on cooling racks.
Photo credit: Mike Quinn

Hot chocolate made from scratch makes an excellent pairing, or serve these in my grandma’s style after a brisk, chilly couple of hours spent sledding at the park with piping-hot mugs of Ovaltine.

Find the recipe on Foodal.

22. Old-Fashioned Sugar

Soft, chewy, and shimmering with a light coating of sanding sugar on top, old-fashioned sugar cookies are a happy handful that’s not to be missed.

Horizontal image of sugar-encrusted baked goods on parchment paper, one with a bite taken out of it.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Baked to perfection, you’ll adore these bakery-quality treats that are so simple to make at home.

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

23. Salted White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Another twist on a classic, semi-sweet chocolate chips are swapped for white chocolate with no other add-ins required in these oatmeal cookies, with a sprinkling of flaky sea salt on top of each one for a little savory-sweet combo that hits the spot in the best possible way.

Horizontal image of two oatmeal cookies stacked on top of each other on a wooden board next to white mini candies.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

White chocolate isn’t for everyone… But if you love it, make yourself a batch of these chewy, crunchy, can-I-have-another goodies ASAP!

Here’s the recipe.

24. Slice-and-Bake Vanilla Spice

Vanilla, warming spice, and everything nice goes into each and every one of these slice-and-bake treats. Serve them with tea or coffee for a little afternoon snack… Heck, have a handful for breakfast on Christmas morning if you like, we won’t tell!

Oblique shot of small round cookies with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks on a piece of crumpled parchment paper on a brown wood surface.
Photo credit: Meghan Yager

Adding chopped pecans is totally optional here, but we think the nuts pair so beautifully with the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg in these cookies.

We share the full ingredients list and instructions on Foodal.

25. Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip

Some like ‘em crisp, and that’s okay. We get it. But for those who prefer a soft and chewy chocolate chip, we hear you and we see you. There’s no need for tinkering to reach your goal when you have this recipe at the ready.

Horizontal image of a whole cookie on top of a glass of milk.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

You can thank us later.

Get all the soft chocolate chip details now.

26. Sweet and Crunchy Cardamom Saffron

So dignified… elegant… and downright fancy! The not-too-sweet simplicity of these crisp spiced biscuits with chopped pistachios and flaky sea salt on top will leave them asking, “What were those?!” and begging for the recipe.

Horizontal image of square-shaped baked goods with nuts on top.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

And if you’re like me and you started growing your own saffron crocuses last year, harvesting and drying the precious threads when the blooms pop their purple heads out of the ground in the fall, you can even add a little note for each recipient in your cookie exchange to let them know that these were homemade and in part homegrown.

Don’t have any homegrown saffron on hand? Store bought is fine! But maybe you want to whip up a batch of these and then mosey on over to our sister site, Gardener’s Path, to learn a little bit about the fine art of crocus-growing…

Check out the cookie recipe right here.

I will not tell a lie – when I first made these myself at home with friends, our decorating skills were quickly proven to be a little… inexpert. But the truth is, with some practice and a steady hand, our royal icing tutorial will have you decorating holiday cookies like a pro in no time.

Horizontal image of rows of plain sugar cookies on a cooling rack.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

Sugar cookie cut-outs provide the perfect base to make all your holiday confectionary dreams come true, whether you create a batch of merry elves, pudgy penguins, or ornament-studded Christmas trees.

Ready to let your imagination run wild? Take a look at the cookie recipe now.

28. Tender Snowflakes

So simple, so tender, like sweet little snowflakes that melt on your tongue, these cookies are a delight. What they lack in complexity is truly made up for in the sweet satisfaction of eating them – and you just might have to go back for more.

Horizontal image of a plateful of small round baked goods surrounded by winter decor.
Photo credit: Nina-Kristin Isensee

Cornstarch and powdered sugar are the secrets here. Make a little magic in your kitchen with a few cooling-racks-worth of these, and mix up a second batch of dough to keep in the freezer for later.

Learn how to make your own tender snowflakes here.

29. Tri-Color Slice and Bake

Last but not least, these colorful wonders practically scream, “Look at me!” But there’s no artificial dye here.

Horizontal image of two rows of neatly stacked colored cookies on a white dish.
Photo credit: Nikki Cervone

A little natural food coloring in the form of ground turmeric, matcha powder, and beet juice is all is takes to make these yellow, green, and pink cookies stand out. Just roll, chill, slice, and bake!

The recipe’s right here, if you’re ready to take a peek!

Bake Christmas Magic

For me, holiday baking is about reliving Christmas memories while making new ones. There’s always room for something fresh and exciting alongside the old standbys, always time to spend at least one night a year baking into the wee hours – preferably with my brother Steve by my side.

Horizontal image of a collage of assorted baked goods, with text in the center.

Friends and neighbors love receiving a plateful of whatever I’ve baked up each year, and at this point I don’t think Sonny’s family would let me walk in the door on Christmas morning without multiple cookie tins in tow, filled to the brim.

One year, in fact, we pulled up to the house dressed in full-body Christmas tree costumes that my aunt Liz made, complete with twinkling lights. What can I say? I like to go big.

Maybe you’ve learned your loved ones’ favorites over time like I did, eagerly baking something special just for them, and adjusting to new tastes and dietary changes as the years go by. Or maybe you’re baking just for yourself, whipping up the perfect batch of whatever treat makes your heart sing.

Whatever you make, and whichever recipes you choose, the results are sure to be perfect if they’re baked with love.

Is there a special cookie recipe that brings you joy at this time of year? Which are your favorites on our list? Share with us in the comments below!

And for a little more Christmas deliciousness, check out these recipes next:

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