Biscuits – It’s What’s for Dinner!

We’ve all had those days – too much to do and too little time to do it. Before we know it, the kids are home from school and dinner should have been started an hour ago – only, you haven’t thought that far ahead. What to do? Biscuit dough could be just the time-saver you need.

Biscuits for Dinner - Foodal

Whether it’s store bought, made from a mix or your own secret recipe, there are a variety of uses for biscuit dough. I’ll share a few here, along with my own “secret” biscuit recipe, which as it turns out, is really not so secret – lots of people seem to have the same recipe!

Stew and Biscuits

Stew and biscuits. This dish is yummy, delicious and one of everyone’s favorite comfort foods this is a recipe I tend to use whenever I have leftover chicken tortilla soup or beef stew on-hand. The best thing about it is that the recipe can be altered to suit your taste. Use your favorite soup – either one you’ve made before hand or a few cans of your favorite store-bought brand. Pour into baking dish and top with about 10 to 12 biscuits. Bake for about 35 minutes or until biscuits are cooked through. A “mock” pot pie can be made by rolling the dough into one thin layer and placing directly on top of the soup.

Pigs in blankets. Roll biscuit dough until it is thin and even – about the thickness of a tortilla. Cut out individual biscuits using either a cup or a biscuit cutter. Spread mustard and ketchup over the biscuit. Place a hot dog or sausage and a piece of cheese (if desired) in biscuit and roll. Place seam down on parchment paper-lined baking sheet and bake for about 15-20 minutes until golden. Additional seasonings, including a few drops of ketchup and mustard, may be added to the dough for additional flavor.

Pigs in a Blanket -

Meat and cheese rolls. Much like the pigs and blanket, roll out biscuit dough until it is thin and even – about the thickness of a tortilla and cut into individual pieces. Fill with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, seasoned taco meat, or any leftover meat you have on hand and roll. Bake for about 15-20 minutes until golden.

Want to go for the more classic roll recipe? Give our brown butter brioche rolls a try.

Meat and cheese rolls -  

Mini pizzas. Begin with thin rolled biscuit dough. Cut as you normally would and top with pizza toppings for mini individual pizzas. Bake for about 15-20 minutes.

Mini Pizza Margherita using Foodal's quick biscuit dough recipe -

Breakfast for dinner. This is a favorite in my house. Whip up a fresh batch of biscuits and serve with a fresh salad, fried ham, scrambled eggs and a side of country white gravy. Yummy any time of the day.

Homemade Biscuits and Gravy -

Deep fry them. Roll dough to desired thickness and cut into individual biscuits. Cut each biscuit in half and deep fry until deep golden brown (a few minutes). Alternatively, you can grasp the dough, stretch it out a little and twist it into a biscuit “twist.” Top with honey or cinnamon and powdered sugar. OK, maybe that won’t pass for dinner, but it’s delicious nonetheless.

Deep Fried Twisted Biscuit Dough - Foodal

Homemade Easy Biscuits - Foodal
Easy Biscuits
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Homemade Easy Biscuits - Foodal
Easy Biscuits
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  • 2 cups self rising flour
  • 2/3 cup milk, sour cream or cottage cheese may be substituted
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (honey may be substituted or if making dessert biscuits or shortcakes, add more sugar)
  • 5 tablespoons salted butter or margarine some use lard or oil - I find that butter works best
  1. Mix sugar with flour and using a pastry cutter, cut butter into flour until well-blended. If a pastry cutter is not available, substitute using a fork.
  2. Slowly add milk. When well-incorporated, turn onto lightly floured work space and knead (press lightly into the center of the dough with the palms of your hand, then fold in half with your palms. Repeat this process about five or six times.) Be careful to not over-knead the dough.
  3. Pat and roll until dough is even and measures about 1/2-inch in thickness. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to sit for at least 1/2 an hour.
  4. Return to biscuits and using a cup, cut individual biscuits and place on lightly greased baking sheet.
  5. Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. Biscuits should be lightly golden when removed from the oven.
Recipe Notes

Homemade Easy Biscuits - Foodal

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33 thoughts on “Biscuits – It’s What’s for Dinner!”

  1. I could eat biscuits every day and for every meal. They can go with everything and the are so simple to make. The meat and cheese rolls look amazing! I will have to look into trying to make those myself. I’ve made pigs in a blanket before and they are one of my favorite things.

    I can eat biscuits with so many things, and I think that is why I love them so much. They go great with beef stew, chicken and noodles, and chicken soup as well.

    • Yes, biscuits are a perfect accompaniment for most foods be they sweet or savory. Easy to make as well, much less hassle than other sides like bread.

      Personally I swear by butter instead of margarine in my biscuits, I feel that the resultant texture and taste of butter biscuits is much better!

      • I’m a butter lover as well. It really does taste much better on biscuits. I’m also picky about when I eat biscuits. I love them fresh out of the oven. Nothing is better! I love the taste of them right out of the oven.

        I’d personally eat biscuits all the time. I’d take a biscuit over bread any day of the week.

  2. Over here in the UK, biscuits means what I think you would call cookies – I was very confused by the title of the post until I worked out that you meant something completely different! Going by the pictures and the recipe, I think we would call these scones.

    Now that I’ve got over that, I think there’s some great ideas for quick, filling meals and snacks in here – I’ll certainly be trying the pigs in blankets and the meat and cheese rolls. I’ve used them as toppings for stew many times before, and that always goes down well with the hungry hordes.

    • Yes, they remind me of scones too! LIke a savoury version. I suppose it’s just another twist on stew and dumplings. I had always wondered what biscuits actually were in the US, especially when I heard people talk about biscuits and gravy – I too immediately think of cookies!

  3. I love biscuits! Growing up my dad loved them so we had them with most dinners. Buttermilk are my favorites. There’s nothing like a weekend breakfast of biscuits with sausage gravy. Your recipe sounds faster than mine so I’m going to try it. I’d love a quicker way to whip them up as a side for a dinner. Thanks!

  4. I like the idea of the mini bite size pizzas or for breakfast as in the UK I’m used to seeing them with jam on them. I much prefer the savory ideas, though as they are more versatile.

    I would add a bit of wholemeal flour to add some extra fiber to them so then I have an excuse to eat more of them.

    • Mini pizzas on biscuit dough are delicious. I’ve made them a few times before in the past and they are always a hit in my house. That’s a good idea to add wholemeal flour to them. I can always use a good excuse to eat more biscuits as well.

  5. Such a fun playful side with so much variety and yet it’s own unique flare.

    Canadian Thanks Giving just passed and I was very proud of the recipe I pulled out of nowhere to whip up a batch of cranberry biscuits, the key was to add enough sugar to counter the slightly bitter cranberry, but to, you delight they did not last long.

    A dash of this or that can turn them from a dinner side to a coffee dunked.

  6. My dad absolutely loves biscuits, and he’s pretty darn good at making them too. We’ve had almost every sort of biscuit recipe you can image, so I was shocked when I found one on this list I’ve never heard of! We’ve never had the biscuits with stew. I think it’d be delicious, like you said, made into a little biscuit pot pie!

  7. We make and eat biscuits all of the time. I just love how versatile they are, just as you showed in this post. They can go with any meal! I haven’t ever tried stuffing them before, but I am definitely going to.

  8. I tried this recipe tonight and they turned out great! It was quick and easy. My guests all enjoyed them and there were no leftovers. Thanks for the recipe and idea.

  9. I take a buscuit mix, store made or home made and mold them around the outside of a muffin tin, making a bowl. I put them in the oven until they are golden brown. I then fill them with my favorite soup, make little tops for them and put them in the oven for another 10 mins. Heat the soup in microwave or stove first.

  10. I am indeed a sad soul today, with the electricity cuts and hikes in my area…certain appliances are out, hence no baking…talk of feeling like am in shackles…yet looking at this page, i can’t help but mouth-water,…am optimistic that positive changes are going to happen soon….and when they do, i know what will be for dinner :).

  11. That second picture is amazing! That is a perfect way to show how to enjoy biscuits with that stew. I like having biscuits with some of my meals as well, but I don’t have it very often though. I love all the ideas that you have here, especially the mini pizzas. That is very neat!

  12. Oh my, these look scrumptious! They remind me very much of what the Cornish people from Cornwall,UK call: scones.
    Those are served with a local speciality called “clotted cream” which is a thick-buttery tasting cream and strawberry jam……mmmm…memories. Tasty memories. Yet this new suggestion is worth definitely trying! I will get baking, thank you 🙂

  13. Oooo, I totally love this article!!! I’ve only eaten biscuits as biscuits, like a side of sliced bread. And boy are they good!!! Not mine… mine suck. But the ones I buy are so good. Anyway, I love the different ideas you’ve given, especially the pizza one. Never heard of it before. So, I’m definitely given the pizza one a try next time. It must have a very interestingly beautiful taste. 😀

  14. I am struggling with this post 🙂

    In Australia, biscuits are sweet and eaten for afternoon tea or such – what Americans call cookies.

    Your recipe, however, has sugar in it so I can’t imagine adding it to a stew or pizza base! It is like a damper or scone recipe – damper is basically an unleavened bread so would go in many of the examples above but the base recipe doesn’t include sugar!

  15. I made cheese biscuits once, but they didn’t turn out too good. The biscuits weren’t very flavorful and crumbled too much. Since then, I’ve been buying biscuits from the Pillsbury DoughBoy, but I figured that to save some money, I should make the biscuits myself. This recipe looks a lot simpler and easier than the recipe I used to make those cheese biscuits. I like the ham and cheese idea, and I definitely will dry the deep-fry idea. I’d recommend topping the fried biscuits using powered sugar instead of honey, though. It’s just my opinion from past experiences I’ve had with deep-fried desserts, such as zeppoles.

  16. Mmm, I love biscuits! I usually use prepared biscuit mix, but have been looking around for a handmade dough recipe, which is how I ended up here. One of my favorites is simple biscuits and gravy, and breakfast any time of day works in my house. I like the versatility of this recipe, and that it can be used in one piece, as well as being cut into single serving biscuits. I might have to try the meat and cheese roll ups, they look delicious.

  17. I love biscuits! I think I was meant to be a southerner..I will order biscuits and gravy every time I see it on the menu. I have tried making them a few times but they never look as good as the pictures, I think I need more practice and a pastry cutter. I will definitely be trying some of the ideas that you gave, I really like the faux pot pie idea.

    Now with the dessert idea I have tried something similar with crescent rolls, I lay them out on a sheet pan and butter them, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, fold them over and sprinkle the top with more cinnamon and sugar. It is a nice quick treat.

  18. Those pigs in a blanket look massive! I’m so used to making them itty bitty. I’m a big fan of biscuits but they MUST be the right consistency. That’s the biggest factor second to flavour. Biscuits & gravy only work for me when the biscuit has that soppy deliciousness that accompanies the hard work that went into the gravy.

    • Pigs in a blanket huh?…i had my eyebrows raised plus i had to do a real walk over from the dashboard area to the actual article…Joan, i just had to see these ‘pigs’ 😉 …turns out they are massive biscuits… you had my curiosity in check there… i must say 😀

  19. Biscuits are a must have at my house. My husband is like a big baby when it comes to them. He will beg me to make a pan of homemade biscuits, and I usually will. I must admit I love them to probably to much. They make any meal complete.

  20. What a simple looking recipe with so many options! When I make these biscuits this weekend I’ll add sour cream in place of the milk and maybe grate some sharp cheddar cheese 🙂 I’ll probably make an extra batch and keep it stored in the fridge. Or maybe create the little pizza biscuits and freeze them for a quick snack. I love foolproof recipes like this and especially that it seems so versatile. Thanks!

  21. I love, love, love the buttermilk versions. I might eat one or more with jam and sausage as a breakfast sandwich. Or i have it as a side with a nice meal like a roast.

  22. Every recipe I’ve found in the past for biscuits involves lard or crisco, and I can’t find those where I live, but this recipe has ingredients I already have, so I’m totally going to make this soon! I already have so many ideas for how to switch up the recipe by adding things like oregano or other herbs to the dough. Are there any good additions to the dough to make the biscuit more of a dessert? Like adding chocolate chips, for example? The deep fried version sounds delicious as dessert, though.

  23. I loved the US biscuits! We don’t have them here where I am from but I lived in the US for a while.. They are delicious and yet so simple to make! 🙂

  24. Thank you for the great biscuit recipe that is so simple and quick. Everyone loves biscuits and I tend to forget about all of the quick dinners you can put together just with biscuits. I have to say that biscuits and gravy are my all time favorite for a simple and tasty breakfast for dinner!

  25. I’m from a country big on rice. It’s hard for me to imagine eating stew dishes with biscuits to go with them instead of rice! This kind of combination is kind of odd to me. I may not have these for dinner, but I think I can try these for breakfast: pigs in blanket/ meat and cheese rolls. But then again, I’m a big breakfast food fan, so on the second thought – roll them out on the dinner table, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy them.

  26. This is such a useful post! My favorite part of this one was Pigs in blankets, you can use them as a snack or as an accompaniment to a regular food, and they actually reminded me to Mexican salchitacos, yum!
    One of the things that I love about simple types of breads is that you can use them for almost every single occasion, and you’ll never get bored of it, because who doesn’t love biscuits or just bread in general? 😉
    Thanks for sharing!

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